Baby is Watching You!

Your baby is already checking in with you and can read your facial expressions and emotions. When your baby is uncertain how to respond to a situation, they will look at your face and respond based on what your facial expressions say. So, be sure to pay attention to baby in new or confusing situations. Baby will be looking at you for guidance.  


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Brain Science for Your Baby


The Infant Study Lab at Berkeley is known for research on emotional development.  Researchers there developed an apparatus known as the "Visual Cliff".  To a baby on the Visual Cliff, it would look like there was a drop off (there really isn't!). The lab used the Visual Cliff to demonstrate Social Referencing.  


They showed that whether a baby would venture into the apparent drop-off depended on the emotion displayed by their mothers.  Your baby looks to you to see what is safe and what is not!   


Watch the video on the visual cliff here

A Baby Buffer Prescription for Your Baby
  • When you see your baby look to you, be responsive by looking back at them with clear expressions and words to help explain how you feel about the situation.
  • Reinforce your baby for looking at you and making the right choice after reading your emotions.

A baby Buffer Prescription for You        

  • Talk to your doctor about a healthy diet, sleep and exercise program for you. When you take care of yourself, you are best able to take care of your baby!
  • Talk to your doctor about how to adjust to the change of parenting a new baby to enable you to positively talk to your baby with your words and actions every day.

What Your Baby Can Do - Developmental Milestones 


Your baby is changing quickly during this period. Know what to look for to make sure your baby is growing and changing in a healthy way.  Click on the links below for information from the CDC on what your baby can do now.  

Gene's Research Tip of the Week

This week, Gene urges you to READ the labels on all medications now that it's WIGA season.  (WIGA = whatever is going around)  

Baby Buffer Blog

Written by Kristie Clark, MD


After my first baby, I devoted all my time to being a Mom and Pediatrician. I was so tired my eyes twitched!  After my second baby, my Doula (birth coach) gave me great advice: schedule one hour a week to do something healthy for yourself.  With experience I have found that a small amount of time everyday can be more valuable than a large chunk a week.

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