March Newsletter 2015

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most prevalent injuries in the U.S. leading to death and long-term disability. CDC estimates are that 1.7 million individuals suffer annually with severe to moderate TBI due to blunt trauma or motor vehicle accidents as the biggest causes. Modern medicine proves very efficacious in the golden hour after the injury to save many patients from death. However, memory loss, inability to concentrate, loss of motor function, decision-making, emotional affect, pain, and other brain damage symptoms often confine these patients to a prison within their own bodies or compel them to suicide.

Using Dr. Hughes' newly patented protocol, TBI patients will optimally receive HBOT therapies before and after stem cell infusions or injections along with other healing modalities such as cranial osteopathic medicine, IV hydration and nutrition, and other therapies to aid in neuro-regeneration.  This patent also involves the injection of platelet rich plasma cells derived from the patients blood and very carefully injected up the nostril and into the brain. 

If you or a loved one is curious in this treatment please call to set up a consult with Dr. Hughes at 970-927-0308 or email us

Rolfing and Massage

Rolfing is a holistic philosophy, science, and art that structurally and functionally integrates the body in gravity through myofascial manipulation and movement education.  "Rolfing must be painful."  This popular misconception dates back to a time when structural integrators worked ON clients rather than WITH them.  Rolfing has evolved since then!  
Chronic pain, acute trauma, and emotional distress limit ease and function in the body; thus disturbing the balance of our inherent capabilities. Rolfing supports restoration and maintenance of that balance.  It is commonly practiced in a series of ten, one-hour sessions conducted weekly or monthly, allowing for sufficient integration time.  Post-ten work is available three to six months after an initial series.  Rolfing is a participatory form of bodywork.  Practitioner and recipient attend to structure and function/movement together, with both subtle and active intentions.  Your comfort and security is important.  Form fitted undergarments or bikini style swimwear are typical attire for clients throughout the series.  Such attire best supports structural analysis and fascial manipulation.
Adam also has a national certification for therapeutic massage and bodywork from the Boulder School of Massage Therapy. Call to schedule a session with Adam at 970-927-0308. 

Massage and Trigger Points

Chronic pain is usually the case when clients come in for massage.  Commonly, chronic pain can be due to trigger points, areas in the body where the tissue is tender and hypersensitive due to knots in the muscle fiber.  Trigger points are like knots in a piece of rope causing tightness and overstreching on the ends.  This in turn can cause referred pain and tenderness to other, more distant parts of the body.  
Massage and trigger point therapy can be helpful in releasing these knots that are so taught and painful.  By applying pressure at 60 to 90 second intervals and then massaging the area to help lengthen and relax the muscle, trigger point therapy can greatly decrease the pain and prolong surgery.  All too often, ailments are misdiagnosed.  Massage can be a subtle, gentler way of helping with pain, plus, it feels good!  
Our therapist Dave Nickamin can help with trigger point therapy as well as other unique massage techniques such as Thai on the table, lymphatic drainage, and pregnancy pain relief in conjunction with typical structural massage. 

We appreciate your continued business!
The Aspen Integrative Medicine Team