November Newsletter 2015

*NEW* Ozone Sauna

Wellness - a strategic approach to longevity, healthy living and overall vitality. Patients desiring true wellness must first understand the strategic components to a thriving, healthy life. It goes beyond a quick fix regimen to treat symptoms. In fact, true wellness embarks upon a lifestyle that includes an understanding of how the environment impacts health - and what to do to repair any damage already done. A single unit developed for a single purpose - strategic wellness and healing for patients and customers. With each 25 to 30-minute treatment, patients and clients receive scientifically proven therapies that provide advanced treatment of common symptoms of illness, beauty treatments, athletic improvement and overall improvement of health.

+ Detoxification - an important part of treating auto-immune disorders
+ Oxygenation of the body - improves energy levels quickly.
+ Promotes wound healing - returning your patient or client to normal more quickly.
+ Strengthens connective tissue - promoting longevity and improving mobility.
+ Improved complexion - blood flow is improved to the skin, creating a healthy look
+ Anti-aging - oxygenating the body while removing toxins increases longevity and improves appearance
+ Weight loss - getting rid of toxins, eliminating inflammation and reducing subcutaneous fat ensure the weight stays off

Chia Seeds

If you haven't yet tried chia seeds, you're really missing out. They're uniquely tasty, nutritious, easy to store and fun to eat. Plus, they're amazingly versatile. They can be soaked in water and tea to make a hearty beverage, sprinkled on salads and cereals, blended into bread mixes and pancake mixes, and added to sauces, dressings and dips. Chia seeds can even be fed to family pets and farm animals. Nutritionally speaking, chia seeds are almost like tiny vitamins. They are a very high source of omega-3s, which are linked to a wide variety of health benefits. They also contain magnesium, amino acids and a healthy assortment of minerals. To put this in perspective, consider the fact that chia seeds have:
  • 3 times the iron of spinach
  • 5 times the calcium of milk
  • 2 times the potassium of bananas
  • 2 times the protein of any other seed or grain
  • 3 times the antioxidant potency of blueberries

Mercury Toxicity

It is likely you are accumulating mercury and other heavy metals at a disturbing rate. This is occurring at a time when your body is already bombarded with multiple chemical assaults, making it harder to keep its natural detoxification system working smoothly and efficiently. The two primary sources of mercury exposure are dental amalgams (mercury-based fillings) and seafood consumption, followed by thimerosal-containing vaccines and mercury pollution from coal-burning power plants.

Other significant environmental offenders are chlor-alkali plants (which make products like chlorine bleach and PVC), trash incinerators, cement kilns, and gold mining1. These industries are loading our environment with inorganic forms of mercury that are then converted in the soil and water to a type of mercury called methylmercury (MeHg) - which then accumulates in the fish you eat.
Dental amalgams are comprised of 50 percent elemental mercury. This form of mercury evaporates from the surface of the amalgam and is inhaled, absorbed into the blood, and then converted to inorganic mercury, the most toxic form of mercury to cells. Inorganic mercury builds up far more in your organs of elimination - it's 100 times as high in your kidneys and liver than in your brain. But when it does make its way into your brain, it's far more damaging than any other form. -By Dr. Mercola

November Discounts

For the month of November, you can receive David and Adam's massage and rolfing services with a $10 discount! Just mention this ad when you schedule and we are happy to extend the discount.