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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter April 2013
In this issue...
-- Happy Easter
-- 2012 All Star Award
-- Wildlife Galore
-- Shoppe Sale
-- No Fools Day Special
-- In Closing ...

Happy Easter
Easter 2013 Happy Easter to you from all of us! Easter is such a lovely time and the weather promises to be cooperative this year in our area. The grandkids are looking forward to hunting for Easter eggs, and Allan and I are looking forward to being able to sit on the deck and enjoy looking at the fruits of our labor. We celebrated the Christian Passover this past week with all of our children and grandchildren and it was such a blessing to us.

Allan and crew are hard at work installing the new irrigation system on the ranch in Arboles. We should have it done in 2 weeks, and if all goes well, we expect to have the irrigation water turned on by the end of the month and all the fields in ample water. This will be the first year that this place will be fully irrigated and we will be very excited to see the improvements in the grass over the next year or so. We will keep you posted.

2012 All Star Award
all star award GrassRoots Meats has received the 2012 All Star Award from Constant Contact® , Inc ., the trusted marketing advisor to more than half a million small organizations worldwide. Each year, Constant Contact bestows the All Star Award to a select group of businesses and nonprofits who are successfully leveraging online marketing tools to engage their customer base, and drive success for their organization. GrassRoots Meats' results ranked among the top 10% of Constant Contact's international customer base.

Constant Contact customers using either the company's Email Marketing or EventSpot tools are eligible for this award. Constant Contact looked at the following criteria to select this year's All Stars:

  • Level of engagement with email campaigns and events
  • Open, bounce, and click-through rates
  • Event registration rates
  • Use of social sharing features
  • Use of mailing list sign-up tools
  • Use of reporting tools

We're proud to be recognized by Constant Contact for achieving strong marketing results and connecting with our customers. Constant Contact's tools have helped us to maintain personal contact with you, our current customers, and to attract potential new customers. Our business is built on the premise that it is best for your own health, and the health of your family, to buy your food from someone you know and trust, and using the tools available to us through Constant Contact allows us to promote that with great success.

My thanks to all of you for your continued support and encouragement of this newsletter, and for all of your feedback over the years. You make preparing it each month such a pleasure.

Wildlife Galore
2013 Spring Turkeys Probably the best part of spring is the evidence of abundant wildlife emerging from the long, cold winter, actively feeding on the new growth. These turkeys are part of a set of 8 that grace our yard every morning, often just below the house.

The deer and elk are quite active as well, enjoying our area before moving soon into the higher country north of us. While we do love seeing them in such abundance, one of my worst fears came true a few weeks ago when I could not avoid hitting a deer on my way home from work. I drive a Yukon and although it crunched the headlight and did a fair amount of damage, I was pleasantly surprised at what a tank it was in combating the collision. We intend to install a heavy duty grill guard in place of the conventional grill to insure that the car will fair better in future collisions, which are bound to happen traveling to and from Pagosa Springs.

Shoppe Sale
MICS building Allan and I are excited to announce that we sold our gift store, the Made In Colorado Shoppe, to our manager, Jean Hietala. The change actually takes place today. GrassRoots has been steadily growing, each year requiring more and more of my attention, and as we grow older the demands of running two businesses are sometimes overwhelming. Jean has been our manager for many years and we are confident that she will be a great success as the new owner.

Many of you have picked up your orders at the Made In Colorado Shoppe, and Jean has graciously agreed to allow you to continue to pick them up there. Because of the shoppe's extended hours it is much more convenient than picking them up at our warehouse, which is only open on Mondays. Be sure to stop by the Made In Colorado Shoppe if you are ever in Pagosa Springs. It is a wonderful store that we are very proud to have started over 20 years ago.

No Fools Day Special
April Fools Day You would be no fool to take advantage of this month's No Fools Day Special. For the month of April if your Custom Package order totals at least $350, take an additional 5% off the already discounted price of $315 (the normal 10% discounted price on the Custom Package). The savings will, in most cases, offset most or all of your freight. No kidding! This is your chance to put it together any way you want - beef, lamb, and/or chicken. So don't be a fool - get your order placed today.

In Closing ...
Robert from Aurora, Colorado, recently pointed out that in lieu of the fact that we grass finish all of our animals, how "appropriate" it was that Colorado just legalized "grass." It does give a new perspective on grass finishing. God bless you all with great happiness and contentment this Easter season. We are ever grateful for the saving grace provided for us on the cross. He is alive!

Lois, Allan, Lisa, & Dusty

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