Ready or not, your baby is likely on the go in some way or another. Whether they are scooting, crawling, cruising or walking, your life has just become a little more complicated, but in a good way!

Moving and exploring are some of baby's most important jobs at this age. Be sure to give your baby lots of opportunities to explore new places and spaces. Talk to baby along their exploration route. Describe what they see and how things work. And don't forget to include smiles, laughs and a few tickles along the way! 

Brain Science for Your Baby


In a 2011 study researchers at the Kennedy Krieger Institute and Vanderbilt University found that motor development is tied into social development.  They gave 3 month olds "sticky mittens" so that they could hold on to things at an earlier age than most 3 month olds.  That found that that early ability seemed to "jumpstart" social skills - like interest in faces.  Your baby is a little older now and can reach for toys and move around.  Give your baby lot of opportunities to use his motor skills - it seems that self-produced motor experiences contribute to infants' understanding of the social world too!

A Baby Buffer Prescription for Your Baby
Get down on your baby's level and describe what they see, what they are doing with their hands, what you are doing and anything else that is going on around you. This will help to teach your baby language and problem-solving skills.
Encourage and praise your baby for moving and exploring.
Avoid putting baby in front of the television, videos or iPad. These activities will not encourage your baby to move and explore.
Be sure to provide safe spaces for your baby to explore. Childproof all areas that your baby can get to.

A baby Buffer Prescription for You        


Talk to your doctor about a healthy diet, sleep and exercise program for you. When you take care of yourself, you are best able to take care of your baby!


It can be more tiring taking care of a baby on the go, but think of it as a free work out and remember that moving around is good for you too!



What Your Baby Can Do - Developmental Milestones 


Your baby is changing quickly during this period. Know what to look for to make sure your baby is growing and changing in a healthy way.  Click on the links below for information from the CDC on what your baby can do now.  

Gene's Research Tip of the Week

What changes the brain? Could reading to your child help brain development?

Well, a study published in the journal Brain Connectivity, looked at brain activity with 
functional MRI scans for 19 consecutive days, in adults who read a novel in the first 10 days of the study. The brain areas affected during and after finishing the book were compared.

Results showed that certain areas of the brain that were activated while reading the book, continued to be active for at least several days later, as if the information absorbed had an impact on brain functioning! Read more here

Baby Buffer Blog

Written by, Jessica Oeth Schuttler, Ph.D.    


I am so excited to be a "guest" of Baby Buffer and share in all the great things this group is doing!


I recently had a dear friend of mine ask for my mom-psychologist opinion about some gift ideas for his sweet niece for her first Christmas. He had some great ideas - starting a savings account and some cute yet practical clothes. He asked what I thought about books as a gift for a wee one (9 month old) who wasn't yet reading. Here was my response:


I am A HUGE PROPONENT OF BOOKS as a gift at any age as both mom and psychologist. Right now, your little one could totally love looking at a board book or soft book (one with cloth or squishy pages), and a bonus is that they would be safe to go in her mouth (which lots of things do at that age).  Read the full blog here

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