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2013 Park Priorities coming soon!
As the 2012 year comes to an end, our hard-working park rangers and superintendents are busy preparing proposals to submit to Washington's National Park Fund for 2013. STAY TUNED for the parks' lists of priority projects focused on Science & Research, Visitors' Experiences, Volunteerism & Stewardship, and Youth & Family Programs.

Seeking $20,000 in Year-end Giving; $11,838.00 received thus far!!
Over the past few weeks, Washington's National Park Fund has heard from many of our loyal, year-after-year donors. Some have given $20, others $200, and a few have given $2,000 (and special thanks to our friends in Federal Way who have gotten their $2,000 gift MATCHED!). While we haven't received a $20,000 gift thus far, we CAN dream such dreams for the sake of our parks, right? 
We're also hearing from new friends we've made over the past few years; individuals, couples, and families who have decided it's time to give back to the places they value so deeply. A woman in Wisconsin gave a gift in honor of her husband's birthday; her sons followed suit and sent their OWN gifts in. After visiting with the family, WNPF discovered the father and two sons had volunteered this past summer up in North Cascades National Park under the leadership of park staffer, Mike Torkelson. They spent ten days renovating a ranger's cabin that was much in need of repair.
We hope that ALL who have given thus far truly realize that your gifts make a difference in Mount Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic National Parks. 
To those of you who may be considering a gift, the letter below outlines 1) how donor's gifts are invested; 2) the areas we focus on within the parks; and 3) how we raise hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.
If you haven't yet, would you please consider making a gift by the end of December?  

The Impact of Gifts on the Parks
Dear Friends:

If you've been a part of the growing number of donors to Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic National Parks through Washington's National Park Fund, here's a SAMPLING of what you've helped to create:

  • New watering tanks that are KEY in the revegetation process at Mount Rainier National Park
  • A new ranger station at Glacier Meadows in Olympic National Park
  • A new volunteer shelter at Marblemount in North Cascades National Park
  • New youth programs at all three parks 
  • Ongoing investments in trail maintenance
  • Additional funds for equipment and training for the parks' Search and Rescue (SAR) programs
  • More research of marmots, fishers, elk, bear, and fisheries underway
  • Increased native plants being replanted 
  • Scholarships for advanced SAR training for park rangers

Over the past five years, Washington's National Park Fund has given more than $1.4 million to these parks. This money allows our beloved National Parks to prioritize these four core areas:

  • Focusing on Science and Research of flora (plants) and fauna (animals) by funding research projects
  • Improving Visitor Experiences by enhancing trails and campgrounds, supporting the parks' Search and Rescue efforts, and improving signage and shelters throughout the parks
  • Expanding Volunteer Programs by strengthening the parks' ability to bring in more volunteers who serve as "Meadow Rovers", help with trail maintenance, and plant seedlings in precious places
  • Strengthening Youth Programs that are creating the next generation of Passionate Parks People

How is all of this money generated? Through these programs:

  • License Plate Program that generated more than $120,000 last year. And this is thanks to the more than 4,400 individuals who have National Park plates in Washington State!
  • Guest Lodge Donation Programs up in the parks. When guests check into one of the parks' lodges (i.e., Paradise Inn, National Park Inn, Lake Crescent Lodge, Log Cabin Resort, Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort, and the Lodge at Stehekin), more than 95% say "yes" when asked if they'd like to give a gift back
  • Spring Dinner and Auction that comes around each year (Mark your calendar for April 12, 2013!)
  • Year-End Support that generates thousands of dollars each year from individuals like you  
  • Estate Gifts that are on the rise (more people are including Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic National Parks in their wills)
  • Corporate and Foundation Support from our friends at Starbucks, Outdoor Research, Clatter and Din, BES Events, and The McKibben-Merner Family Foundation (to name a few)

All of this happens because people like you care deeply. These parks continue to both need and deserve our support; please give at this special time of year. And thanks to everyone who's been a part of the $1.4 million given over the past five years!

Very sincerely,


 Donovan Rafferty, Board President                                Laurie Ward, Executive Director
To make a donation today, click here!
Climbing Mount Olympus with Board Member Bret Wirta!
Check out Bret's article recapping his adventure climbing Mount Olympus in Olympic National Park with one of WNPF's partners, Mountain Madness!

Mount Rainier National Park's new Winter Hours

The road between Longmire and Paradise is CLOSED this winter on Tuesday and Wednesday to help keep park costs low. For other winter hour information, visit Mount Rainier National Park's website. 

Save the Date!
Friday, April 12, 2013 at The Mountaineers in Seattle

Stay tuned to learn about the exciting auction items, park vacations, and adventure experiences you'll be able to bid on at this event! Learn more about last year's event.

Have you served on Washington's National Park Fund's Board of Directors?
Help us celebrate 20 years!
If you've served on Washington's National Park Fund's Board of Directors over the past two decades, we're looking for great stories and photos about our history! Help us as we document our growth, successes and history by emailing Laurie Ward, Executive Director, and sharing your experiences! 

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