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February 2014

Winter is upon us in full force!  Fluffy powder in the trees, smooth turns on the slopes, and frosty snowflakes on the windows bring slick roads and slippery walk ways.  We encourage everyone out there to be careful driving and watch out for black ice!  

New This Month
Dr. Hughes will be expanding his treatment for traumatic brain injury (TBI) to include a thorough protocol with lasting results using HBOT and adult stem cells in Boulder, Colorado. 

TBI is one of the most prevalent injuries in the U.S. that leads to death and long-term disability. The CDC estimates that 1.7 million individuals suffer annually with severe to moderate TBI due to blunt trauma or motor vehicle accidents as the biggest causes..   

Many patients gain some improvements using hyperbaric oxygen therapies (HBOT) at specific protocols (as developed by Dr. Paul Harsch: learn more here).  These therapies have been approved for military veterans in the past 4 years for military veterans and offer promise to many patients who suffer from traumatic brain injury (TBI).  Stem cells have also shown great promise for assisting patients heal from TBI.  Stay tuned to find out more about these exciting new therapies!
Dr. Paul Harch Treats Iraq Vets for TBI/PTSD with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).
Dr. Paul Harch Treats Iraq Vets for TBI/PTSD with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).


If you are interested in this type of treatment, 
please call our office at (970) 927-0308!

Needing a Massage?

Adam Nickamin is our certified rolfing and massage therapist. Here is what his clients are saying about him:
"Adam Nickamin is a natural healer. I work out like a demon and am "a women of a certain age;" as the French so kindly express it. That combination requires some body work and Adam keeps me fine-tuned like someone 1/2 my age. I am very grateful for Adam Nickamin." - Lynda- Beverly Hills, California
"Adam is very gifted and talented.  I have been working as a Massage Therapist for 12 years, and have taken numerous classes in the field, including Europe and Maui, but Adam's work is truly exceptional.  I am so much looking forward to coming back."
- Brigitte- Camden, Maine
Dave Nickamin is our certified massage therapists with over 15 years of healing experience! Here is what his clients are saying about him"

"I have immeasurable gratitude for the work of David Nickamin. It might sound far-fetched to call him a master of the art, but it is not. Dave is trained in multiple techniques, and he incorporates many of them into his craft; however, it is his keen intuitive abilities that set his work apart. Each treatment is approached with a feeling of freshness and discernment, and his non-judgmental attitude and gracious ease allow for optimal healing. David's work has deeply benefited me on so many levels, from the physical, to the energetic, and even to my soul. David also works regularly on my three sons who engage in high-level competitive sports. These sessions contribute greatly to my boys' ability to "keep going" amidst much pressure, not to mention the invaluable therapeutic support of David's treatments when they have sustained injury. The beauty of David's work is that he meets you exactly where you are." -  Jen- Basalt, Colorado


We hope you have a Happy and Safe Winter Season!

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If you are still looking for a last minute Valentine's Day gift, we are here to offer massage and rolfing gift certificates for that special someone!!! Come in or Call for a gift certificate to be mailed at (970) 927-0308.
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