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December 2012
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White Chicken Chili
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Avoiding Knee Damage
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What are Probiotics?
How do I get rid of this beer gut?
Why am I sick all the time?
How do I get a six pack?
Why do I get heartburn?
Why do grains and beans make me feel bloated?

These questions, which I get on a daily basis, and a hundred others like them, all revolve around the same thing, the gut. By gut, I mean digestion, and more specifically, the small intestine. This 3-sectioned, 21 foot piece of piping truly has the ability to control what gains entry to the system and what gets eliminated. It's processes are complicated and intricate, and like an 80yr old grandmother, it really doesn't like change too much.

Our human physiology has changed very little in the last 250,000 years or so, but since the introduction of modern agriculture some 10,000 yrs ago, the assault on our digestive tracts and the diseases and conditions that come with it have proliferated.

Many theories surround effective digestion but all can agree it comes down to what you choose to eat. Choosing wild meats, fresh vegetables, fruit, some nuts, seeds, eggs, and oils from coconut and olive everything works out just fine. Choosing to eat breads, crackers, chips, fries, soda, and packaged foods with chemicals you can't pronounce, you're gonna have problems. This is common sense, yet these are the foods most people select, who see bloating, gas, and fat accumulation as normal, instead of warning signs.

Healthy Gut ~ Heal The Gut
The importance of maintaining a healthy gut cannot be underestimated. Housing 60-80% of our immune systems in the small intestine alone is something to consider, understand, and recon with. Entire bodily processes are dependent on proper digestion of nutrients coming from a selection of quality foods that enter it.
This is just a prologue to the complete article on Gut Health I wrote on The Urban Caveman website. The article goes into the causes of improper digestion and how to avoid it, but also gives you answers and solutions to promote effective digestion, heal the gut, and generate overall health.

White Chicken Chili

This recipe is a delicious option to regular beef and tomato chili. Its' richness and thickness is due in part to the shredding of the chicken.




The fears and vilification of salt began in the early 1900's and continues to this day. If you've ever had high blood pressure, chances are salt is fingered as the prime suspect. "Cut your salt intake and take this blood pressure medication and you'll be fine", you are told. Sure, increased sodium intake can raise blood pressure, but it also regulates blood pressure, and is critical in many other bodily functions.


Lately however, some researchers have begun taming down the attack on salt as the sole source of high blood pressure and focused in on other factors, such as: How much potassium and magnesium we are getting, how many processed foods we are eating, stress, hypertension, and even excess fructose. These factors have all been gaining focus and attention, and in fact, are the real risk factors for high blood pressure and eventual cardiovascular disease, not the salt shaker.

Sodium is Necessary

Realize that sodium is a necessary element and nutrient for the body to function. It is an integral part of the nervous system enabling neurons to fire, regulates blood pressure (lower or higher), and works with other electrolytes such as Potassium and Magnesium in the kidneys to maintain an Acid-Base Balance. "In humans, sodium is an essential nutrient that regulates blood volume, blood pressure, osmotic equilibrium and pH; the minimum physiological requirement for sodium is 500 milligrams per day." -Wiki

The fact is, that the body can tolerate a heck of a lot of sodium and has the capability to get rid of it ifthe kidneys and other organs are functioning properly.




Avoiding Knee Damage 

 The knee is probably subjected to more pain and surgery than any other joint in the human body. Some 800,000 knee replacements and arthroscopic surgeries are performed in the USA each year. Some are acute or traumatic injuries, but most are wear-and-tear or overuse-type injuries due to poor exercise selection, carrying excess bodyweight, and pro-inflammatory food selection.

Three things happened this week prompting me to write this article.

One, I saw a guy working out at my local fitness center with his trainer obviously doing 'leg day.' This consisted of squats into lunges, followed by leg press with some knee extensions, and some smith machine squats and leg curls for dessert. Whether you are familiar with these exercises or not, you probably know that all of them involve the knee joint. It wouldn't be so alarming if the resistance wasn't so excessive, other exercises were mixed in, and his form was even in the ballpark. This was a 'No Pain-No Gain' type of session.

Two, I saw an extremely overweight woman outside jogging, obviously in pain with every step she took.

Three, I watched at a traffic light, a group of three men running. Two of them were wearing knee braces. Obviously it was a distance and training day as they had multiple viles of colored water lashed to their fanny packs.

Each one of these instances caused me to think: What the heck are these people doing? What are their goals? What possible detriment or injury are they promoting on their bodies? All had good intentions thinking they are doing something good for their bodies but in reality here's what happened and the mistakes they made.



The Structure Protein website is now up and running. Detailed information about the product, recipes, and online ordering are all there.

Nutrition Fact

Fat Does Not Make You Fat !  
Just the word has women heading to the scale for a weigh-in, men to the salad bar for lunch, and kids eating a whole-grain, low calorie breakfast cereal.
Why has Fat gotten such a bad rap?
- Fat is more satiating and curbs cravings more than carbohydrates.
- Stored Fat can be converted to glucose for energy.
- The brain runs 25% more efficiently on fat than carbohydrates.
- Fat gives you smoother skin, stronger nails, fuller hair, sharper eyes, and a better functioning digestive system.
- Choosing great sources like wild fish, avocados, and coconut taste great!

Read more about Fat HERE 
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