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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter August 2013
In this issue...
-- The Rains Have Come
-- The Garden
-- Chicken Update
-- Happy Cattle
-- Farmer's Market
-- August Specials
-- In Closing ...

The Rains Have Come
Pond Runoff We are so happy to report that the monsoon rains are finally upon us and the pastures look amazing, with green grass growing in places that Allan has worked all summer long to get irrigation water to. This is a picture of the overflow from the pond, pushing water through faster than it can even handle, causing more water to flow over the dam's spillway. The sound of the rushing water is lovely, making this time of the year especially nice as the sounds and smells mix with the visual beauty to present a portrait of nature in its prime.

The lakes and ponds in the area are still well below normal with many ponds completely dry, in spite of the rainfalls of late. Navajo Lake, just a few miles from the ranch in Arboles, is 68 feet below normal and while not a record, it is still disheartening. They have closed the marina on the Colorado side and the boats are having to launch much farther out than normal, but there is still life on the water and many folks are finding ways to enjoy the lake.

The Garden
Greenhouse August As I look around the area at the gardens of others I am reminded that we were a month late in planting ours, but as I look at my own garden I am filled with pleasure and excitement as I see the plants growing before my very eyes. While I have picked radishes, spinach, zucchini, and a few tomatoes, the squirrels are pushing through the fence and eating up my lettuce. I hope to remedy that with some cages to cover the lettuce beds that I am making out of chicken wire. Hopefully they will not move on to my other delectables.

Chicken Update
Chickens August 2013 I just LOVE my chickens. They are doing great and are nearly full grown, although they will not produce eggs until fall sometime. Like my older chickens, the new ones are beginning to understand that when I show up I am usually bringing treats in the form of table scraps, and they come running. They are still completely free ranging, without fences, but hopefully one day in the future the chicken project will reach priority level and we will create a moveable chicken house with an electric netting to protect them from predators - and dogs! Until then they are doing fine and loving their freedom.

Happy Cattle
Cattle August 2013 These calves are basking in the coolness of the day, content with bellies quite full of the lush green grasses they have been feeding on. They are finishing quite nicely and if the rains continue to come there should be plenty of grass for them for the rest of the year. If you are wondering why they are not sitting in the grass, it is because Allan was sorting off a few to take to another pasture, and I took advantage of their confinement to get this picture. Their numbers continue to dwindle as we take animals each month to the processor, but it looks like we will have plenty of meat for our customers through the end of the year. Allan is breathing deep sighs of relief as we enjoy this break from the drought.

Farmer's Market
Farmer's Market Kyler and Reece Although Farmer's Market has been going very well this year, things can get a little slow at times, and our grandkids, Kyler (left) and Reece (right) found a way to make the most of it by lounging on the meat freezers in our trailer. Not my idea of a good time, but they were very pleased with themselves for finding another use for our freezers. It made it a little tough to get the meat out for customers, but they enjoyed being able to be a small part of the market.

August Specials
August Text2 For August we are offering the following cuts on special. Please note that supplies are limited and once our supply is gone the sale prices end - no rain checks!
  • Lamb Shanks - $3.99 lb, normally $8.99
  • Lamb Kidney & Tongue - $3.99 lb, normally $6.99
  • Beef Short Ribs - $1.99 lb, normally $3.99
  • Beef Top Sirloin - $8.99 lb, normally $11.99
  • Beef Stew - $5.99 lb, normally $7.99

Lots of you report that you are feeding our meat to your pets. The lamb kidneys and the beef short ribs would make amazingly nutritious and delicious feed for your animals, and at these prices, very affordable as well.

In Closing ...
I am just a bit tardy getting our newsletter out this month, but I will save the excuses for another time. Allan and I are thrilled to report, though, that our daughter Lisa and her husband Garrett announced that they will be blessing us with another grandchild in March. We are all thrilled at the prospect, although Lisa's joy will be increased once she gets through the nausea stage, which hopefully will be soon. God bless you all and thank you so much for your prayers and good wishes.

Lois & Allan

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