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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter December 2012
In this issue...
-- A Season For Celebration
-- Pagosa Springs Chamber Sundowner
-- Cowboy Hot Tub
-- What's For Christmas Dinner?
-- Lamb Lover's Delight December Special
-- In Closing ...

A Season For Celebration
Fireplace I am sure we are all wondering how yet another year is about to draw to a close. Allan and I are so very grateful for so many things, not the least of which is our Dish DVR that allowed us to fast forward through most of the political ads this fall. With Colorado being a swing state we had more than our fair share! But one of the amazing things we are celebrating this December is our 39th wedding anniversary. It has been a very interesting journey for us, starting when we met in Rota, Spain, back in 1971. Allan was in the military and I was traveling in Europe with a friend. Yes, it was just as romantic as it sounds!

Our oldest granddaughter's birthday (Taylor - 15 years) is also in December, promising to give us more grey hairs since she will be getting her learner's permit to drive - probably the day after her birthday. She has been such a delight to us since the day she was born. All of our grandchildren are, but of course the first holds a special place.

The year has been a good one for GrassRoots Meats, as well as for the Made In Colorado Shoppe, our gift store in Pagosa Springs. GrassRoots continues to grow, with each year better than the last, even through this awful recession. We thank God all the time for each and every one of you for helping to make this business such a pleasure to have. We hope you have your own good reports for the year 2012 - we would love to hear them if you would like to share.

Pagosa Springs Chamber Sundowner
Wednesday, November 28th, the Made In Colorado Shoppe hosted the after hours Pagosa Springs Chamber of Commerce Sundowner, a monthly social for chamber members and guests. GrassRoots Meats provided the meat, and we served two versions of Beef Tips, made with Beef Kabob. Both were my original recipes, and both seemed to be greatly enjoyed by all.

My Asian Tips had a combination of Plum Sauce, Oriental BBQ Sauce, and Spring Roll Sauce, producing a rich, deep flavor in the meat. My Beer Tips had a combination of onion, red cabbage, garlic, steak sauce, a bit of hot sauce, and of course some beer, for another rich but not so sweet flavor. Both variations were slow roasted in the oven for about 6 to 7 hours. Based on the many compliments I think GrassRoots will be getting some new customers.

Cowboy Hot Tub
Cowboy Hot Tub Thought you might like to see a picture of our new livestock watering system. We have 5 sets distributed throughout the 125 acres, making it now possible to cross fence the property. Once the property is cross fenced we will rotate the animals throughout the property, only allowing them to be on the smaller paddocks for fairly short periods of time.

This rotational grazing method forces the animals to eat all of the available grass and weeds to a certain height, similar to keeping a lawn mowed. This will keep the weeds under control, and they will eventually die off, allowing the grasses to get a better foothold. Over time this will produce a lush pasture of healthy grasses. This is what is referred to as Management Intensive Grazing.

What's For Christmas Dinner?
Bone In Rib Roast Just wanted to let you know that we once again have a few Beef Standing Rib Roasts available for the holidays. They are about 5 to 7 pounds each, and the price is $18.99 per pound. We also have Rack of Lamb for $20.99 per pound. If you wrap these into a $200 Custom Package you will receive a 10% discount off these prices.

We also have a very good supply of Boneless Beef Rib Roasts for $20.99 per pound, also subject to the 10% discount if your Custom Order totals $200 or more. Make this holiday special with a Rack of Lamb or a Beef Rib Roast from GrassRoots Meats, and make it a holiday to remember!

Lamb Lover's Delight December Special
Lamb Collection 2 Each year at holiday time folks call us because they want to give a really special gift of lamb to a loved one, so this year we put together an amazing package sure to delight that lamb lover on your Christmas list. It contains a couple of packages each of Rib Chops, Loin Chops, Sirloin Chops, Leg Shanks, and Leg Steaks, a Leg of Lamb, a Sirloin Roast, and a pound each of Ground, Kabob, and Stew Meat, for a total of 22 pounds - AND WE WILL PAY THE SHIPPING COSTS as long as your order can ship UPS 2 or 3 Day Ground. (If you are outside of that zone, call us to find out what the additional charge might be.)

All of this, including freight, for $289.00. Now that is an offer that is hard to beat! Your order must be placed by December 15th to insure delivery before Christmas.

In Closing ...
Merry Christmas Banner Christmas time evokes so many memories for each of us - some good, some not so good. For those who have lost loved ones during the holidays, we pray that this Christmas you will be able to feel genuine joy. May this be a time of families gathered, and good food to celebrate the joy that is life. Let us not forget that He is the reason for the season. God bless each one of you with the blessings that only Christmas can bring.

Lois, Allan, Lisa, & Dusty

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