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Newsletter ~ April 2013 ~ Issue No. 203
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The Focused Horse DVD
The InBalance Horse Oil Blend
Women & Horses April/May on HRTV
TIP: Using Shedding Blades
The Importance of Horse Posture
Letters from You

The InBalance Horse

By Mary D. Midkiff

DVD 100 px
All the steps you need to use The InBalance Horse
oil blend, mouth massage and acupressure!

5 steps to maximizing, preparing, training and enjoying horses.

"The Focused Horse" 26 minute DVD includes demonstrations showing steps on how to apply and use "The InBalance Horse" essential oil blend aromatherapy, massage and acupressure techniques to calm and focus your horse, and English and Western saddle fit specific to the female equestrian.
$10 plus shipping and handling 
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Fitness, Performance & the Female Equestrian

Fitness, Performance and the Female Equestrian 

She Flies Without Wings

She Flies Without Wings       
Take the Emotional Stress Out of Your Horse's Life!!!
The InBalance Horse Essential Oil Blend for Horses
We have added Sweet Almond Oil to the blend speeding up the absorption rate; and it resists freezing!
InBalance HorseCalming the Anxious Horse...
with aromatherapy and the analgesic affects of this essential oil blend.

Time after time, horse after horse, horse owners and handlers are experiencing the magic results of The InBalance Horse essential blend for horses.  

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Inquiries - please contact me at [email protected] or call 502-552-1195 and we can tailor a clinic to fit your needs.

I'd love to come work with you and your horses and find out what we can create to build your partnerships.
 Galloping horse animation

Dear Horse Friends


Here we are in one of the most beautiful months of the year when everything comes to life. Competitive birdsong, flowers, shrubs, trees and grasses are bursting forth with laughter and fragrance and the horse's senses are heightened and curious.


Give your horse a little slack during this time if he or she is a bit anxious or distracted. The hormones and pheromones are at the highest level of activity, even in geldings, during the Spring months. Particularly for mares, consider giving them a natural herbal hormonal supplement to balance out the ups and downs of cycles. Visit Win-Treats to view their herbal hormonal mare choices. It makes a big difference and your mare will thank you for it!


Mares will cycle every 21 days and may be very uncomfortable in their back and hindquarters during the week to 10 days when they are ovulating. They may even be sensitive to weight on their back.  Listen to what she is telling you and if your mare is extremely agitated talk to your vet about options to help her feel comfortable and ride-able during this time.


You will probably see lots of foals this time of year. If you have a foal or foals or know someone who will consider your advice please ask them to keep their mares and foals on organic non-sugar diets. This makes such a huge difference in their development and internal health. Also if they are vaccinating and worming to make sure they use a probiotic for 10 days on either side of the treatment. 


Again cleansing for toxins makes all the difference and if they can start them with this approach this young the foal will have a great chance for a long healthy life.


Go to Holistic Horse Magazine's April/May 2013 issue and read my article "Training Horses From the Inside Out."


Enjoy the newsletter and let me hear from you.



Happy Riding!

