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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter September 2013
In this issue...
-- Happy Labor Day
-- Produce Heaven
-- New Kittens
-- Fencing Project
-- September Specials
-- In Closing ...

Happy Labor Day
Funny Labor Day Does anyone know why we celebrate Labor Day? I am thinking it is just to give folks another chance to take a paid day off, but Labor Day seldom works out that way for lots of folks, including Allan and me. Nevertheless, we hope you will be relaxing and enjoying some time with your family on this Labor Day.

Produce Heaven
Produce 2013 Surprise! I know you were expecting another picture of our greenhouse and garden but Allan suggested you might rather see this mound of beautiful, colorful produce that we harvested. And it is not producing at 100% yet - a week or two to go before the tomatoes really start to ripen, and the beans become so plentiful I will be begging for help to pick them. Already the squash is producing faster than I can sell it at Farmer's Market and give to our kids and friends. Note to myself - not so much squash next year.

I do so love the harvest time, though. Always a surprise. I have mentioned to Allan on more than one occasion that it almost seems sinful to have this much food. Yes, there is lots of weeding, and the planting can be arduous, but in the end, harvest time is wild. Literally. Each day I pick I wonder what to freeze, what to eat, what to dry, and what to just give away or sell. So much. We thank God for His bounty, and the miracle of so much, from such tiny, dry, seemingly useless seeds. Amazing!

New Kittens
Kittens 2013 Our beautiful cat was pregnant and had kittens quite a while ago. Although we had not seen them, Allan and I were watching for the little ones to emerge from under the house, and had nearly given up, when alas one day they finally appeared. While still too fearful to come out when we are close, I was able to coax a few out with a can of tuna fish that both mom and the kittens enjoyed. She had four white and two black ones, all of course just adorable. Soon all but two that we will keep will find new homes.

Fencing Project
New Fence Posts Always a project at this ranch! Our latest is cross fencing our bigger pastures to maximize on the benefits of rotational grazing. By creating smaller paddocks and rotating the animals through them we are able to get the grasses to produce much better than if the animals had access to the entire ranch at will. Crowding them into smaller areas for a period of time forces them to eat all the available feed, kills off many of the weeds, allows the grasses to fill in, and ultimately creates a dense feeding floor.

The white fence posts that you can see are a heavy gauge plastic that will bend if deer or elk catch the fence when jumping over, and will upright themselves without breaking. We are hoping that this will eliminate much of the fence repair, necessary after every winter when the wildlife has wreaked havoc on the wires. We will keep you posted on how they work.

September Specials
Funny BBQ Final Due to overwhelming demand we had to pull our Lamb Shanks from the specials last month, but we still have a fair supply of Beef Stew, Top Sirloin, and Beef Short Ribs on hand and would like to extend the pricing for another month. In addition, and only as long as we have supply, we are offering our Boneless Leg of Lamb on special. If you have never tried grilling one of our legs of lamb you have really missed out on a delicious treat. Just seer it on high heat on all sides and move to a lower heat until done. Use a meat thermometer for best results!

  • Boneless Leg of Lamb - $8.99 lb - regularly $11.99
  • Beef Stew - $5.99 lb - regularly $7.99
  • Top Sirloin Steak - $8.99 lb - regularly $12.99
  • Beef Short Ribs - $1.99 lb - regularly $3.99

Be sure to take advantage of this pricing because once our supply runs out we will be pulling the special. Happy Grilling!

In Closing ...
I barely got this newsletter out in time for the first of the month. Where is this year going? We hope that you are in good health and that our meat is helping you in this quest. Just want to tell you again how grateful we are for each and every one of you. God bless you.

Lois & Allan

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