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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter February 2015

Lazy Days of Winter 
This is a slow time of the year on the ranch, especially considering that it has been an extremely mild winter with very little snow. Normally we would be chopping ice on water troughs and expending a fair amount of energy getting hay to our animals, but the unseasonably high temperatures and our adequate supply of grass have made it awfully easy going. Or should I say wonderfully easy!

Allan was in Oklahoma for nearly the whole month of January, taking our grandson Kyler (12 and home schooled) with him for a good bit of that time to help out. They weaned calves, castrated the males, ear tagged and gave the calves all their shots, preg checked a few heifers, built corrals, gathered bulls, and moved the animals to good winter pasture. Lots of hard work but very gratifying.

As you can see in these pictures, Kyler got to drive the tractor and unload hay bales. What an awesome experience for a 12 year old, especially one who works as if he was 20. We are so very proud of him, and blessed that he seems to enjoy ranching as much as his grandpa.

Allan was very happy with the condition of all of the animals in Oklahoma. Oklahoma has gotten adequate moisture for the last few months and the animals are in good grass, keeping them robust and healthy. Yahoo! One disappointing thing is that he found one of our bulls dead, for no apparent reason, except that perhaps he was accidentally shot by a hunter. Although Allan was not happy, he soon recovered when he chose a few new bulls from the herd, ones that he was very excited about. As Allan often says, the future looks so bright he has to wear shades.

Beef Supply for 2015 
It looks like we will have a good supply of animals to process this year. Our sales are ever increasing and it was especially hard to keep up with demand in 2014, and moving into 2015, but we hope by early summer to be back on track. Since it takes 3 years from conception to table it is pretty hard sometimes to predict future sales. And the drought in the southwest over the last few years forced us to cut back some on our herd. However, the future looks good and we are building it back up again.

We are temporarily unable to ship quarters, halves, and wholes, and you may have noticed that we are out of a number of cuts. Each month we run short of a few more. We sincerely apologize for this but at this point in the game we just cannot do anything about it. Our supplies of lamb and chicken are good, though, and as many of you have discovered, the quality is excellent.


Recent Price Changes
If you have had time to study our recent pricing changes you will notice that we have a new discount program in effect that more clearly shows that your discount can help to offset much if not all of your shipping costs, especially to Colorado and neighboring states. Haven't had any negative feedback so far, so I have to assume it is being well received. I, for one, am always happy when I am doing the billing to see that so often the shipping cost and the discount are often within dollars of each other, and sometimes cents. While we do not offer free shipping, this is our way of leveling out the playing field without customers in our surrounding area having to offset the high cost of shipping to more distant regions. And if you do live in our UPS Second Day Air zones, the discount should help to soften the blow of the higher shipping costs. 

February Special 

New Yorks on the grill for Valentine's Day?


Why not ask a few friends over and take advantage of our latest special - 10 pounds of our mouth watering New York Steaks for only $150.

Order soon because at this price our supplies will not last long!

Offer cannot be combined with
any other offer or discount.

In Closing . . .   
February is the month for lovers, and as we roll into 2015 Allan and I are ever grateful for each other, our good health, and for this wonderful time of our lives. God has blessed us abundantly, but the greatest blessing of all is having each other to share it all with.  We hope you have someone to share this Valentine's Day with, and that you remember to thank Him for that blessing.  

Lois & Allan

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