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"My voice is just one on your life path. This process will facilitate developing yours."
- Paula-Jo Husack
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Paula-Jo partnered with 19 other personal and spiritual development leaders to describe to you, chapter after chapter, supportive and definitive strategies for tapping into your possibilities. Then, running with the ball, if your ready. Or, just crack the book for some insta-inspiration when you have a sec. Click here for your lowest priced copy on the web. 

On May 3, PJ was invited on KGO Talk Radio's Maureen Langan Show. Bruce Jenner's historic interview with Diane Sawyer was fresh in our minds.  Maureen tapped PJ's decades of experience helping Transgender individuals, couples, and families. PJ has been honored to team up with Dr. Marci Bowers, a Pelvic and Gynecologic Surgeon, and Dr. Yvon Menard's team in Montreal.  PJ's role is to assess and follow the patient during a process of emotional/behavioral readiness, in accordance with WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) standards.  These gifts of knowledge, experience, and advocacy were first opened in PJ's intern days:  A young female adult, who was trapped in a male body, and had been arrested for changing into female clothing in a women's restroom.  She was PJs first Trans client.  Since then, parents with gender-struggling kids; empty nesters, ready to be gender-true, and more have found PJ. Frequently, a child's needs to transition is feared, disregarded or disapproved by parents. It's a long path to healing, as initial hopes and dreams are shifted."
There are more topics to discuss.  Maureen has invited PJ back this Sunday, May 17, at 11p PST.    We're excited!  Join PJ and Maureen as new topics are tossed about in studio and from you listeners, live on lines.  
La Casa is a non-profit in San Francisco, which helps all those disengage from domestic violence.  The Bay Area's opulence often hides this dark secret.  build independence and self-sufficiency. Permanent residency provides stability needed to build independence and self-sufficiency; start a supportive healing process; and learn proficiency in life leadership. Reporting to the workplace is a giant milestone.   

On May 29, La Casa's Women's Wellness Day, will crescendo with the LeadLifeNow Workshop for clients, staff, and volunteers.   Thank you all for this Gigantic Honor! 

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