April Newsletter 2015

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day reminds us that it's important to replenish the Earth and take care of our environment.  What better way than to compost?! The SCRAPS program in our little valley contributes to this by slowing the growing problem of our over loaded landfills while spreading awareness of the waste that we are producing. By composting, we can also replenish our soils and bring back nutrient-rich foods. The Public Outreach and Education Coordinator for The Pitkin County, Solid Waste Center states that "the primary reason behind the program is landfill space, but we also recognize that we are reducing greenhouse gas emissions," he concludes. "In addition, we are creating a valuable compost product for the city and county. We want better food security in our area, and having good soil is crucial to that effort. Having good compost will equal good soil."  

If you live in Pitkin County, read more here to see how you can begin composting!

7 Simple Ways to Extend Your Life!
  1. Run for 5 minutes a day: runners live, on average, 3 years longer than non-runners.
  2. Drink coffee: coffee is associated with a lower risk of death.
  3. Take responsibility: those in a nursing home that took responsibility lived longer than those who relied on staff to make their decisions for them.
  4. Volunteer: people who volunteer have a 20% reduction in mortality, plus lower levels of depression, higher life satisfaction, and enhanced well-being.
  5. Have great sex: enjoying sex is a significant predictor of longevity for women and men!
  6. Look on the not-so-bring side sometimes: people who are more realistic are more prepared for difficulty.
  7. Stand up: more time spent standing was linked with a lower mortality from cardiovascular disease.

The Vital Psoas Muscle

The core area of our bodies is made up of a group of muscles that girdle the spine to hold it in balance. The Psoas Major is one of these muscles. With all these muscles helping, the Psoas major can be free to perform a most significant function: integral connection. Sometimes called the "mighty psoas," it is the most important skeletal muscle in the human body, as it is the only muscle that connects the upper extremity to the lower extremity (the spine to the legs). The muscle is also located near the body's center of gravity, so its role becomes that of regulating balance, and affecting nerve and subtle energies as well.

Author, Joann Stauguards-Jones explains in her book, The Vital Psoas Muscle, how emotions are human responses to nature, and in some ways protect us from harm. When we are fearful we protect ourselves from either physical or psychological risk. If fear is extreme, it can become destructive. These feelings are harbored in the brain and linked to survival. They are part of the brain's connection with the nervous system, which links with the Psoas.

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