You Can't Spoil Baby!


Babies need you to pay attention to them! Don't worry; it's not possible

to spoil your baby at this age. There is no such thing as too many snuggles and smiles or too much talking or holding them. Giving your baby the love and attention they need will not make them more demanding. 

In fact, giving your baby lots of positive attention will help to build a trusting relationship between you and baby. It will also make them feel safe and secure. So go ahead and shower them with plenty of love and kisses...It's ok!!!


Giving baby attention during feeding, diaper changing, and moving around is great but don't stop there! Babies need lots and lots of attention and play time with you. This will help them learn and have a strong attachment with you!

Brain Science for Your Baby


Have you ever heard of oxytocin?  Some people have called it the "love hormone".  What is love?  That is an age-old question!  But science is telling us that love is in the brain - and not really in the heart.  Brain chemicals called hormones contribute to that thing we call "love".  The hormones involved are those "feel good" hormones - including oxytocin and dopamine.  


So what happens when your baby looks into your eyes, and you look back and the baby smiles?  When you get that back and forth connection that scientists call "synchrony"?  In your baby's brain - AND in your brain the reward centers are activated. It's like being "high" on your baby.  Oxytocin decreases stress responses and stress hormones in you and your baby which is a very good thing for your baby's developing brain!  

A Baby Buffer Prescription for Your Baby
Give your baby lots of attention by looking, talking and playing with them.
Giving baby positive attention will help build a trusting relationship and improve your baby's self-esteem!
If your baby is crying, pick her up and try to comfort her. This will let baby know that you are trying to help and she can count on you. It will also make them feel safe.

A baby Buffer Prescription for You   


Recognize and talk about your feelings with someone who supports you, and keep a journal to express your feelings. Expressing yourself will help you reflect on the experiences you are having...and help free your mind to focus on your baby...your #1 priority!



What Your Baby Can Do - Developmental Milestones 


Your baby will love being held and touched by you from the very beginning, this is the beginning of your relationship with your baby. Click on the links below to find out what your baby should be able to do:

Gene's Research Tip!
This week, Gene urges you to READ the labels on all medications now that it's WIGA season.  (WIGA = whatever is going around)  
Baby Buffer Blog
Written by Kristie Clark, MD

After my first baby, I devoted all my time to being a Mom and Pediatrician. I was so tired my eyestwitched!  After my second baby, my Doula (birth coach) gave me great advice: schedule one hour a week to do something healthy for yourself.  With experience I have found that a small amount of time everyday can be more valuable than a large chunk a week.

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