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Boosting Our Bold, Bright Brains

"Rushing, rushing, rushing---that's what this summer's been about," say Clients.  Summer seemed here; now, gone. Camps, business and personal trips, change management, financial pressure; these are real.  The promise of getting away to have fun and relax a bit has faded like your team shirt. Both men and women say they're more tired than before summer's launch. In further conversation, we learn this tired feeling has been around for many seasons, some for many years. 

Is this you?
The pace of the Bay Area means "tired" is a staple overridden with caffeine, other stimulants (featured in my September blog), and anxiety.  Yet, studies show more and more of our bright, tired brains are associated with difficult symptoms of unique learning features. Check out this Google Search; famous folks, who struggled with unique brain challenges to make the world special....and, yep, Steve Jobs included: Famous people with learning disabilities

For the majority of us, it's about optimizing our own worlds, not moving-and-shaking thee world. For some, it is about moving and shaking; this is the innovative Bay-Area-Silicon-Valley attraction. Still, for all of us, it's important to know what our brains do that helps or hinders. Then we can work with it and maximize our life leadership potential. The upcoming article, though written by an adult with ADD, has helped Clients, pinpoint, validate a symptom or two, which has tripped them up. A 20-year career CTO, a startup-founding hipster, and a mom of two preschoolers are among them. Good news: (1) They couldn't ignore the symptoms any longer. (2) They were ready for proactive steps. (3) They sought help! So, we're at work on an individualized action plan to LeadLifeNow and in the future.  

Is this you?  Or someone you know?
Now, another Client is tangled in her struggle of trying to figure out her own solutions without seeking outside help.  It's been nine years, many employers, and a few counselors seen only a few times each. It's like trying to cure your diabetes without getting health consult. Good new: (l)  She realizes she's stuck in a repetitive hamster wheel. (2)  She's coming in regularly to explore this stuckness and to ultimately get movement.  

Is this you?  Or someone you know?

See what features you discover about your bright brain: 12 Things You Don't Know About Adult ADHD

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