Blankets, Bears and Loveys

Your baby may be attached to a favorite blanket, stuffed animal or other cuddly object and that is OK! These special objects are sometimes called "loveys." Loveys can help baby learn to calm themselves, cope with stressful situations and eventually become more independent. Allow your baby to use a lovey and comment on how the lovey helps to make baby feel better. Make sure you have a replacement lovey just in case the real one gets lost or damaged!


Learn more about loveys or transitional objects

Brain Science for Your Baby


At this age, it's a good sign that your baby wants a transitional object.  Experts believe that a baby or toddler who seeks comfort from a security object is a child who is secure enough to begin on the path to independence.  And when you go to your pediatrician's office - take the lovey!  One study found that kids who had the lovey in the doctor's office had lower blood pressure and heart rate.   That means less adrenaline and less cortisol - and remember, those are the stress hormones that we don't want hanging around too often or too long!!  

A Baby Buffer Prescription for Your Baby
  • If your baby has a lovey, encourage baby to use it help calm and sooth during stressful situations 
  • Make sure your baby's lovey is available when needed
  • Comment on baby's emotions and behaviors when a lovey is used for comfort and security
  • No need to worry about baby having a lovey too long. They will give it up when they are ready!

A baby Buffer Prescription for You        


  • Who do you turn to when you are stressed out or worried?  You may not have a "lovey", but make sure you have someone in your life that you can talk to when you need to. It's ok to vent every once in awhile, this parenting thing is hard work!


What Your Baby Can Do - Developmental Milestones 


Your baby is changing quickly during this period. Know what to look for to make sure your baby is growing and changing in a healthy way.  Click on the links below for information from the CDC on what your baby can do now.  

Baby Buffer Blog
Rene Jamison, PhD

Beating the cold weather blues!


I've never been a fan of winter and this cold and snow makes me want to snuggle up on the couch and take in a marathon on the USA network. As a mother of a 3 year old boy and 6 year old girl......this is not an option! So, I need to muster up some excitement and creative ideas to break out of this funk! The go to plan at our house for getting rid of the cold weather blues is a living room dance party. As soon as we turn up the music and dance like crazy I am instantly revived and ready to defeat these blues. More importantly, this once drab house is now full of energy with ear to ear smiles on the most important people in my life. I am reminded how much I love playing with my children and how critical these moments are in their development and our relationship. The adrenaline rush is not only from the music, but the flood of emotion I experience seeing the impact this quick change in momentum has on my kids. Our living room dance party now has us ready to think creatively about other activities and excited to spend quality time together. Although I am sure no one would call me "organized" behind my back, I have great results when we schedule our activities and my kids love when they get to help with the planning. Try one of these ideas next time you need to beat those cold weather blues!


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