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January 2015 

HTRC is here to meet your telehealth needs for 2015. We are a government-sponsored organization with a wide range of services, and many of them are free. Send us an email at or call us at 877-643-HTRC.


Five promising technologies from CES2015


The top innovators in consumer technologies met in Las Vegas recently for the InternationalConsumer Electronics Show (International CES). The CES is frequently used as a launch pad for new technologies and projects from global tech giants to the hottest venture-capital start-ups. HTRC's Cynthia Scheideman Miller and Candace Shaw were there and spent time with many of the 3,600 exhibitors on the trade show floor. What are the technologies to watch in 2015? 






HIMSS Conference 

March 5-6

Wichita, Kan.


HIMSS, the national standard bearer for health information technology, hosts two back-to-back events in Wichita, Kan., in March.


March 5 - Meaningful Use Dinner

First on March 5, physicians and other health care providers will discuss meaningful use and review the best practices other providers and healthcare systems have identified when trying to ensure effective and successful patient engagement.


March 6 - Clinical Informatics Institute

On March 6, nurses and other care providers are offered a full-day training that covers every area of clinical practice. This educational program will address the functions, roles, responsibilities and standards of practice of nurses and other providers reflecting current HIMSS informatics resources.


HTRC is co-sponsoring these events, along with SYNOVIM and the Kansas Foundation for Medical Care.  




Oklahoma Medicaid takes steps to increase telehealth coverage


HTRC commends the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA), the administrators of the state's Medicaid program, for taking steps to expand coverage of telehealth services. OHCA's proposed rule changes, if passed, will increase access for urban Oklahomans, cover primary care services and reimburse care wherever the patient is, including patients' homes, foster homes and nursing homes. 



Attention Oklahoma healthcare facilities: USF deadline approaching!


It is time again to apply for the 2015 Oklahoma Universal Service Funds. This is a great way for eligible entities help cover the cost of broadband telemedicine lines. However you must be recertified annually. The recertification form can be found at and must be submitted by February 1, 2015.




2015 kicks off new CMS telehealth codes



New Centers for Medicare and Medicaid telehealth codes went into effect January 1.  These codes include coverage for wellness visits and expanded psychotherapy services, as well as chronic care remote management.  Unlike other CMS telehealth codes, the chronic care remote management codes are not limited to health care facilities in rural areas. The chronic care codes include urban settings and care can be delivered to patients in their homes.


Need more information? Check out our handy table or call us with questions 877-643-HTRC.




New year, new directions: Gracy named new HTRC project director


As December came to a close, HTRC Project Director Gordon Alloway announced his retirement. Under Alloway's leadership, HTRC expanded telehealth in Kansas and took the technology on the road throughout the rural regions of the state. You will be missed, Gordon!


HTRC Principal Investigator Ryan Spaulding named Janine Gracy as the new project director in January. Gracy is based at the University of Kansas and a holds a Master of Science in Education and is a Certified Health Education Specialist and a Certified Prevention Specialist. Prior to joining HTRC, Gracy led a SAMHSA-funded project connecting rural college students to needed mental health providers via telehealth.


"As a product of rural Kansas, I am a committed proponent of telehealth to help increase access for rural and other underserved populations," said Gracy. "I'm excited to work with a team with the depth of experience that our HTRC partners bring to the table."


Welcome, Janine!



Show-Me ECHO launches early to bring needed pain relief


Missouri has expanded the groundbreaking telehealth Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes, or ECHO, program with the launch of Show-Me ECHO. Based on the Project ECHO model established by Dr. Sanjeev Arora, Show-Me ECHO uses video conferencing technology to link primary care providers with specialists who provide expert guidance on cases.


Originally slated to launch in January 2015, Show-Me ECHO began in October 2014 due to the demand for chronic pain management assistance and the project's strong partnerships.


According to Rachel Mutrux, director of Missouri Telehealth Network (MTN) and Missouri HTRC director, chronic pain management was the greatest capacity-building need of primary care providers from clinics who serve low-income families. To assist these providers, specialists donate their time to share their expertise.



HTRC partners organize events to help educate policy makers on telehealth issues  


As policy makers work to help meet coverage gaps in their states, telehealth has increasingly entered legislative conversations. According to the National Law Review, this conversation is only going to grow:


"In the 113th Congress there was a proliferation of policy and industry attention on telehealth, health IT, and mHealth as lawmakers and stakeholders alike have recognized the cost, quality, and accessibility benefits of telehealth and momentum for implementation of telehealth are growing.... In the 114th Congress, there is reason to believe the momentum for policy to address telehealth will only continue, if not increase in pace."


In preparation for new legislative sessions, HTRC partners have been busy planning events to reach out to legislators, as well as payers, providers and other policy makers.  



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