Music can help create a calm or excited mood for your baby:

  • Simple, soft, slow lullabies calm her and encourage her to sleep.
  • Fast-paced, excited music encourage her to be more awake and want to play.

Remember that just as your musical preferences are different from your friends, your baby may have a different idea of what is "calming" or "exciting" than you do. As she hears different types of music, she will develop her own musical tastes and let you know her own favorites!


When you are trying to settle your baby down to go to sleep soft, slow music with help her relax and make her breathing deeper and slower helping her to rest more completely. 

Brain Science for Your Baby


There have been some studies of the effect of music on babies who are stressed.  Being born early can be really stressful for babies.  In one study (Amini, 2013), premature babies were exposed to lullaby music, classical music, and no music for two days each, and the babies' heart rate and breathing rate were measured.  Lullaby music reduced both heart rate and breathing rate.  Classical music reduced heart rate.  Even if your baby is healthy and home with you - music can calm the rough times.  So learn some lullabies!  

A Baby Buffer Prescription for Your Baby

Sit in a chair with your baby on your knee while you sing a song and bounce her lightly to the rhythm.


Play the massage music game by massaging your child to the rhythm of recorded music or while singing a song.


Gently move your baby's arms, legs or whole body to the beat of various kinds of music.

Dance around the room while holding your baby in your arms.


The sound of the heartbeat is familiar and comforting to the baby because while she is in her mother's womb, she listens to her mother's heartbeat. Some classical music, such as music by Beethoven or Mozart, achieves a similar effect. Try listening to this kind of music with your baby for ten minutes at a time to help her relax. 

A baby Buffer Prescription for You        


Listening to certain types of classical music can reduce pain and promote healing by creating endorphins, which are natural relaxants released in the brain. You may find it beneficial to listen to music by classical composers, including Brahms, Schubert, or Mozart, to lower your stress levels and soothe your soul.  














What Your Baby Can Do - Developmental Milestones 


Your baby clearly recognizes you now! During the second half of the first year you see attachment behaviors that show how very important YOU are to your baby. Your baby begins to realize that he or she is an independent little person. This is quite scary! It is normal for babies to have stranger anxiety and separation anxiety at this age. Your job is to be a secure base from which your child can explore the world - knowing that he or she can return to you when things get too scary.
Gene's Research Tip 

Two articles that we look at this week show that kids who grow up with consistent rules and healthy habits do better in school, and are less likely to have sex at an early age.  It is never too early to start encouraging healthy habits like eating fruits and vegetables, exercise and getting plenty of sleep!  Read more

Baby Buffer Blog
Kristie Clark, MD, FAAP


As a new Mom of toddlers, I would get frustrated when I tried to get them to do a "Time-Out".  How do you get a 3 year old to stay seated for 3 seconds, much less 3 minutes?


Have you ever seen a 9 month old baby remove Grandma's glasses or pull their Mom's hair?  Babies as young as 9 months can exhibit defiance, and need some gentle discipline.  Babies younger than 9 months really are not capable of being naughty and do not need discipline. When young babies cry, it is for a reason. Usually, babies that cry have a need to be met.  Either they are hungry, wet, dirty, cold, too warm, sick, in pain, scared, over-stimulated, tired or colicky. It is up to us as parents to get to know our baby's non-verbal communication cues so that we can meet their needs.  Never ever hit or shake a baby!  Read More

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