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   July 2015

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WWII Veterans Honored at Board Meeting


At the July 20th meeting, the Board of Supervisors recognized local World War II veterans, many of whom recently participated in the Township's 4th of July parade. Helping us honor this great generation of heroes were representatives from the offices of Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick, Representative Frank Farry, and State Senator Tommy Tomlinson.

Each veteran present received certificates from the elected officials and recognition from the meeting's attendees. On behalf of the Township, we would like to thank Antonio Granados, Alexander Campbell, Bernie Fabrizio, Martin Solar, Neil French, Stanley Beckett, Paul Day, John Roth, Elbert Leitzel, Anna Oliveri Edwards, Sydney Axelrod, George Zanolli, James Cartledge, and Sandy Oppenheimer for your dedication and service to our country!


Pope Francis to Visit Philadelphia

As many of you have heard, Pope Francis will visit Philadelphia as part of the World Meeting of Families on September 26 and 27. With a major event in such close proximity to Middletown, the Township will see changes in traffic, transportation, and security. SEPTA is closing many of its regional rail stations, leaving Woodbourne Station as the only stop on the West Trenton Line. The Township staff and Police Department are working with SEPTA, the county, and emergency service providers to ensure the safety of residents and commuters. More details on how this event will affect our residents will be announced in the following weeks. 

National Night Out


Please join your neighbors for a great opportunity for you and your family to meet the leaders of our Police Department. Beginning at 6 p.m. on August 4th, Chief Joe Bartorilla and the lieutenants and sergeants will set up tables at Cobalt Ridge Park, Firefighter's Park, and Municipal Park. Each location will be marked with a National Night Out banner.


National Night Out is a crime and drug prevention event that is sponsored nationally by the National Association of Town Watch and co-sponsored locally by the Middletown Township Police Department. This year is the 32nd anniversary of National Night out, and over 38 million people across the country are expected to participate.


National Night Out is designed to heighten crime and drug awareness, generate support for and participation in local anti-crime efforts, strengthen neighborhood spirit and police/community partnerships, and send a clear message that our neighborhoods are organized and will not tolerate illegal activity.

Police will be at the parks listed above ready to listen to any concerns you have about your neighborhood and answer your questions about the department and safety programs in the Township. They will also hand out coloring books, pencils, and whistles for children. Our police leaders are looking forward to meeting you and your families during this national event!
South Flowers Mill Road Improvement Project

Road Construction Ahead sign with numerous barricades

The Township has awarded the $1 million South Flowers Mill Road Improvement Project to James D. Morrissey, Inc., and the project will begin in mid-August.


The road will undergo a complete reconstruction, making the road safer and improving drainage. While much of the work is standard milling and paving seen on other roads, this will include construction of a new base to rebuild the road from the bottom up. A hill will be regraded to reduce the steepness, and retaining walls will be added. Shoulders will also be added to the road, and a new underdrain system will be created.


The project will last approximately 45 to 60 days, finishing in early or mid-October. During construction, the road will be closed, allowing local traffic only. Allowing other traffic on the road would cause the project to take longer to complete. Drivers traveling between Maple Avenue Business Route 1 will use Woodbourne Road as a detour.


The project will be funded by the Township's road improvement bond issue. Highlighting the importance of reconstructing this road, Board Chairman Pat Mallon described it as "a great project to tackle. When it's done, it will be a safer road for our residents."


Road Improvement Project Update

For our other road improvements, described in June's e-newsletter, construction will begin in early August, starting with Carlene Court. The paving project will then move to the Brownsville Road area, followed by Duxbury Drive, Parker Street, and Eastbrooke Avenue. Boxwood Lane and Boxwood Drive will be next, and the project will end in early September at Penncrest, North Flowers Mill Road, Wood Lane, Pickering Bend, and Wellington Chase.

Middletown Citizen Service Corps Created

At the July 20th meeting, the Middletown Township Board of Supervisors authorized the development of the Middletown Citizen Service Corps (MCSC) as an official Township committee. The MCSC will work with members of the community and service organizations to connect volunteers with citizens in need of help with everyday tasks. Township staff observed that residents who are older or have disabilities frequently struggled with household chores. Working with Board Chairman Pat Mallon, department directors Debby Lamanna and Jim McGuire assembled a group of community leaders who shared their concerns. This team envisioned a plan that works with local service organizations to bring assistance to seniors and residents with disabilities.


These individuals will be able to request assistance in cleaning up a yard, changing hard-to-reach light bulbs, changing smoke detector batteries, and other household tasks. Requests will be made directly to the MCSC or through other local service organizations.


Board Chairman Pat Mallon praised the team involved in the MCSC for their "vision...to mobilize our community to help our seniors with basic tasks" and cited their commitment to connecting residents wishing to help with those who need it most.

The MCSC will hold a Fall Service Saturday on November 7th to help seniors get ready for winter, and community organizations, faith-based groups, or businesses interested in volunteering should email middletowncsc@gmail.com for more information.
Child Safety Tips for the Pool



It's been a hot summer already, and one of the best ways to cool off is at the pool. Whether in a community pool or one right in your back yard, it is important to follow safe practices to keep our children out of harm's way. The Office of the Fire Marshal would like to remind you of some great tips to ensure that the pool remains a safe place for recreation:


  • Never leave a child alone in the pool, tub, or ocean
  • During gatherings, designate someone to watch over children in the water
  • A pool should be enclosed by a fence at least 60" high
  • Keep a phone near the pool so you don't have to leave children unattended when the phone rings
  • Remove toys from in or near the pool when not in use
  • If a child is missing, always check the pool first - every second counts
Please see the Fire Marshal's website for more information and the full list of recommendations. And remember, swimming lessons do not guarantee a child's safety in water. There is no substitute for adult supervision.


Upcoming Events

August 4 - National Night Out, 6 p.m. at Cobalt Ridge Park, Firefighter's Park, and Municipal Park


August 5 - Planning Commission Meeting, 7 p.m. in the Public Hall of the Municipal Center


August 12 - Zoning Hearing Board meeting, 7 p.m. in the Public Hall of the Municipal Center


August 13 - Middletown at the Mall, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Oxford Valley Mall


August 17 - Board of Supervisors meeting, 7:30 p.m. in the Public Hall of the Municipal Center


August 26 - Zoning Hearing Board meeting, 7 p.m. in the Public Hall of the Municipal Center



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