May Newsletter 2015

Shampoo and Conditioner

Angeline's Shampoo and Conditioner was developed in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado specifically designed for dry, dehydrated and fine, normal textures of hair.  All of the ingredients are of the highest quality organic essential oils, combined with lipids that replenish moisture levels and an amino complex that fortifies the structure of the hair follicles for a total enrichment.  There are no harsh chemicals in the product and is mixed and tested in a biochemist's laboratory.

Angeline's is an innovative hair treatment shampoo/conditioner that remedies dry scalp, replenishes and repairs the cuticle layer from damage. This shampoo strengthens and rebalances the appropriate amount of protein loss in the hair follicles.  It also acts as a color enhancer promoting healthier and shinier hair.  Click here to place an order!

Meditation vs. Medication

Through meditation our mind begins to settle, and as it does, something extraordinary takes place: all the fragmented aspects of ourselves come home. Negativity and aggression, pain, suffering, and frustration are actually defused. Often, you may feel the situation (pain in this case) worsen before it gets better. If you place your awareness on pain and where that pain is coming from, you're simply going to be feeling it. A large aspect of a meditation practice involves studying yourself: your thoughts, behaviors, and turning the corner to re-engineer those well-worn, neural pathways into positive acts of loving-kindness.  Learn more here at

Please Note:

Dr. Hughes and Megan will be out of the office from May 8th - May 27th for the off season.  We will be checking messages periodically. Please allow 5 days for medication refills.
Dave and Adam will still be around taking appointments.

Don't Forget!

We accept Worker's Compensation and Auto Insurance for those unexpected injuries! 

Come see our massage therapists, Adam and Dave Nickamin, to help with your injury. Or ask Dr. Hughes for an evaluation! (Referral needed to schedule).


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The Aspen Integrative Medicine Team