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March 2014
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The Morning Shake 

So probably the most asked eating/nutrition, and 'How do I lose weight' question is: "What should I eat for Breakfast?"  

A morning shake is not only easy to make but:


- It's quick, simple, an easy clean up, and portable

- You can pack whatever you want into it

- You can put awesome nutritious stuff that you really can't taste in it

- Prevents you from making a bad a breakfast sandwich

- It's already chewed up for easy digestion

- And most importantly: Provides Energy & Curbs Hunger


I wrote about the morning shake previously, and have told hundreds of others, but still, most people still don't get it. Most still opt for coffee, fruit, cereal, or an empty stomach. If you're time constrained in the mornings, are trying to drop a few pounds or lean up, serious about your health, and don't want to have to think about making a meal, then you have to get shake savvy! Getting serious about your shake making isn't as hard as it seems.


Ways to Make Your Shake Healthy,  

Filling, and Enjoyable


1. Mix it up with flavors or different fruits. Vanilla extract, or other concentrated flavorings work great. So do spices like cinnamon or cocoa powder.
2. Use a high-quality protein powder. Costco more-is-better, is not better, but more like wallpaper paste. All powders are not created equal! 

3. Don't overload it with Sugar! That goes for fruit and fruit juices.

4. Use a dense liquid like coconut milk as a base and add in other good fats like avocado. 

5. Chuck in a handful of Supergreens 

6. Add some small colorful berries, maybe a little applesauce, half a banana, a few pieces of mango, but change it up.

Other Great recipes HERE 


The Right Powder is Essential

Looking down the aisle at GNC, Wal-Mart, and your local pharmacy yields a wall of protein powders. Some with claims of weight loss, others of mass building, all brightly colored with way too much info on them. It is daunting to anyone to choose the right product. I wrote a piece on Whey Protein HERE, but beyond all of the claims these tubs of powder make, realize there is no magic bullet. These powders are tagged as meal replacement supplements, but I prefer to say they are meal additives. Meaning, you use the powder to add or aid in the nutrition of whatever else you're going to put in the blender.

Not to toot my own horn, but Structure Lean Fuel, is what you need. I developed Structure because after 18 yrs of trying every powder on the market, something was missing. Some bloat, some taste chalky, some with too much other junk in them. If you've bought a protein powder in the past you know what I mean. Structure simply combines 4 different sources to provide a full spectrum of nutrients that is superior to any product on the market. It is not a meal replacement but indeed the foundation of a deliciously constructed meal that provides energy and optimal nutrition to build muscle, burn fat, and curb hunger.

Get more info on Structure HERE or drop by my new GYM for a free sample or to pick one up. 


Limit the Sugar

Many smoothie shops dump fruit juice, fruit, milk, a scoop of powder, and end up with too much sugar in there. A lot of these chains use pre-mixed fruit juices and a bunch of fruit leaving you with a bunch of fructose and added sugars. A shake has to have protein and fat or you might as well eat...well sugar. And don't be fooled by cane sugar, or agave, they're no better. Check or ask what the sugar grams are.


Other 'Milks'

Almond Milk: you're basically paying for water and cane sugar. And, since when did an almond produce milk anyway?!

Rice Milk: -see above- 

Soy Milk: Soy is a bad deal unless fermented, and it's a bean. And, [again] since when did a bean produce milk?

Cow's Milk: If you didn't know already, I'm not a fan of Dairy. You can read my post on it HERE but humans are the only species on the planet that ingest milk after they've been weaned (2yrs or so), and ingest another species milk. Lactose is a bad deal, commercial dairy even worse.

Flax or Hemp Milk: a better alternative.

Coconut: The king of milks! Not only does it provide great essential fat and boost the immune system, but it contains Lauric Acid which is anti-viral, anti- bacterial, and aids in digestion and the rebuilding/repair of digestive tissue. If you don't like the taste of coconut, learn to! And, once inside a shake you hardly notice it anyway.

 OK, breakfast is served! 

I love sleep... and naps even more. But, sleep is way
more than just something you do when you get tired. It is actually a vital Physiological event for the body and brain to grow, regenerate, repair, sort brain storage and function, and produce hormones. All the major systems participate in this performance: Endocrine, Neurological, Muscular, Skeletal, and Immune. Quality sleep is essential for these functions to take place to wake in the morning refreshed and ready to do battle once again.

This is one of my 13 my priorities which is so important in tying total health together. So many people miss out on quality sleep for a number of reasons AND most are within their control: tv, booze, and stress.
Here is a great little article to help you get some better rest
Why Thin Isn't Fit

Thin has always been in. Magazines sales, idolization of models, diet centers, 'skinny' jeans, and sales of scales all scream 'You have to lose weight!' Here's the thing though: thin does not translate to healthy. Look around in any fitness center and you're likely to see a sea of [mostly] women, thin women, chained to their favorite 'cardio' machine. Take them off that machine and you're likely to see an emaciated figure with horrific posture. Terrified to death of weights because they're sure to put a pound or two of muscle on and increase the daily weigh-in, these [mostly] women would rather drive themselves bananas over a number on a scale than have a nicely proportioned, confident, strong, and lean body. 


Men too. Marathon runners, Triathletes, Cyclists, all distance athletes claiming to be super fit due to the duration of punishment they can inflict on their bodies. Fact is, these ultra-long cardio endeavors are really promoters of two things: Arthritis an Systemic Inflammation.  They are not, repeat not, markers of fitness.

So, rather than thin, think lean.
Read The Whole Article 
Structure Protein, the perfect addition
to your morning shake.

A Better Protein Powder Created By Me

Curb Hunger ~ Eliminate Cravings ~ Lose Weight

Nutrition Fact

What's the Deal With Oatmeal?? 

So I get a lot of questions on oatmeal. People seem to love it for some strange reason, and really, I don't know why because it's bland and takes a lot of dressing up (brown sugar, cream, fruit, salt, honey, etc.) just to make it edible. Maybe it's a comforting childhood memory of a warm bowl of oatmeal at the kitchen table on a cold winters morning surrounded by family, I don't know. But, here are the facts about oatmeal.

It is a cereal grain, the seed of a grass called Avena Sativa. It's not as bad as wheat but worse than rice, it falls somewhere in the middle. And when I say the word 'bad' I mean what effects it has on the body, and in this case, the gut and digestive system. Since oats are a grain, you know it comes with grain's antinutrient goodies like  Phytic Acid and its own form of Gluten called  Avenin, which causes a lot of problems for a lot of people.


You HAVE to read the rest of this! 

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