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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter  November 2015
from our house to yours!

New Baby Chicks 
A few days old

We purchased 60 chicks the first of October - 25 Buff Orpingtons, 25 Barred Rocks, and 10 Americanas. All egg layers. Yahoo!

A few weeks old

What wonder!
Brand new
Sheep Drive
We were driving from Ignacio to Bayfield on the Buck Highway when we encountered a most interesting traffic jam. Sheepherders were moving this flock to new pastures, and there were sheep in the road as far ahead as we could see, and as far back - 4000 in all. It was such an amazing sight!

Deforestation Project

Allan and crew have been working on an NRCS deforestation project for the last few months. It is nearly complete and will open up about 14 new acres of pastureland, leaving some of the trees as shelter for the cattle and the wildlife. 

Trees are felled and the limbs are ready to mulch
The giant mulcher in action!
The results - next year the grass will begin to grow

Puppy Update

Our new Anatolian, Gabe, is doing great and is already protecting our grandson, Teeg.  

Anatolians instinctively protect, and we are already seeing this in action, both with the kids and the chickens. Hopefully in the future he will prevent the chicken slaughter that we experienced this year.

View from the Road

The fall colors seemed especially late this year. As I was coming home down Highway 151 last week I stopped to photograph the colors along the Piedra River. As is often the case, the camera captured something even more beautiful than my naked eye. What a lovely surprise when I downloaded this picture.

Organic Free Range Turkeys

We have a limited number of 8 to 12 pound turkeys available for the holiday season. The price is $5.79 per pound.

Combine with other products to get a volume discount of 5 to 10 percent. 

We are delivering to Colorado and New Mexico!


  • November 21st - Denver via Del Norte, Salida, Fairplay, and Conifer.
  • November 17th - Albuquerque via Santa Fe
Flat rate drop charge of $20 per order!

Please place your orders by
Saturday, November 14th,
to take advantage of
this incredible offer.

November Specials

  • Ground Beef Family Package - $279
  • Chuck Roast - $7.99/lb
  • Lamb Ribs - $2.29/lb
  • Beef Suet - $2.29/lb
  • Lamb Suet - $2.29/lb 


Combine with other products to receive an additional 5% discount
on any order of $200 or more, and 10% on any order of $300 or more.

In Closing . . .   

My friend, Century Shirley, whipped this picture together as the cover of a thank you note she gave us. I thought it was adorable and wanted to share it with you.

Hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones. 

God bless you, and God bless America!
Lois & Allan

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