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January 2013
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Detoxing Your Way Out of the Holidays

It's a ritual every year: eat and drink horrible stuff from Thanksgiving through Christmas then make a New Years resolution to eat better, exercise more, and lose weight. Problem is, this commitment lasts maybe a month and then a lesser version of the holiday lifestyle starts up again. Getting on track with eating and exercise is what the Urban Caveman website is all about. Each week, new articles are added, there's this monthly newsletter, and there are now over 100 articles dedicated to a healthy, active, and lean lifestyle.


Reading the articles on Wheat, Sugar, Dairy, and Grains, is where you begin to understand what compromises the body, whereas the Recipes and reads on Kale and Nuts provide you info on what fuels the body effectively, and articles such as  Pushups and  Pullups discuss effective exercise which regenerate and challenge the body.


These 11 Tips below encompass detoxification, but are really habits to incorporate regularly for a course to true health.   

Eliminate the Crap (a given)
a) snack bowls

 We all did it: frequent stops at various bowls of treats strewn around our house and others. Chips, nuts, candies, chocolates, and whatever fudge-like colorfully decorated bar Aunt Mable made.  Throw 'em away and hide the bowls.   

b) alcohol
A no brainer. Not that there are many calories in alcohol, but two main problems:   

 - stunting the Liver's many vital processes  

- killing off good bacteria necessary for efficient digestion

c) Figure out the difference between good and bad foods. 

The entire website is dedicated to understanding what foods make the human body function optimally and which ones cause problems. Start with the article  Eating Right which takes you to various reads.  

2) Tea  
I am a big fan of hot tea on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. You are re-hydrating and rebooting the body by cleansing and jump-starting the blood and various organs like the stomach, intestines, liver and kidneys.  Green Tea in itself is a potent antioxidant and other herbal blended concoctions containing licorice root, mint, mullein, milk thistle, dandelion, direct their beneficial chemical properties toward certain organs and functions. Check out the Yogi Teas and Traditional Medicinals at your local market.  
...a quick note on Coffee
Although not crazy horrible and actually having some benefit for the vascular system and cognitive ability, coffee has caffeine levels that can create problems for the adrenal glands. In addition, caffeine can be addictive for some, creating physical dependency. Coffee is also very acidic, not the best liquid to ingest on an empty stomach.


3) Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs
Most of these can and should be taken in through food selection, rather than a cupboard full of synthetic vitamins from GNC, but some vitamins, from a quality manufacturer, can help solve problems or eliminate conditions.

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So, I'm thinking that something you have to soak and boil to make edible, has a toxic protective agent like Lectins, and is 70% carbohydrate really isn't a good food choice. What about you?


The story is that beans are not nearly as bad as wheat, but they do contain substances in abundance called  Lectins, which are protective coatings that ward off predators for plants and do nasty things to our digestive system. Lectins can be substantially dissipated by soaking or boiling, but that does not change the fact that beans are completely inferior to vegetables and fruit in the fiber department, contain trace amounts of protein compared to meats, and do cause gut irritation and the potential for all the other bad stuff such as:  Systemic Inflammation, Intestinal Perforation, Gut Leakage, Immune Response, and Increased Glycemic Load on the Liver and Pancreas.

Beans are a type of legume, along with peas and lentils...and peanuts.

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IS ORGANIC BETTER?    Organic Girl


A few years ago, organic brought thoughts of a farmer's market on weekends, your garden in the summer, or the hippie market on the corner that sold granola. Then came Whole Foods, and now Walmart, Target, and even most conventional supermarkets, carry some organic produce. So what's the conventional produce really that bad?

Keeping bugs away from your lettuce is one thing, but common sense says that soil which is stripped of its nutrients won't have anything to transfer to the plant, or argue that spraying vegetables and fruits with organophosphate insecticides, which are toxic to the nervous system, is a good idea. Fact is, we have very little quality topsoil left due to synthetic chemical over-fertilization, rapid crop turnover, and the subsequent runoff.

Organic, Free-Range, Wild and Pastured are expensive, you know that, so is it worth it? Lets take a look at the foods that if you're going to throw down the extra dough are worth it. 


Modern Day Foraging  
Probably the most important aspect of a Primal and Paleo lifestyle with regard to eating is simple. Eating simply means close to the source, minimal ingredients, no chemicals, and processing. Basically, of you could not grow it, hunt it, or pick it, you shouldn't eat it. Obviously, living within city limits, makes some of these basic tools difficult, but armed with a few simple tools, eating healthy and as close to the source as you can becomes habit.  


1. Always strive for meat and eggs that are wild, pastured, organic, hormone free, grass fed etc.
Commercially raised meat, beyond the conditions the animals have to endure, develops meat that is nutrient deficient and loaded with inflammatory Omega-6 fatty acids as opposed to ultra-beneficial Omega-3's.
Here are a few sources to get wild meat:


Beef: U.S.Wellness Meats

Seafood: Great Alaskan Seafood


Start the New Year right with a stock of
Structure Protein to make your morning shake.

Curb Hunger ~ Eliminate Cravings ~ Lose Weight

Nutrition Fact ... Coconut 

The Coconut is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. It is an excellent source of medium chain fatty acids, which are absorbed and metabolized rapidly into the system to provide energy. Builds and maintains the immune system, improves digestive health, contains antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-fungal properties.

- Its milk is a perfect alternative to dairy
- The pulp and its flour are great for cooking
- Great in curry dishes
- The oil has a high smoke point so it doesn't go rancid when heated and sauteing foods.
- Helps with cholesterol, heart, and vascular problems.
- The best fat from a fruit, along with Avocado and Olive.

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