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Newsletter ~ May 2015~ Issue No. 215
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The InBalance Horse

By Mary D. Midkiff

DVD 100 px
All the steps you need to use The InBalance Horse
oil blend, mouth massage and acupressure!

5 steps to maximizing, preparing, training and enjoying horses.

"The Focused Horse" 26 minute DVD includes demonstrations showing steps on how to apply and use "The InBalance Horse" essential oil blend aromatherapy, massage and acupressure techniques to calm and focus your horse, and English and Western saddle fit specific to the female equestrian.
$10 plus shipping and handling 

Fitness, Performance & the Female Equestrian

Fitness, Performance and the Female Equestrian 

She Flies Without Wings

She Flies Without Wings       
Take the Emotional Stress Out of Your Horse's Life!!!
The InBalance Horse Essential Oil Blend for Horses
We have added Sweet Almond Oil to the blend speeding up the absorption rate; and it resists freezing!
InBalance HorseCalming the Anxious Horse...
with aromatherapy and the analgesic affects of this essential oil blend.

Time after time, horse after horse, horse owners and handlers are experiencing the magic results of The InBalance Horse essential blend for horses.  

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Hello Fellow Horse Lovers!


I truly hope you have shifted your lifestyle outdoors now.  Horses are ready for our full time attention and most insistent on doing a job of some type.


It's so great to be in a barn or outside working hard instead of in a gym or at home on the floor.


I love driving the country roads and seeing all the new foals switching their tails and testing their legs.  They especially like the new lush grass as it makes a perfect sunning bed.


Enjoy May, the beginning of the Summer months and keep in touch. I enjoy hearing from all of you and your horses.

Happy Riding and Connecting with your favorite horses!


Mary D. Midkiff  


Preparation for the Active Season Ahead: Part 2


By now, you have probably started riding, mucking, sweeping, grooming, cleaning tack and harness, giving baths and storing your horse blankets while getting out the fans.  In other words, your lower back is sore and neck tight.


Take care of yourself by taking Arnica tablets and rubbing Arnica gel on your sore spots and bruises.  It's the best thing going that works quickly, naturally and won't cause stomach distress.  Make some time to take an Epsom Salts (with lavender) hot bath after you have completed stretching.


Your gym ball, styrofoam roller and massage devices will greatly improve your comfort and range of motion.


Your horse may be experiencing some of the same symptoms getting going.  


Saddle fit is going to be a consideration since your horse will have a different shape than he or she did when you slowed down last Fall. Even if you kept riding through the winter months your horse will change through diet, amount and type of exercise and growth patterns.  Make sure you level your saddle with proper padding and shims.  When you set a carpenter's level on the center of the seat of your saddle the bubble should read level.  




After a week or two recheck your saddle.  You will need to readjust your pads and shims, possibly taking away thickness in one area and adding padding to another area as your horse changes.  Once you are in a regular rhythm you should be able to use a thin saddle pad to absorb sweat and perhaps one other pad for extra comfort.


Go through your checklist of must dos for your horse's health:

  • Manage feet every 5-6 weeks during warm weather months
  • Float teeth by professional equine dentist
  • Send fecal test to lab, If negative do not worm. If positive worm according to type of worms.
  • Clean sheath and tits
  • Poultice from knee to ankles if you feel heat or some puffiness as horse gets legged up.
  • Renew your Coggins Test for traveling.
  • Check on what vaccinations you need to travel or go to public events. If you decide to vaccinate give your horse a couple of days off to handle the effects of the vaccines ie. sore neck, fever, low energy, body heat.
As you move forward into more and more activity make sure you exercise your horse on a variety of footing.  Hard, soft, deep, rocky, and slick.  This will toughen and prepare your horse's body, mind and especially feet and legs for everything you want to do this Summer.

Have fun, you're ready to go!!




Tip of the Month: Lush Grass Alert 

Sugar, water and fiber are all in abundance in Spring grass. Horses love it and crave it after a winter of scrub and hay.  Some horses that have high metabolisms can handle the grass as it grows back.  But most need a gradual introduction. Limit their time on the new grass by 1) Use temporary round pens or portable pens on grass patches 2) Use a muzzle 3) Turn out for only 1 hour at a time and slowly build to more and more time.
In any case watch your horses.  If they are not moving you know you've got a potential founder case developing.  If so, call the vet immediately and do what you can to get them into the barn.  Sore feet can develop into a very serious case.
In any case, keep your horses on a probiotic now to balance enzymes.

Clinics by Mary Midkiff
If you are interested in holding a clinic or workshop, please contact me at [email protected] or call 502-552-1195 and we can tailor a clinic to fit your needs.

I'd love to come work with you and your horses and find out what we can create to build your partnerships.