30 reviews out of 30 COVenutians think you're awesome
Dearest Family and Friends,
Thank you, Grazie, Gracias, Merci Oregato...To say this in every way possible.  
Thirty of us---All of my Conspiracy of Venus Sisters---give you four-out-of-four fabulous stars!  We love and appreciate you!  I love and appreciate you for the support of my Artist work for decades!  Now, you know the magnitude of meaning COV has for me.  You're continuing to shout out to others. The donations are coming in over goal and onto more....Yes, can use every cent! As a non-profit, we're always living on the edge. Can get a camera to make videos? Pay our monthly practice space rent, that's going way up next season?  Cover additional expenses we didn't foresee in album making, which advisedly often happens?
Friday, 11:59p is the end point for our campaign.  It's a beginning point for our dreams-to-reality.  And you've been there for us!
So, click below.  Come check us out live! We wanna sing for you!   XXXOOO