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25th Annual ASET Conference 


Arrowhead High School Teacher Joe Paul (left) is presented the James E. Flora Award for Excellence in Teaching Advanced Economics by Economics
Wisconsin's Tim O'Driscoll.


Fifty-six teachers from throughout Wisconsin attended the 25th Annual ASET (Association of School Economics Teachers) Conference held at Miller Park on December 5th. All teachers were provided curriculum materials, free of charge.

A series of presentations, intended to bring teachers up to date on some of today's most important economics and personal finance issues, was presented by Professor Tim O'Driscoll, Director of our Lakeland College Milwaukee Center for Economic Education and EconomicsWisconsin Board Member, Dr. Sahar Bahmani, Director of our UW-Parkside Center for Economic Education, and Dr. Scott Niederjohn, Director of our Lakeland College Sheboygan Center for Economic Education and EconomicsWisconsin Education Program Advisor. 


Comments from participating teachers included: 
  • Very well done. Excellent material was provided.
  • Excellent presentation. Well prepared, and I gained tons of great information.
  • I can use some of it to help with understanding economics related to my US history class.
  • Up to date info and enthusiastic speakers. Info you can use in class.
  • Presentations were great, but the award to Joe Paul was the highlight.

For the first time, in memory and in honor of former EconomicsWisconsin Board Member, State Program Director and teacher, Jim Flora, Arrowhead High School teacher Joe Paul was presented the James E. Flora Award for Excellence in Teaching Advanced Economics. Joe spent many hours in Jim's classroom throughout his high school years at New Holstein High School, and Jim was a major influence in Joe's decision to head down the teaching career path, eventually leading him to Arrowhead High School to work alongside none other than our very own Tim O'Driscoll.

Future presentations of this award will continue to take place at the ASET Conference. 

Financial support for this conference was provided by IBM and the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions.


Financial Fitness for Life Program

Forty-three teachers recently completed the Financial Fitness for Life (FFFL) program with their students.  Teachers from Milwaukee Public Schools, Parental Choice Schools, Charter Schools, and other Milwaukee Area Private Schools attended a workshop led by Professor Tim O'Driscoll. All teachers received the FFFL curriculum, developed by the Council for Economic Education. Before implementing the curriculum in class, students were pre-tested, and at the end of the semester, they were post-tested. Students at the third through fifth grade level, as well as students at the sixth through eighth grade level, showed meaningful gains in test scores from pre- to post-test. 

The Financial Fitness for Life program offers financial incentives to teachers in order to encourage participation. Teachers whose students perform poorly are not invited to participate the following year.

Financial support for this program is provided by The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, Guaranty Bank, Puelicher Foundation, Inc., and Wells Fargo.

2015 Wisconsin Economics Challenge
Oshkosh, Milwaukee and Eau Claire
Through the Economics Challenge, student teams compete in one of two divisions:  Adam Smith or David Ricardo. Competition has been arranged to take place in three different locations across Wisconsin. Each student starts the morning by taking individual micro and macro tests. After that, each team takes a group exam on international economics and current events. Following lunch, all teams participate in a Super Quiz. The day concludes with the top two teams in each division going head-to-head in a Quiz Bowl.

The team with the highest point total from rounds one through four will be crowned State Champions and will have the opportunity to compete in the National Semifinal competition. There will be one winning team from the David Ricardo division and one from the Adam Smith division.

All students receive T-shirts, and teams that place receive medals and cash awards.


March 26 - Oshkosh
March 27 - Milwaukee
March 30 - Eau Claire

Financial support for the Economics Challenge is provided by The Arnold & Lois Domer Foundation and Xcel Energy.


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