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July 2015 
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As the Society of Jesus prepares to celebrate the feast of its founder on 31 July, Ron Darwen SJ explores two different portrayals of St Ignatius of Loyola, and describes how the Jesuits' first General continues to accompany them on their spiritual journeys, as they strive to follow his example. Link

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Cake for St Ignatius Day
Please find the recipe here
(taken from Cooking with the Saints, Ernst Schuegraf, Ignatius Press, 2001)
submitted by Pat MacRae, 
Prairie Region

St. Ignatius Through the Eyes of Others
Trevor Scott, s.j.

In the summer of 2013 I saw St. Ignatius in an entirely different light than I had seen him before. That was the summer I first visited Rome and the rooms St. Ignatius lived in the last 12 years of his life as Superior General of the Society of Jesus. It was here he would write thousands of letters throughout the world on spiritual and administrative topics, where he would write his Formula of the Institute, and where he would write the Constitutions of the Society. It was in these rooms where he would also pass away from our world in 1556.


 Dear Members of CLC Canada,


Recently, as I was reflecting on what to write about St. Ignatius for this edition of Update, Canada celebrated another "calendar noted" event called "Father's Day". As with "Mother's Day", I was drawn to imagine how "fatherhood" could be applied to Ignatius as it is commonly celebrated that CLC's origins are drawn from this pilgrim's journey to live the Magis.


At the 1990 World General Assembly in Guadalajara, Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach sj, 
the former world EA and Superior General of 
the Society of Jesus, invited delegates to "contemplate Ignatius and his historical journey as the providential way which was at the origin of Christian Life Community". He went on to identify three key markers that would impact the development of CLC:
  • Ignatius' call to serve God by helping others,
  • a new style of religious life created for this purpose,
  • the formation of lay apostolic communities.

For my purpose here, I decided to reframe what Fr. Kolvenbach said, very briefly, in the language of our recent World General Assembly in Lebanon (frontiers) in an attempt to outline the mystery of the transmission of a Spirit by a 16th century visionary. 

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PLEASE SHARE share this invitation from the Jesuits of the English Canada Province to attend World Youth Day 2016 in Poland. This would be an excellent opportunity for some of our younger members of CLC together to take part in such an important event of our Church, and to reveal to other younger members of the Church the rewarding and fulfilling presence of the Christian Life Community within it. If any our younger members of CLC are interested in inquiring about attending please let  Trevor Scott, s.j. know within the next few weeks. If there are a sufficient number of those interested we could join the Jesuit Province of English Canada as a small CLC group.  



Margaret Sue Lafreniere
Metanoia, CLC, Prairie Region
July 14, 2015

from St Ignatius Day celebrations before August 15th