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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter January 2013
In this issue...
-- Happy New Year
-- New Baby
-- Featured on MSN
-- Ractopamine in our Meat?
-- January Specials
-- In Closing ...

Happy New Year
Happy New Year 2013 I am sure that we are not the only ones scratching our heads, wondering how yet another year is gone and a new year is dawning. For many of us 2012 will long be remembered among the best years, and for some of us 2013 cannot come quick enough. Whichever you are, this new year holds great promise for good family times, another chance to realize your dreams, and another chance for a more prosperous future. It can also be another opportunity to draw closer to God, to walk in His ways, and to trust in His providence.

The road gets pretty rough at times and unexpected things can throw us for a loop. But no sooner do we remember that our Father is watching and is still in control than a wonderful peace settles over us and gives us new hope. It is our prayer for each of you this new year that your trust is firmly placed in His will, and that He is the center of your life. He promises that he will never leave us, never forsake us, and that regardless of what is happening in the outside world, our world can be peaceful and calm. May you have a very Happy New Year!

New Baby
New Lamb Thought you might like to see a picture of our new baby lamb. We have a number of ewes about to drop. Although we were hoping they would birth their lambs before now, it is what it is and we are blessed to have them. We have about 30 ewes, and while this is not enough to supply our lamb program, it is a start. With all the fencing projects and water projects going on, Allan often wishes that we did not have the sheep at all right now.

Most of our lamb comes from our producing partner in La Jara, Colorado, in the lush San Juan Valley south of Alamosa. This young man produces some wonderful lambs and is a true pleasure to work with. We could not ask for a better working relationship, and feel blessed to know him and be a part of his operation. Our supply of lamb is very good right now, and it looks like we will have plenty throughout 2013.

Featured on MSN
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ logo I was contacted some time ago by a woman asking if she could include us in an article she was writing for, an online magazine that is part of the MSN family. Of course I agreed, sent her the info that she requested, and soon forgot about it. Well, one day last month our phone started ringing early in the morning with folks inquiring about our lamb. After the 4th or 5th call, I asked one woman how she had found out about us. She said we were in one of the banner stories on, a Home Page option for folks browsing the internet.

I immediately logged onto MSN, only to find that we were the only product from Colorado featured in the article Made in the U.S.A.: Food Gifts from the 50 States. Below is a link to that page, if you would like to check it out. It stayed on the banner until about 3:00 that afternoon, producing lots of interest and lots of orders. It was over as quick as it began, but it sure was fun while it lasted, a very unexpected blessing.

Made in the U.S.A.: Food Gifts from the 50 States

Ractopamine in our Meat?
Apparently Russia announced that it intends to ban US imports of beef and pork unless these foods can be certified free of the livestock drug ractopamine. According to Sarah, the Healthy Home Economist blogger, "Ractopamine is a growth promoting drug which increases muscle mass by actively slowing protein degradation. Unlike other veterinary drugs which are withdrawn prior to slaughter, ractopamine is started and never withdrawn in the animal's final days. It is given to beef cattle during their last 4-6 weeks, pigs in their last 4 weeks, and turkeys for their last 1-2 weeks."

It appears that rats fed ractopamine experienced a cluster of birth defects such as cleft palate, open eyelids, shortened limbs, missing digits, enlarged heart, and protruding tongue. Europe has already banned this drug, and Russia is taking the additional step of banning US meat imports unless they can be certified ractopamine-free. Just one more reason that you have made the right decision to buy meat from someone you know and trust, folks that are committed to making sure that your meat is free of drugs, hormones, and antibiotics. If you want to read the blog in full, click on the link below.

Russia Bans US Meat Imports Due to Dangerous Drug Residue

January Specials
Roast Beef Let's ring in the new year with our 2013 New Year's Special. About 34 pounds of our delicious grass finished beef, it contains approximately 5 pounds of Beef Stew, 4 pounds of Short Ribs, 6 pounds of Chuck Roast, 4 pounds of Rump Roast, 3 pounds of Top Sirloin Steak, 2 pounds of Flat Iron Steak, and 10 pounds of our wonderful Ground Beef, all for $205, a savings of $50 off the regular price. For many of you this savings will offset your freight. Now this is the way to start the year off on a good note! Our stock looks good but don't wait too long to order.

If you would like to add some lamb, try our Loin Chops at $13.99 per pound. That is a savings of $4.50 off the regular price of $18.49 per pound. Yummmm.

In Closing ...
2012 was another year of growth for GrassRoots Meats. In spite of a slow economy our sales were up again over the previous year, thanks to each and every one of our wonderful customers. Our family is healthy, our grandchildren continue to bless us immensely, and life is good. May God bless you also throughout this coming year.

Lois, Allan, Lisa, & Dusty

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