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                                                                                             April 2014
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Concepts in Fitness  
When you think about Fitness, what comes to mind?

Jogging, Weights, Swimming, or Aerobic Classes? P90x videos, Crossfit Classes? Eating Right, Counting Calories, and Diets? Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, Martial Arts, Team Sports? Cycling or Rock Climbing?

  • Have you tried some, any, or all?
  • Do you think the above modalities serve as a vehicle to achieve a goal, say, to lose some weight, run a marathon, or live a longer life?
  • And, how many times have you started a health or fitness program only to give up after a month or two?
  • Did you get injured or bored? 
  • Is your body in the shape you want it to be?

95% of people answer yes to the first four questions, and of course no to the last. It doesn't have to be that way.


The Fitness Alliance Concept

We at Fitness Alliance have developed a process where specific pieces of the health and fitness puzzle come together to form purpose and direction in achieving your optimal body. I truly believe a symbiotic relationship between the modalities we offer depicted in the chart below is the key Optimal Health. Or, simply put:  


The whole is only as strong as the sum of its parts


Optimal Health & Fitness is having a body that is Strong, Lean, Resilient & Pliable. It is pain free, ages gracefully, and functions the way it is suppose to. To achieve this, a fitness process must be multi-directional, the intensity varied frequently, and progressed appropriately. Too many people with the best intentions, wanting to make a change for the better, end up choosing only one activity thinking they've found the magic bullet only to have limited results, burnout, injury, or the same body year after year. 


The depicted modalities below are what we at Fitness Alliance specialize in, but what separates us apart from the rest of the fitness community is the way each instructor and practitioner under our roof sees each modality as essential to the whole rather than a standalone class or session. Camaraderie is our forte and yes, we are stronger as a whole because of our parts, what we learn from each other, and are constantly learning. This in turn benefits the most important aspect of our business, our clients!



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Roadblocks to Optimal Health & Fitness

Activity vs Lifestyle

Seeing exercise as something you have to do rather than an integral part of your lifestyle is doomed to fail. Find activities you like, and try the other modalities listed above.


The Wrong Eating Information

Well, this is a given. No help from the government food pyramid, the FDA, and most dieticians, nutritionists since we are heavier and sicker than ever. My BLOG is dedicated to relaying information that is not recognized in most circles, to share the science, and dispel myths.


Engaging in only one Modality

Entertain the thought that all health & fitness modalities could be valid and should be explored to see if they are not only an activity you enjoy and make you feel better but may give you unexpected results. Also, not all instructors are created equal. If you've had a bad experience in the past, give it another try with a different instructor. 


Uneducated Fitness Instructors

The fitness industry is littered with mediocre certifications granting a license to be a personal trainer. Not many other industries would stand for a lack of basic understanding of the tools of the trade, (in this case the fundamentals of exercise science).

When you consider hiring someone to be in charge of your health, be sure they understand properties and ramifications of Force, aren't schlepping a bunch of pills and supplements loaded with false promises, and truly understand your needs & goals. 


Not Having Purpose & Direction

When you embark on a health and fitness journey, realize it is a Process not a Program. Developing a full-rounded Healthy & Active lifestyle begins with exploring and integrating the modalities listed above in the chart. 


Unrealistic Goals

Pretty simple: be patient and ignore infomercials!  


13 Priorities
Read 'em HERE

Feel free to swing by our new facility for a look to see why we are different and a let one of us explain how we can make your Health & Fitness goals a reality.

Fitness Alliance, a new concept,  
and a better workout experience.
Being Active 

Optimal health requires constant movement while awake. Being Active aids in transporting oxygen, and the quality nutrients you ingest, around the body, depositing them where they are needed, and removing toxins and waste. Finding ways to keep things moving is sometimes a chore in a busy world but essential for bodily function, absorption, elimination, caloric expenditure, and decrease in stored bodyfat.

 You've heard the 'park at the back of the parking lot' thing and the 'take a walk after dinner' thing so I won't bore you. But, below some original (well maybe not original, but ones I like), ideas to stay more active.


The Active Mindset

Thinking about ways and wanting to be more active is half the battle. Finding simple and enjoyable activities that are beneficial to the body apart from your regular workout routine will not only prevent you from burning out but add something different to your mission. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or maintain, throwing in a couple of 20m spurts of exercise each day will definitely improve the results you are looking for.
Why Yogurt is Garbage
Sugar, plus Sugar, plus Sugar. Yogurt is advertised and recommended by doctors and other 'health' providers, for digestive health and calcium, but the facts are:

1. It's loaded with sugar. Milk has sugar (galactose), fruit has sugar (fructose) and then there's the added sugar, (many times it's high fructose corn syrup). Look at the sugar content in this Chobani yogurt label: 19gm! 


2. Calcium loss, or resulting osteoporosis, is due to an overly acidic diet usually from eating excessive grains. The kidneys pull calcium and other electrolytes in (mostly from your bones), to neutralize the acidic environment. The problem is that these leftover electrolytes can form kidney stones! Taking in calcium is treating a symptom, not a cause.


3. As far as Digestive Health, you are better off with a quality probiotic, and, avoiding gut irritating foods such as grains, dairy, and refined sugars. Read THIS 

Beef Bourguignon

Since it was my birthday a week ago, and the only request was my favorite dish, I thought I'd share the recipe again! This pot of caveman goodness is chocked full of lean beef and veggies (with a little Bourbon and red wine!) and a thick and rich broth. Even a small bowl will keep you satisfied for hours. 

Structure Protein, the perfect addition
to your morning shake.

A Better Protein Powder Created By Me

Curb Hunger ~ Eliminate Cravings ~ Lose Weight

Nutrition Fact

Not All Whey Proteins are Created Equal

So there's lots of whey protein out there: from the wallpaper paste at Costco, to the whey isolate micro-filtrated  whey in Structure. The lower the quality and resulting cheaper the price, chances are you are getting whey concentrate and a bunch of lactose or fillers. Most of us choose a meal replacement powder to offer a healthy replacement to take on the go or after a workout, to stay away from dairy, and the the associated bloating effects that come with cheap whey. Choose a high quality whey and read more about it HERE 

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