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September 2013
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Train Your Eating   

Everyone knows in order to achieve or excel in anything it takes training. To become a great musician, you practice the instrument daily. Run a 10K in under 40 min? Run often and knock some time off each training session. A surgeon, a lawyer, an engineer? Years of study, learning, and mentoring. Why then should training your eating habits and the result: achieving an optimal body, be any different? You are afforded multiple opportunities each day to practice and hone eating habits, since, well, you have to eat, and the results, if the right foods are chosen, can be astounding. Who doesn't want a body that is lean, strong, functions appropriately, and is pain, condition, and disease free? You'd think the most important thing you own would come first, but in the majority of the population, it doesn't.


Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Because you eat every day, it is probably the easiest and most instantaneously noticeable change that you can make to improve how your body looks, feels, and performs. You have multiple opportunities each day to exert control over the choices you make to retrain your palate and get the results you want. By putting a little effort into the food decisions you make, by learning the facts about what foods make the body function optimally, eating becomes simple. I call this Strategic Eating Habits.


1. Eat Simple and Basic Foods

2. Realize that food affects everything

3. Prepare your own meals

4. Buy the same staples every time you go shopping

5. Order healthy and wild meats online

6. Losing weight happens...stay off the scale!

7. If it has more than three ingredients, don't buy it

8. If you can't pronounce an ingredient, don't buy it

9. Don't buy much that comes out of a can

10. Make multiple meals from the same meat

11. Good Fats ... Fat is Good

12. Food is Fuel, don't always eat for taste  


Read More on Eating Strategies HERE  


Simple, But It Got Complicated 

The human body has pretty simple needs when it comes to eating, but we've completely complicated everything: diets, nutrition experts, tv commercials, chemicals you can't pronounce, the list goes on and on. Here's the thing: Not much has changed with human physiology and our biochemistry for thousands of years, so why are we more unhealthy now than any time in history? Why do people choose foods they know are bad for them, see themselves getting heavier, yet do nothing about it.


Possible Answers:

- They know but don't care

- They've been told it's good for you

- It tastes good

- Convenience

- Later. I'll lose the weight in time

- It's normal to gain weight as you age 

- Moderation


Bears Don't Get Cancer 

Just like any other creature on the planet, we are meant to eat certain types of food to function optimally and live out our life free of sickness and pain. Eat the wrong foods to often, you'll  get sick eventually. Maybe not all of the sudden, but common sense, (and weird things going on with your body), will tell you food habits are cumulative. Our genetic code and physiology has changed very little in the past 2.5 million years, but since the advent of modern agriculture, (grain farming, containing livestock), some 10,000 years ago, and particularly the manufacture of thousands of packaged food stuffs, aka modern foods,  some 150 years ago, human health has been on the decline.


The Biggest Losers 

The five foods that are causing 99% of the health-related problems would be:

1. Bread

2. Chips, Crackers,  

3. Feed Lot, farm-raised, caged, penned, grain-fed meats  

4. Soda

5. Alcohol (a food to some people!)


Habits Become Addiction

There is little argument that sugar in all of its forms pervades the human diet. It's in literally thousands and thousands of foods in various forms. And, carbohydrates, especially the simple refined ones found in in grain products, are the same as sugar. Even worse is that there is little doubt that sugar is addictive

In the brain, Research has found that sugar has addictive properties complete with a serotonin rise and crash as well as some cranky withdrawal symptoms."

Sugar simply stimulates and modulates serotonin, dopamine, and other endorphins in the brain too much too often. The combination of sugar-salt-fat is what the human palate craves if given the opportunity for regular consumption. Breaking the cycle starts with eating foods which stifle cravings and addiction.



Grains, These Guys: wheat, oats, barley, rye, corn, and rice, just plain suck! Get rid of them! 


Grains, broadly speaking, create 3 major problems for the human body:

- Excess carbohydrates flood the bloodstream with sugar and insulin

- Grains causes severe disruption and permeability in the gut leading to almost every autoimmune condition and digestive disorder known.

- Inflammation


Learn what's good, Train your palate, Get systematic with your eating, and reap the rewards. 

Kitchen Staples 

Having the right foods around, the ones you like, the ones that are good for you, all the time prevents bad decisions and cravings.

Omelets, scrambled, boiled, in salad dressings.

Chicken Sausage
Broiled, grilled, sliced in omelets, sauteed and put on top salads. Grill a bunch up and take them on the go as a snack.

Make your own trail mix

Protein Powder
Smoothies are quick, portable, and you can put a bunch of healthy stuff into them. Avoid cheap whey and buy some Structure!

Leaves & Lettuce
Salads, omelets, in a smoothie. Buy the Organic Girl Super Greens.

Make extra food when cooking dinner to have some for the next day or in the freezer.

No better way to cleanse the body than having a selection of herbal teas around.

Coconut Milk
Good in your smoothies, great in your curry
What Path Do You Choose?

Active - Lazy 

Good Food - Bad Food

Sleep - No Sleep

Happy - Sad

Healthy - Sick


Check out this brief two-sided comparison to shed light on the health decisions you make...and the consequences 


Structure Protein, the perfect addition
to your morning shake.

A Better Protein Powder Created By Me

Curb Hunger ~ Eliminate Cravings ~ Lose Weight

Nutrition Facts

This vs That 
A piece of fruit, some almond milk in your smoothie, or a piece of grilled fish for dinner. All healthy choices, right? Sometimes apparently healthy, or what you've been told are healthy choices, could be better. Taking a closer look at some yields some things you didn't think about. Below are 5 common healthy choices and a better and more nutritious substitute.


Read 'em HERE 

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