Cobb County Republican Party

Yesterday's announcement that the Braves are moving to Cobb County is exciting and a real shot in the arm for the economy of our county. I congratulate our county leaders who were instrumental in bringing the franchise to Cobb and were able to avoid the public ping pong game the Falcons franchise recently experienced with the city of Atlanta. I think this was a total surprise to most people.


The majority who attend Braves games travel by car, so there's going to be much concern about the traffic flow around the newly selected site off Windy Hill Road. I certainly hope the county and state transportation departments, in conjunction with the Cumberland CID, are up to the task of ensuring that problem is solved before opening day. The area is already a nightmare for commuters with possible solutions being batted around for years; so I hope this announcement will give impetus to finding the right solution for the citizens of Cobb. It is absolutely necessary the solution is all about moving cars in and around Cobb and surrounding counties from our north and east where most Braves fans travel from, and not moving people into Cobb by rail from Atlanta. The other important part of the formula is for the citizens of Cobb not to experience any kind of tax increase. The resulting tax revenue from the influx of people into the county for the games will provide the revenue needed to make this a successful venture.


I'm confident the joint impact of the huge LakePoint Sporting Community just over the North Cobb county line along with the new home of the Braves in South Cobb will thrust our county into being the sporting capital of the South. Just think . . . it will be possible to witness in person Little League World Series games along with, in the good years, National League World Series games right here in our own community. Now that's exciting!



Joe Dendy

Chairman, Cobb County Republican Party