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January 2014
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Probably the second most asked question coming from clients, friends, neighbors, and the Time Warner rep wanting a health tip. Snacking can be defined as many things:

- It can be a meal in itself

- It can be an in-between, tie-me-over-til-dinner thing

- It can be an essential source of fuel on a long hike

- It can be something you automatically you do behind the desk or while watching TV

- It can be an after school treat for the kids

- It can be quick grab at the gas station and something to and tie you over until you get to a place where you can grab a real meal.


Snacking is a very important part of your eating strategy and something you have to learn and practice to be successful. Finding a good quality snack, one you like and one that is good for you, is essential. It has to be strategic in the sense that you have to be prepared so you don't make a bad choice. Another thing, and the most important thing, is that you have to have your snack and be done with it. No sitting around with a can of nuts, bowl of popcorn, or a jar of candy watching TV and you look down during a commercial and the whole container is gone. Seriously folks, that can of nuts can have more calories than an entire meal.


Snacking throughout the day is also no way to go.  

Grazing, as I call it, has a few problems:

1. It never lets your digestive system rest

2. You can pile on more calories than you think

3. Most likely you are exchanging chewing and crunching something with not much nutrition to it instead of a meal full of nutrients.


Strategic Snacking Tips

1) You want it to have protein and fat so your hunger is curbed. Carbohydrate snacks like chips, pretzels, and crackers are basically just sugar in disguise cooked with bad oils.

2) Not that I am a calorie counter, but until you get used to a portion size, keep your snack around 200-300 calories or a couple of handfuls. That's just over a ¼ cup of mixed nuts or 3 ounces of beef jerky.  

3) Low-Fat, Sugar-Free, or Gluten-Free do not mean a snack is healthy. Usually it's the opposite: High-Sugar, Fake-Sugar, some other grain than wheat respectively.

4) Buy lots of what you like and keep them around. At our house, we always have an ever revolving and bottomless nut mix. Everytime you're at Trader Joe's, grab some nuts throw them in the container and shake it up.

5) Which nuts are the best? Read THIS 

6) Jerky. It comes in every beast you can imagine now, but watch out for the sugar and msg in most leading brands. Check this place out:

7) Kids like sugar. Kids will find sugar. Try finding snacks that don't have any in it. Although looking apparently healthy on the label applesauce and yogurt can have tons of HFCS in them.

8) Even at a gas station you can find nuts & good jerky.

9) Leftover meat makes a great snack.


Bill's Top Snacks

- Nuts, mostly roasted almonds, cashews, macadamia, pumpkin, and pecans.

- Leftover meat or nitrate-free deli meat.

- Cheese: manchego or some other dry goat or sheep cheese. Less lactose than cheddar and softer cheeses.

- Santa-Fe grilled chicken salad from Quick Trip. Yup, a nice big salad for under $5 from a gas station.

- Boiled eggs

- Meat torpedoes: wrap a slice of cheese in salami or turkey, a dash of tabasco, roll it up.

- Shake. Portable and you can chuck whatever you want in it. You have to use a high-quality protein powder like Structure instead of the wallpaper paste whey from Costco! Here are some Recipes 


There you have it folks.
Successful Strategic Snacking.
Get in - Get out, Fuel the Body.
My New Gym 
After 5 months of hard work the new Fitness Alliance Gym is now open for business! Located at 15445 Metcalf in south Overland Park, this facility will become a one stop shop for all things health & Fitness: personal training, yoga, pilates, boxing conditioning, massage therapies, Chiropractic, and Muscle Activation Techniques. With 6500 sq/ft to play with we have plenty of room to move, enjoy all the benefits of fitness, and achieve your fitness goals.

The facility itself is a unique urban upscale facility with an industrial feel. Contemporary and modern, yet comfortable with an inviting environment and visually appealing amenities.

Instructors are highly educated with emphasis in Biomechanics and Exercise Mechanics, a huge step beyond Anatomy and Kinesiology. We have some of the best exercise equipment on the market and some original pieces designed by Bill and welded by James.

This gym will surely separate itself from the typical strip mall operation to become the pinnacle facility in the area. The goal is to provide an energetic and friendly atmosphere where clients not only workout, but also have the opportunity to meet and network in our spacious lounges with fellow active people in the area.

Many Thanks go out to Wilson Brown, Noah Peery, Jake & Macy, my wife Terri, Joseph & Adrian Galamba, Trevor, Mike & Dan Christie, Dick Galamba, and all of the great Subs for making it possible.  

Swing by and say hi if you're in the neighborhood.
Short Ribs Braised in Coffee 

My client Marilyn found this fall-off-the-bone, spicy, delectable rib dish. The coffee, wine, and adobo peppers combine to make it a rich delight with tons of meat to use solo as an entrée, or over spaghetti squash.



3# short ribs

1 large onion

 3 cloves garlic

1/2 can adobo chili pepper in sauce

1 cup strongly brewed coffee

1 cup red wine  

(Cab or Syrah)

3 tspn olive oil

2 tspn oregano

salt & pepper



Preheat oven to 325°

Sprinkle ribs with salt & pepper

Heat oil in large skillet

Brown ribs on both sides, turning once, 4m each side

Transfer to large dutch oven

Add more oil and sauté onion 3m

Add garlic and chili pepper, cook 1 more min

Add coffee and wine, cook 2m

Stir in oregano

Add to dutch oven over ribs

Cook in oven at least 2 hrs
Structure Protein, the perfect addition
to your morning shake.

A Better Protein Powder Created By Me

Curb Hunger ~ Eliminate Cravings ~ Lose Weight

Health but really a Nutrition Fact


You won't hear it from your doctor, nutritionist, or pharmacist, but asthma is not a life long drug-dependent airway disease. From all of the research I have done, people I have talked to who know more than me, and experimentation on myself and others, Asthma is a condition (not a disease), that is easily rectifiable thought food choices. 


I had been an asthma sufferer myself for most of my life, and grew up with the typical explanations from the medical community, who as you know, is in the business of disease management, NOT Health Care. Never, not once was I ever told that what I was eating could be promoting airway dysfunction and inflammation. Instead, the solution, given in usually 4 minutes or less, was a piece of white paper I was to take to the local pharmacy for a pretty inhaler.


12 years ago I gained control over my own asthma by finding out what causes it and how to control it. In order, for no reason other than lack of true factual knowledge, I gave up dairy then bread and grains, oatmeal, and finally beans/legumes just 3 years ago. Each step it got better until eradicated. Proof of point, if ingesting these foods, the symptoms return.


I WISH I had been armed with this information all at once, but ah, the nature of humanity to acquire information piece by piece...right?

Read the full report HERE

See you next month
...thanks for reading
...spread the word 
...forward to friends happy & stay healthy
 -Bill The Urban Caveman