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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter  April 2015

How Bout Them Girls . . .

For the first time ever our Pagosa Springs Pirate girls basketball team won the state 3A basketball championship, beating three amazing teams in hard fought victories! The final game against Sterling High School was a test of defensive ability, and in the end Pagosa prevailed. We couldn't be prouder of the girls, or our granddaughter,   Taylor Lee-Hammer, #20. What an amazing season it was.



Could He Be Anything But A Basketball Player? 

Our grandson, Teeg, was born a year ago, two days before the state championship tournament, and our daughter Lisa brought him to the games three days later. So I guess you could say that he was born with a basketball in his hands. The future looks bright for the Pagosa Springs Pirates boys' team.

A View From the Porch 


In early March we were blessed with a nice snowstorm, and for three mornings in a row we watched a herd of about 70 elk cross our property. This was the first time since we moved to the ranch that we saw this many move through. It was an awesome sight.

The deer have been active all year and have claimed the ranch as their own. This group was moving through just below the house.

We recently inherited some ducks from our son. They swim the pond just below the house every morning before beginning their browse for seeds and bugs. They are so much fun to watch as they quack and waddle about.

It's Calving Time 

Our first time heifers are beginning to calve, a very fun time for us. In the past we kept them in Oklahoma and this is the first year we that we have them in Colorado. As you can imagine, first time heifers require a little more watching than the seasoned cows, so having them close for Allan to keep an eye on is much better. We have secured a number of pasture leases in the Arboles area so the future looks promising, as we should be able to build up a new herd of cows and calves in Colorado.

Allan thinks this calf (above)might                       make a good bull. Gonna keep his                          eye on him.
Good Supply of Beef 
I know it has been awhile, and our shortage of beef has been quite disappointing, but we finally have a fair amount of beef in stock, with more coming the end of April. I am going to open up the sale of quarters soon, so go ahead and place your order for shipment the end of April. Thank you so much for your patience and loyalty during this time.

April Specials  

Whether you are making a pot of beef broth or soup, or giving your dog a special treat, you will want to take advantage of our specials this month. Many of you order the liver and heart for your pets, but you should know that the kidney is extremely high in nutrients, is easy to portion out, and is a favorite for our cats and dogs.
  • Beef Kidney - $4.49 per pound - Regular price $4.99
  • Beef Liver - $4.39 per pound - Regular price $4.99
  • Beef Bones - $3.99 per pound - Regular price $4.59
Combine these offers with other meat selections and receive an additional 5% to 10% off on orders of $200 or more. See order form for details. 

In Closing . . . 
What an interesting month it has been. From snow in early March to mid 70 degree weather at the end, it has been a month of changes. The grass is greening up, the trees are budding out, the rivers are flowing with the runoff from the mountains, and the lakes are beginning to fill up. Looks like the start of another beautiful year in paradise. Hope you are enjoying your spring as much as we are.

God bless you, and Happy Easter!
Lois & Allan

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