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GrassRoots Meats Newsletter November 2012
In this issue...
-- Fall is in the Air
-- California's Proposition 37
-- Interesting Blogsite
-- Lower Lamb Chop Prices
-- Chicken?
-- November Specials
-- In Closing ...

Fall is in the Air
Autumn Pumpkins Watching the news and weather reports concerning the storm that blasted the east coast makes us once again very happy to be in Colorado. While we have to deal with lots of winter snow and sometimes drought conditions in the summer, in our part of the state we never experience tornadoes, hurricanes or other cataclysmic weather patterns. Along with the fact that we have very low humidity in the summer, and only light winds on occasion, it makes this a pretty great place to live.

We enjoyed helping Chimney Rock Farms, located halfway between Durango and Pagosa Springs, celebrate their pumpkin festival for the last two weekends in October. Thanks to absolutely gorgeous weather, lots of families came to pick their own pumpkins right out of the pastures. They were also cooking up GrassRoots Meats burgers, a real treat for everyone. It was a wonderful time for us and a chance to become more involved in Chimney Rock Farm's agritourism venture. We are hoping that one day we might be able to host a celebration right here at the ranch in Arboles.

California's Proposition 37
The California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act is on the ballot November 6th, and its passage could have a tremendous impact on our food industry. Because California produces such a high percentage of the fresh fruits and vegetables consumed in this country, requiring GMO labeling in that state effects all states selling their products, and allows us, the consumers, a much better opportunity to understand the nature of the foods we are eating.

Proposition 37:

  • Requires labeling on raw or processed food offered for sale to consumers if made from plants or animals with genetic material changed in specified ways.
  • Prohibits labeling or advertising such food, or other processed food, as "natural."
  • Exempts foods that are: certified organic; unintentionally produced with genetically engineered material; made from animals fed or injected with genetically engineered material but not genetically engineered themselves; processed with or containing only small amounts of genetically engineered ingredients; administered for treatment of medical conditions; sold for immediate consumption such as in a restaurant; or alcoholic beverages.

Not surprisingly the list of opponents to this proposition, donating more than a million dollars each to defeat it, include Monsanto, Dupont, Pepsi, Coca Cola, DOW, Bayer, BASF, Kraft Foods, Nestle, Conagra, General Mills, and Syngenta. One of the leading proponents of the initiative is Dr. Joseph Mercola, whom many of you know because of his most informative website, It will be very interesting to see how this plays out in the election on Tuesday, but one thing is for sure, more folks are becoming aware of GMO's and even if it does not pass on this round, consumer awareness is growing and one day this battle will be won.

Interesting Blogsite
Jill from Colorado sent me this link to the Healthy Home Economist, a very popular blogsite. I spent the best part of the morning earlier this week reading her "Most Popular" and "Most Controversial" blogs, and found each and every one to be very interesting and informative. We seem to share similar philosophies about food, but I also learned a lot that I did not know. Check it out.

The Healthy Home Economist

Lower Lamb Chop Prices
Lamb Chops 3 We recently lowered the prices on some of our Lamb Chops, as well as our Lamb Packages - something unheard of in today's economy! Rib Chops are now $22.49 per pound, Loin Chops are $18.49 per pound, and Sirloin Chops are $10.99 per pound. Our Sheepherder's Choice package is now $159.00, our Zacate Lamb Package is now $224.00, and our Basque Sampler is now $158.00. Hopefully we will be able to keep our prices down for awhile, anyway.

Funny Chicken While we will be getting pastured chickens from time to time, our present supply will soon be out and for the time being we will not have any more coming in. We do have available a line of "Organic, Free Range" chicken that is raised, by definition, without hormones or antibiotics. While not as perfect as pastured chicken, it is the next best thing. Whole chickens would run $5.29 per pound, and boneless breasts would run $11.59 per pound (both subject to the 10% discount on $200 Custom Package orders). We also could carry boneless/skinless thighs, bone in breasts, drumsticks, drum/thigh combos, thighs, and wings.

I need to get some feedback from all of you letting me know if this is a product you would like us to carry. Please respond, even if your answer is no. This will give me some idea if I should order, and how much. If you only want us to carry pastured chickens, please let me know and I will do what I can. If Organic, Free Range works for you, let me know that. Thanks so much.

November Specials
Lamb Shanks How about a Rump Roast this Thanksgiving? For the month of November our Rump Roasts are only $5.99 per pound - regular price $6.99 per pound. Craving lamb? Our Leg Shanks are only $5.99 per pound, marked down from $8.99 per pound. Now that's a good deal! Take advantage of these specials as long as supply lasts.

In Closing ...
Thanksgiving 2012 Seems like we just cannot say thank you enough for all the support you give to us. While the market group is small, the Real Food folks are committed to keeping producers in business, and we are forever grateful. Our beef and lamb supplies are excellent, so keep those orders coming. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. God bless you all.

Lois, Allan, Lisa, & Dusty

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