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                                                                                            September 2014
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The Good News about Eating


With all of the 'don't eat this' and 'don't eat that' business flying around, there is actually some great news about obtaining quality food to prepare healthy and nutritious meals. Not only are there a bunch of new supermarkets carrying high them, but the internet is your friend when it comes tracking down wild meats and extracting true information about nutrients if you look through the smoke and mirrors. The other thing, despite common misconception, is that it does not have to cost a fortune when it comes to buying better quality food. In fact, most people spend far more money eating out than two or three wholesome meals prepared at home would cost. Armed with some quality meats, a cupboard full of spices, a few good oils, a veggie or two, and enough creativity, it can be fun to create original dishes to satisfy your pallet.



Good Meat

Meat is a great thing to order online. You can find ranches who will safely ship across the country, wild salmon distributors in Alaska, game meats and jerkys, and even local farms that have free-range chicken and eggs.

Why Wild, Grass-Fed, Free-Range and Pastured Meats you ask?

First of all, feedlots and factory farms are gross for a ton of reasons: from the treatment of the animal, to the energy cost, to the pollution. Second, conventional animals are fed grains they are not meant to eat producing a sick and low quality meat laden with inflammatory omega-6 fat. Third, ingesting that type of meat translates directly to your internal health.

Eat Wild is a great source to find local farms.

Great Alaska Seafood for the perfect Salmon


Organic Produce

is more widely available. Since it generally costs you a little more, the important thing to remember with organic is that with some foods it is important, others not really. A good rule of thumb is that if the food soaks up a lot of water, like say lettuce, tomatoes, or fruit, best to cough it up. Avocados and other thick-skinned produce don't need to be organic. Get the full report HERE



can really improve and vary the taste of even your basic dishes and there are a ton of cool spices out there, many with tremendous health benefits. Get online and check out some ideas or just experiment.



I am a huge fan of shakes, mostly because they are portable, easy to eat, (no chewing), and you can chuck a bunch of healthy stuff in there that you'd think wouldn't taste good together but have a ton of health benefits. Mixed greens and avocados, for example. I use coconut milk, which of late has become far more present in most supermarkets. Good quality protein powder is a must. 


Eating Out

More and more restaurants are becoming health conscious and even using better ingredients in their dishes. It is not uncommon to see local farms featured on the menu, wild salmon, and grain-free options too. Even if you have to hit a fast food restaurant you can tell them to keep their bun. Or, many gas stations are now carrying salads with protein, a better nut selection, and some healthier jerky.


On the Road

I hear it all the time: "It's impossible to eat healthy on the road!" Actually, it's pretty easy to eat lean at most airports and restaurants along the highway:

- Sandwich shops will gladly keep their bread

- Avoid the fried starch (potato and rice) stuff

- If you're in another town for a hit, hit the local supermarket and grab some snacks. Many hotel rooms even come with a fridge and microwave.
- You can always find an omelet  
LABEL LIES part 3   
Salad dressing rarely comes healthy. It is always best to make your own and it takes only a few seconds in a mini food processor to turn a vegetable oil-sugar-preservative-laden dressing into a good oil, tasty spices, raw food, no sugar, masterpiece.

Take a look at Annie's Salad Dressing. Pretty colorful label appears healthy, has all of the healthy lingo: 'gluten-free, organic, vegan, no synthetic stuff...' BUT the ingredient list says otherwise:
And, this salad dressing product is on the good side folks! Kraft and your other regular starring supermarket brands have far more garbage in them.
Remember, any vegetable oil is not a good idea. Highly inflammatory and rancid. Inflamed and swollen arteries are something you and your bloodstream want to avoid.The best oils are coconut and olive.
Meet Our Instructors 
Our team at Fitness Alliance strives to be the best at their game. We employ a process of mastery, or the pursuit of knowledge, whereby we are constantly learning, interpreting, and applying pertinent information to best serve the needs and goals of our clients. And, we are always humbled by the premise: 'The more you learn the more you realize how much you didn't know!'

While most personal trainers, yoga & pilates instructors, massage therapists, chiropractors and facilities are bent on numbers, increasing hourly rates, and schlepping products, we take genuine interest in our client's goals and lives constantly finding ways to enhance their exercise experience to improve overall health for a lifetime.

Noah Peery has been part of our team since the new facility opened in late December 2013. A prime example of learning the pertinent information to lay a foundation and progress his career, Noah can always be seen during his downtime studying,
learning, applying, experimenting, and sharing what he's acquired with clients and fellow instructors.

Check out his full Bio and stop in for a complimentary consultation to see where his knowledge can take you, your friend's, or family's health to the next level.   
The Perfect Protein Powder
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Health Fact: Why Thin Isn't Fit  

Thin has always been in. Magazines sales, idolization of models, diet centers, 'skinny' jeans, and sales of scales all scream 'You have to lose weight!' Here's the thing though: thin does not translate to healthy.Look around in any fitness center and you're likely to see a sea of [mostly] women, thin women, chained to their favorite 'cardio' machine. Take them off that machine and you're likely to see an emaciated figure with horrific posture. Terrified to death of weights because they're sure to put a pound or two of muscle on and increase the daily weigh-in, these [mostly] women would rather drive themselves bananas over a number on a scale than have a nicely proportioned, confident, strong, and lean body.

 Men too. Marathon runners, Triathletes, Cyclists, all distance athletes claiming to be super fit due to the duration of punishment they can inflict on their bodies. Fact is, these ultra-long cardio endeavors are really promoters of two things: Arthritis and Systemic Inflammation. They are not, repeat not, markers of fitness.
Read Why Lean is Better HERE
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