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                                                                                            December 2014
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Resolutions for the New Year    
A resolution is defined as: ' A course of action determined or decided on.' With each ringing in of a new year, most people take a second to reflect on what they want to set out to accomplish to better themselves by making a few Resolutions. Some choose work, financial, travel, or knowledge goals, but a lot of the time they are personal betterment goals such as patience, more relaxed, or what we see in the fitness business...Lose Weight.

The world is flooded with the best way to lose weight: exercise, eating right and diets, liposuction, ab belts, and 'The Biggest Loser ' television-type shows showing you how to do it. But 90% of the information out there is unequivocally false and supported by the fact that 90% of diets and exercise programs fail.  

The reason? The same [mis] information has been regurgitated for some sixty years now. Simply put, count calories, eat your fiber, take this drug to lower your cholesterol, do your cardio and stand on the scale are the wrong course. And, at the end of the day, it's not about weight loss anyway! If you subscribe to the five areas described below...good things happen to your body. 


Charting the Right Course  

to Achieve Your Resolution


If acquiring a body that is lean, strong, pliable,  

and resilient is in your sites, here are the  

best ways to do it.


1. Be Realistic, Patient, Consistent, and Determined

Figuring how much time you have to exercise and when you can slot it into your schedule is the first and most important step. Jumping in head first planning on 6 days a week charts a course for 5 then 4 then 3 then none. Tell yourself I have 2 or 3 days to hit the gym and will do a couple more days at home on my own. Look ahead at your business schedule and family trip schedule and lock your workout times into your calendar.


2. Acquire the Right Health Information

There are personal trainers, diet experts, Dr. Oz, the Internet, and Health & Fitness magazine all vying for your attention. Wading through this health jungle is a nightmare. Your best choice is to talk to someone who is on course and achieving their goals. Even if you don't know them, introduce yourself and chances are they will be more than open to share their path of success with you.


3. Acquire the Right Exercise Information

There are Personal Trainers (hobby) and then there are Fitness Professionals (career) who have taken the time to learn the required Sciences to be able to exercise the body efficiently and effectively. Very few certifying bodies, or Universities, even delve into Exercise Mechanics which is precisely what is required to understand the properties of Force when you put a weight in somebody's hand. Creating a credible exercise process for the client begins with a foundation of Science and Perspective. 

Understanding that there is no difference between Cardio and Weights but that it's all resistance and a spectrum of Intensity to vary and progress upon is critical for success and to not get injured. The Resistance Training Specialist practices a process of Mastery: constantly learning and honing the craft of Exercise.


4. Find Something You Like To Do and Change It Up

Don't get into the trap that ALL exercise has to be done at a gym. Find enjoyment with a long walk early in the morning or a casual game of tennis. Not all workouts have to be full throttle, in fact the most benefit comes from low-intensity, long-duration exercise.  


5. Learn to Cook at Home

Eating out is rarely healthy: salad dressings loaded with vegetable oil, feedlot meats, fish from a puddle instead of wild, and bread & desserts messing with your plan to stay on track. Taking a few minutes to stop at the market on the way home and put together a simple meal with minimal ingredients is not only the way to stay healthy, but actually learn what is healthy.  

Meet Our Team 

Kimber Kunze 

Operating her own business Relief & Restoration Massage Therapy out of Fitness Alliance, over the past year, Kimber has done an amazing job building her client list, promoting herself, and exuding a beyond professional demeanor. Common feedback from clients is 'She's the best massage therapist I've ever been to', 'She totally got to the root of my problem', and 'She has the best personality ever!'
Her treatment is so good that it is rare that someone getting a massage doesn't walk out with a gift certificate for someone else.
Often offering free chair massage, company staff massage, or discounts, packages, and special gift certificates, Kimber truly 'Gets It' when it comes to owning, operating, and building your own business.
You can reach her at: (515) 577-3388 or [email protected]
The Triceps are located on the back of the upper arm and make up two thirds of the arms girth. There are three primary heads or divisions to the muscle group and their job is elbow extension with the long head contributing to shoulder extension as well. Many people (you now who you are!)
tend to focus on the traditional biceps curl (elbow flexion) to increase size and definition in their arms rather than tending to their Triceps. If trained effectively and you get your bodyfat low enough by incorporating a diet that eliminates grains, they are an impressively defined muscle group creating an almost horseshoe-like appearance.
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