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Dearest Supporter,     


As we approach the close of 2012 and look forward to what is in store for 2013, we thank our Lord for continuing to provide our needs and direct the steps of our media ministries here in Arizona. We also sincerely thank YOU for your faithful prayers, support, and volunteer hours, which with God's blessing, is allowing Good News TV to finish our fourth consecutive, debt-free year! Praise God! We are impressed that in 2013, we must reach more souls with Christ's love and the special truths in His Word. Thus, we have ambitious plans which will require special help to accomplish the task of expanding into other communities of Arizona. But, before we discuss that, let's take a glance at a few highlights of this year.


 One of our biggest projects was the big move from Channel 44.3 to our new home on Channel 22.1 This move effectively reduced our monthly leasing costs by 50%. Our "miracle" production truck has been built out and served us well for the 50+ recordings and TV broadcasts from Prescott for Campmeeting 2012. During this Christmas season, the production truck and volunteer crew has been out almost non-stop, recording seven different programs at our local churches and schools in just the last week. This has been an unbelievable amount of work, and you have been our valued partner in ministry as we work hard to win souls for Christ, together. None of this could be done without our volunteers and our generous-hearted supporters like you!


Please allow us to introduce you to just a few of our many special viewers, whose lives have been forever changed by Good News TV in 2012.


Virginia, who watched GNTV for a couple years while caring for her home-bound husband, recently officially joined the Peoria-Sun City Seventh-day Adventist church family. Another viewer, Heather, watched a local Revelation seminar from California after being invited to watch over the internet. She eventually moved here, and was baptized into her new church family at Paradise Valley. Since then she has volunteered hundreds of hours for GNTV. Another viewer, Jesús, called for the address of a church near him. He said he was bilingual and had either GNTV or MAS TV (Spanish) on "all the time" and had learned more about the Bible in 6 months of watching than over the last 8 years at his previous church! After taking studies and being nurtured in the Chandler Spanish Adventist church, he testified that "I want to worship God the way He wants to be worshipped, and not according to man's tradition." His baptism was a beautiful event, and his daughter, who is attending with him, said "This is an answer to many people's prayers."  


Our GNTV ambassadors recently visited several of our viewers with a special "thank-you" gift book for watching, inviting them to worship at a church near them, which some are already doing. Many viewers call our station to ask directions to the nearest church, to ask how to obtain copies of our program schedule for themselves or to share, to receive free offers on Bible study topics, or to share personal struggles for which they need immediate prayer.


As mentioned, we are impressed that we need to start reaching beyond Phoenix into other areas of Arizona, such as Tucson and Yuma. We are confident that this can be achieved, but we know it can only be done with the Lord's blessing and as He impresses our supporters like you to help. A couple years ago, we stepped out in faith by applying for broadcast permits in a few select communities of Arizona while the rare opportunity was available through the FCC. God blessed by granting us permits in each of the four communities we applied for: Prescott, Payson, Flagstaff and Lake Havasu. The future is now here because in three of these communities, we will lose the opportunity to build forever if we do not start broadcasting by June, 2013, when the FCC permits will expire. In the fourth community of Lake Havasu, we have an additional year to expand.


It will cost $60,000 for the equipment necessary to start broadcasting in any one of these communities, and approximately $2,000/month per location to pay for miscellaneous transmission expenses. Perhaps you would like to help sponsor our expansion into one of these communities.


As a self-supporting, volunteer ministry, we will continue to step out boldly in faith, but only while remaining fiscally responsible. Therefore, we are depending on extra support to make it a reality. One supportive couple who believes in the mission of GNTV had decided to remember the ministry in their will.   Recently however, they changed their minds and 'pulled in' their end-of-life gift so they could instead see their gift in action. Since the ministry needs help right now, they gave a generous $5,000 donation just last month, and they will be giving another $5,000 in early 2013. Another faithful supporter informed us he and his wife will be giving $10,000 in early 2013, while yet another supporter (who with his wife joined the church after watching GNTV for many months), has given $1,200 in matching funds to help encourage others to also give, thereby doubling his investment.


Would you also like to help us reach more souls in one of these other Arizona communities? Please join us in prayer for this vision as we look forward to growing in 2013. Whether you give $20 or $50,000, each donation's effect will certainly be multiplied and blessed by the Lord, going directly toward helping us gain more Arizona viewers and thereby, souls for the kingdom while there is still time.


Thank you for considering a special year-end tax deductible gift. Some of you may want to start 2013 by pledging a monthly gift. Here are the easiest ways that you can donate...


     1) Mail us a check, payable to "Good News TV", to our address listed below.

     2) Donate online with a credit card or Paypal by visiting

     3) Contact us directly to donate with any method, at 480-264-1116.


From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for your invaluable prayers and for sharing your talents and resources in support of local TV ministry as we continue to follow the Lord wherever He leads. Happy New Year!


May God bless you and your loved ones,


Luke Skelton

Director Media Ministry

Good News TV / MasTV

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For those that don't know, Good News TV can be watched anywhere in the world today. If you live in Phoenix or Dallas/Fort Worth, you can watch on digital over-the-air (OTA) television, on 22.1 or 20.4, respectively. We are also partnering with a team in California to start another GNTV channel in San Francisco Bay area soon. For Spanish viewers, you can watch channel 22.4 in Phoenix.


If you either do not live in these communities or you don't receive OTA, you can watch on your computer, iPad or smart phone. Simply log into, and click on "Watch Us Now" TV image in the top-right corner of the home page ( for Spanish). 

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As you reflect on what God has accomplished through the volunteer ministry of GNTV, please consider partnering with us today to reach people for Christ.  


Whether you would like to help GNTV expand our broadcast into a new area of Arizona, or you'd like to pledge your monthly support to help us with our operating expenses, there are many ways that you can help us fulfill our vision and God's commission.


You can contact us directly to discuss the option that is best for you, or you can donate to our self-supporting ministry through various available methods. This includes church offering envelopes at any Seventh-day Adventist church throughout Arizona, on-line giving on our website, automatic bill-pay through your bank, or sending a personal check, payable to "Good News TV", directly to our mailing address in Scottsdale, AZ.


Another way you can support our vision is to remember Good News TV through your will, a revocable trust, or a gift annuity. To discuss these or any other options available, please don't hesitate to contact us.


As a special 'thank you', we are offering a free gift DVD to anyone making a special donation to GNTV. Contact us to learn more about how to get your free gift.


Thank you very much for your continued prayers and support of this vital ministry!


May God bless you,

GNTV Staff


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