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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter   2014

Snow Update
The day our newsletter went out last month we had a snowstorm that delivered quite a bit of moisture to our area, leaving Wolf Creek Ski Area in good position for President's Day skiers and even Spring Breakers.  While we are not at 100% of normal yet, we are in much better shape and are hoping that we will have enough water for irrigating this summer.  We thank God for every drop of moisture we receive.

Heartburn Woes
Allan has suffered with heartburn for years and although he hates taking it, he relies on Prilosec to manage it. I came across some info recently saying that a few tablespoons of naturally fermented cabbage every day will restore the acid balance in the stomach, so I have been experimenting with fermentation.  And Allan is experiencing good results.  If you suffer, or know someone else who does, you may want to try it.  

I shred the cabbage, then pack it into a quart or half gallon jar.  I add a few teaspoons of salt, then cover with water.  I shake it up and taste the water - it needs to be good and salty, but not so much that it is not palatable.  I then cover the jar with a piece of cheese cloth (or similar material), secure with a rubber band, and let stand on the counter for 2 to 4 weeks.  Once it is sufficiently fermented (just taste it) you can put it in a sealed container in the refrigerator.  It will last quite a while in the frig.

Chef Driven Update
Our episode of Chef Driven aired in February and we are quite excited about how it went.  If you did not have a chance to see it, click on the link below. Chef Driven Chef Drive

Lady Pirate Basketball 
OK, so sometimes ranching takes a back seat to other, more important things.  Our granddaughter, Taylor Lee Hammer, plays on the Pagosa Springs girl's varsity basketball team, and they are 19-0 for the season, ranking them #1 in the state in 3A, and #6 overall among all Colorado girl's teams. We are very excited about their chances at State, and look forward to the tournament mid March in Colorado Springs.  They still need to win Regionals next weekend, but we are very hopeful that they will prevail.  

Go Pirates!!!

March Madness Special
Get your soup pot out because during the month of March we are offering 20 pounds of our Beef Soup/Stew Bones for the crazy low price of $50, a savings of $30 off the regular price.

If grilling is your preference, we are also offering out Junior Ground Beef Package, usually $140, for only $120.  

It's time to get cooking cause the games are about to begin.  May the best team win!

In Closing . . .   
OK, so last month I closed with a lot of optimism about the Superbowl, with high expectations for the Broncos.  The best news is that the loss was good for business, as many of you had to make good on bets for Colorado meat going towards Seattle, instead of the hoped for salmon coming in.  Thanks for all of those orders!!!  Hopefully I will have much better news to report about our Lady Pirates basketball next month. God bless you all and have a wonderful spring break.
Lois & Allan

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