Mary D. Midkiff  


Women & HorsesTM Continues Through Kentucky Derby season on HRTV!
Aromatherapy for Horses on HRTV
HRTV (Horse Racing TV Network) continues to air Women & Horses (TM) programming in their line up of global horse racing, horse sports and horse-related shows. Mary Midkiff's program on Aromatherapy will begin airing April 23 and run for 3 weeks. Check Midkiff's website calendar for dates and times at
Go to and type in your zip code for information on cable carriers and Dish Network channels. 
HRTV has opened the door and created an exciting opportunity to introduce female equestrian and holistic horse programming to a world of horse racing fans. I really appreciate HRTV working with us beyond their traditional racetrack coverage. They have been generous and interested in new information beneficial to all horse-related audiences.
Helpful Tip: It's Shedding Time Again!
Shedding blades are great for removing bulk coat.
Even if you have had your horse blanketed and/or clipped all winter you still will be shedding lots of hair this month.  For those of us that let our horses grow a big winter coat, we will be shedding and shedding and shedding for a few weeks.
Please choose to shed your horse outdoors.  It will be healthier and cleaner for you and your horse.  By shedding outside dust, dirt and dead hair will fly away and blend with nature.  Your nose and lungs will stay clear and the horse can shake to disperse the old coat out into the atmosphere.
If you have to groom your horse indoors, please wear a mask.  It will help your upper respiratory system avoid an overload of the airborne matter.
If you have static electricity while you are shedding use liquid products such as EquiScentials with your curry and brushes.  Water will only quickly dry and evaporate.  Use natural moisturizing grooming products that will not dry out your horse's coat while brushing but tame the static.
By the way, don't wear lip gloss while shedding your horse!!!
Dispose of the dead hair in a trash can not in a muck basket.  Hair, string and rope when mixed with manure can cause major mechanical issues in your manure spreader.
And trim - make sure your horse's tail is trimmed to meet his fetlocks. Horses will step on and break the tail hairs if the tail is too long. Trim at least a 2 inch bridle path behind the horse's ears where the halter and headpiece of the bridle will sit comfortably.
Posture for Horses
We know how important posture is to our own well-being, health, movement over time but we rarely think about our horse's posture.
How your horse stands, carries himself, balances his weight in work and rest and how he re-balances his body when he needs to is just as important.  This is what I call equal loading and postural health for your horse.
Notice your horse when he or she is standing at rest in the stall, paddock, run or field.  Are they extending one leg? Shifting constantly? Standing wider than normal between the legs? What is your horse telling you?  These are just a few of the signs that your horse may be misaligned, out of balance, experiencing numbness or inflammation or pain and is need of some posture and alignment work.
I am not talking about one hind leg cocked when they are dozing, I'm looking into the way weight is distributed between the four posts.  I tried to find examples of ways that horses compensate when they are out of alignment, weak, subluxated, sore or in pain. These photos are provided to begin to train your eye for noticing how the horse is choosing to stand rather than standing correctly to distribute the weight load evenly.
Right stifle posture
This horse is choosing to stay off of his right hind leg probably indicating a sore or painful right stifle joint. Demonstrating weak or tired right hip with weight bearing on right front which is slightly behind the shoulder and left hind leg holding most of the hind quarters weight.
Notice this horse displaying a "tripod" stance in front and left hind loaded.  He clearly is uncomfortable through his spine.
Left hind and right front are supporting most of this horse's weight.
Weight in left front and right hind. Almost no weight at all in right front.  The horse is obviously uncomfortable in some aspect of the right front.  His posture and spine are compromised as he stands for long periods.


Even though this mare was asked to be presented for me to examine, this is the way I would like to see horses stand when they are being groomed, tacked up, washed and waiting to be ridden.  If they are trained to stand with equally loaded legs, when they do rest they will only cock a back foot and remain balanced.


Every time you are with your horse make sure they are standing square. You may have to remind them many times (just like you would a teenager) to shift their weight by pressing on either side of the chest causing them to shift and stand.  When they are standing correctly, pet them, praise them with your voice then continue with your tasks.  After a while you may just have to cluck or say a word of correction and the horse will stand square. This will be a big payoff throughout the horse's life.

Letters from You and Your Horses
THANK YOU, I put some of the oil on my wrist and gave my saddle mule Topeka a whiff and tried to groom my Q horse mare Jewel and PEKA  wouldn't  leave me alone. It sure makes them LOVE you. I am off to a GOOD start. I am a REIKI person so I am into natural  things and use them on my 10 animals, all modalities of alternative medicine. Can't wait to do more.
- Sharon, Angola, NY
I will have to reorder the magic potion (The InBalance Horse oil blend) soon as it is so very helpful with all of the horses. After using the aromatherapy and acupressure from your DVD, Mathew walked flat footed on a ride for the first time. Everything worked out perfect. I was able to have the chiropractor work on him last Thursday, and you were right. He had issues in his poll. In addition, he has a new salt block and is getting the beet pulp with Epsom Salt. Finally, I have a call in to an animal communicator just to see if there is anything else I need to know. Any other suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.

I would LOVE to endorse not only your product, but also the overall positive ramifications it has with the human-horse relationship. - Beth, Grayling, MI


Your oil blend has definitely calmed both of us downI do have to use 2 drops in each of my horse's nostrils. I hope that is OK. I use a little on my pulse points and under my nose. Chrome is like your horse...he yawns and his eyes get sleepy looking but he is still alert enough to ride. Great Product! Thank You!  Robbin - Billings, MO


I have watched the video and tried the oil blend on Sat. and Sun. It's a really pleasant thing to do, using the oil and the mouth massage, DJ enjoyed it. He was calm for most of the ride on Saturday and calmer on the ride on Sunday, the 2nd day. I'll keep you posted as I continue to use it. So far, so good. Thank you for sending the order so quickly. Got through my 30 day ride-every-day pledge. Today was day 30. Mary - Glastonbury, CT