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October 2013
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The Realities of Weight Loss   

Probably 80% of people who embark on an exercise program have losing weight as their primary goal. And, the Diet, Medical, Nutrition, and Fitness Industries are all happy to help out. Big money at stake. They have all combined to create the story 'Eat right and Exercise' and everything will be fine, but what's being recommended is obviously not working as a glance around your local shopping mall will instantly show.  


They are right, however, that exercise and eating do combine promote health. They are 2 components. What they're missing though is critically important material for anyone to achieve their optimal frame. Things like:

- Too much exercise at too high an intensity actually works against you. Slow, long duration exercise like walking is far more important.

- Whole grains and dairy are junk. That includes oatmeal, yogurt, and anything that shouts out 'Gluten-Free'

- All carbohydrates get converted to blood glucose or sugar in your bloodstream. That includes fruit and vegetables.

- The amount of calories burned in a workout is irrelevant. It's what you do away from the exercise room that's selection. 

- Fat is not bad. Bad fats like vegetable oils and grain fed meats are bad. Avocados, grass fed meat, and wild salmon are good fats.

The list could go on and on, but you get the point. What's being peddled isn't working and most likely, working against you in your battle for optimal weight, frame, leanness, or whatever you decide to name it.  


Critically Important Stuff


This post should be called ' Use Fat for Fuel.' Simply put, beyond all of the Biochemistry and technical jargon associated with Ketosis, this is exactly what happens. When you eliminate a lot of Carbohydrates from your diet, instead focusing on quality Protein and Fat, the body is able to pull stored Fat and use it for energy. It is a win win situation. 

Read the whole post on Ketosis HERE. 


Understand That You Need Good Sources of Fat
Finding good sources of fat in your daily eating routine is essential. Every organ and cell in your body needs it, but it's also the hardest thing for most people to do....and accept. These three foods: Avocados, Coconuts, and Olives, are actually fruits and three of the best sources of good fat on the planet. They are easily accessible now at even mainstream grocery stores in a variety of forms. You can eat them, drink them, toss them over salads, make salad dressings with their oils, or cook with their oils. 

here's no getting around it, Fat gets a bad rap. Even the word has most people running to a treadmill or or scale. Confused by the diet industry, food companies, and most doctors, people choose a low fat diet thinking fat makes you fat, causes heart disease, and instead fill up on grains, fruits, and sugars. This is the wrong direction for a lot of reasons, but if you don't remember anything else about Fat, remember these five things:
1) The body runs more efficiently on Fat
2) Fat curbs hunger and causes you to eat less food
3) Excess Carbohydrates can get converted to Fat
4) Saturated Fat does not cause heart disease
5) Good Fats improve Cholesterol ratios, lower blood pressure, inflammation, and maintain healthy arteries.

Read the Rest on Fat HERE 


Vary the Intensity of Your Workouts

Of all the manipulative variables involved in workout, variation must rank near the top. Decisions such as how long, how many reps/sets, how much weight to lift, what angle, bench, machine, are made to form a workout. 
Too often though, the majority of people still end up doing the same thing and get stuck in a rut with limited results. The body they hope and work so hard for does not appear, injuries happen, the worker-outer gets bored, gives up, and has a hard time getting back in the groove. I've seen it hundreds of times throughout my exercise career.
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  Read, Learn, Understand, and Realize You Have to Give Wheat and Grains the Boot

The READ page on my website offers over 20 articles dedicated to giving you the information to make the above statement a reality.


Understanding those four concepts will get you started and put a reality check in your goal to drop a few pounds. Be patient, stay off the scale, plan meals ahead of time, and most of all: Learn, Don't Follow! 

Great Books
"Where do you start with this Paleo thing Bill?"

The Paleo & Primal Lifestyle is constantly growing in print, on the web, in locker rooms, and in coffee shops. Results of eating right are quick to happen. These books

all share the factual science, (that is so popularly ignored), behind what we are meant to eat, and do so in an entertaining, and often sarcastic way. Some go more in depth to the Physiology than others, but the message is the same: when we stray from what we are biologically designed to eat, bad things happen. Western Diseases and conditions happen. The information is shared so it sticks, and these guys are true pioneers in getting it out there on a consistent basis.


Nora Gedgaudas on Cholesterol

I've written about Cholesterol before: it's necessity, purposes, and dispelling the myths and scare tactics surrounding it. This article is a great look Cholesterol. Her book, fantastic, pick it up today.
Structure Protein, the perfect addition
to your morning shake.

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Nutrition Facts

Lie #2: Got Milk?

Humans, and other mammals, have no need for milk after being weaned as a baby. Fact is, the enzyme Lactase which breaks down the Lactose in milk disappears after the weaning period, thus the problems people have with it. Milk from another species: cow, goat, or other, is better on the raw end of things, but pasteurization, homogenization, and the growth hormones and pharmaceuticals dairy farmers have to give cows to supply demand is hideous. Hiring athletes and actors to promote milk consumption via a mustache is true brainwashing. Read more on DAIRY


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