March 2016

Protecting Your Liver

In accordance of this St. Patrick's Day, we present you 7 herbs that protect the liver from damage and disease.
  1. Curcumin"Curcumin could attenuate liver injury induced by ethanol [alcohol], thioacetamide, iron overdose, cholestasis and acute, subchronic and chronic carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) intoxication." 
  2. Wogonin: Not only does this compound from skullcap root show results treating Hepatitis B and C, it also supports treating forms of alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
  3. Glycyrrhizin: In traditional chinese medicine, this herb from licorice root has been used to protect liver function.
  4. Resveratrol: Berries, grapes, and (yes) wine, contains resveratrol which promotes antioxidant enzymes, helping the body enhance its glutathione production and protects the liver. 
  5. Silymarin: Found in milk thistle, silymarin is a powerful liver tonic that has been shown to prevent and/or reverse hepatotoxicity caused by drugs and other toxins. 
  6. Rhein: Rhein is a power anti-cancer herb from rhubarb that helps treat fatty liver and slows progression of the disease. 
  7. Geniposide: The gardenia plant offers geniposide, an herb that has been shown to inhibit liver fibrosis and treat hyperlipidemia and fatty liver disease.

Meditation for Investment Professionals

We share a lot about meditation and it's benefits on the mind and chronic pain. Meditation has also been shown to help individuals in the business world. Meditation:
            • Reduces stress
            • Enhances mental functioning
            • Allows handling of behavioral biases
            • Increases ethical behavior

Meditation can help you be more relaxed at work, allows you to think better and faster, reduces your reaction to others behavioral biases, and it enables you to make more ethical decisions. All of these factors contribute to better investments and work productivity. Read the article here.


We are scheduling appointments for our infrared ozone sauna, conveniently located at the Midvalley Medical Center. 

Benefits Include:
  • Detoxification - an important part of treating auto-immune disorders
  • Oxygenation of the body - improves energy levels quickly.
  • Promotes wound healing - returning your patient or client to normal more quickly.
  • Strengthens connective tissue - promoting longevity and improving mobility.
  • Improved complexion - blood flow is improved to the skin, creating a healthy look
  • Anti-aging - oxygenating the body while removing toxins increases longevity and improves appearance
  • Weight loss - getting rid of toxins, eliminating inflammation and reducing subcutaneous fat ensure the weight stays off

Hyperbaric Oxygen Fighting Cancer

This Gofundme campaign is raising money to support the work of 
Dr. Dominic D'Agostino. His research has shown tantalizing glimpses into the synergy of ketogenic diets and hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the fight against cancer.  Survival of laboratory animals has been more than doubled by this combined approach. 

Before HBOT/Ketogenics can be studied in humans, however,  the question of dosing (how much oxygen and how frequently) needs to be addressed and Dr. D'Agostino has a study designed and ready to go. All that is required is the funding to get it off the ground! 

Please consider funding his important research into the possibility of a therapy with few side effects, that could save many lives and make the quality of life better for cancer patients. All of your contributions will go directly to fund the cost of the study! Make a contribution here.