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October 2nd, 2014
Vol. 14 Issue 43
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Broadmor Property Workday!
This Saturday,
Oct. 4th, beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Our new building address is
3921 Broadmor Rd. NW Huntsville AL 35810
Tasks for all skill levels! We're almost there! 
This Sunday,
October 5th, is a Sharing Sunday
STP logo  
On the first Sunday of each month, we 
Share the Plate during the offering, 
Share our Lunch with each other during Potluck and 
Share our Bounty by filling the Food Basket!

Please don't forget to bring non-perishable food and hygiene items for the food basket, to be donated to the Huntsville Assistance Program.

Supplies that HAP needs: macaroni and cheese, pasta and sauce, dry beans and rice, boxes of cereal,

bars of soap, canned meat, peanut butter!

Register Your Children for RE Classes!
If you haven't done so already, please register children and youth for this year's Religion Education program. Registration helps us plan for facilities, leadership, and safety needs. It also lets us be in touch with your family with special announcements and RE information. All participants in the RE program (ages infant to 18) should register each year even if you've registered before. Paper registration is available at the church, or you can register online: click here at
Survey Monkey.

UUA Moves
The Unitarian Universalist Assoc. has moved from their long-time address on Beacon Street. The new address is
24 Farnsworth St.
Boston MA

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UUCH Chalice
Sunday, October 5th, 2014

"A People of Renewal"

The Reverend Alice Syltie  

and Angel Hundley    


In the fall, the trees let their leaves go, and instead of receiving energy from the sun, they seek renewal from the soil in which their roots grow. The theme for October is Renewal. How might reconnecting with our roots nourish spiritual renewal? How might recognizing that we are all members of the same family tree renew the spirit of our connection to all humanity?


Also this Sunday, we Share the Plate with First Stop, Inc. For more about First Stop, please see the article below.

This Sunday in RE

Peace Room

Chalice Children: "Making Chalices"
Justice Room

Signs of Our UU Faith: "Seeking Knowledge"
Searchers Room

Toolbox of Faith: "Flexibility: Duct Tape"
Over-Achievers Room

A Place of Wholeness: "A Theology of Love" 


Nursery care (ages 0-3) will be provided as usual. For more information, contact Erin Reid, our Director of Religious Education (DRE) (256.694.6786 or eereid@hotmail.com).  
From Your Minister


The theme for October is Renewal and the question is, what does it mean to be a People of Renewal?


Spring and Fall are often spoken of as seasons of renewal. That might be especially true where the seasonal change is an obvious weather change. Here in Alabama spring brings warmer weather and more daylight. In the fall we get the crisp cool days, that for many are blessed relief from the heat and humidity of the summer. This change in weather can be invigorating. I am noticing a lot more people out walking in my neighborhood lately. I imagine they are renewing their commitment to an exercise routine. 


Renewal is a spiritual theme in some of the religious traditions from which we draw inspiration. Our Jewish neighbors are in the midst of High Holy Days, or Days of Awe. The days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are days of personal reflection and atonement. Unitarian Universalists often think of atonement as at-one-ment, being "at one" with one's inner self and with all of creation. To be at one with our inner self often involves looking back and reclaiming parts of ourselves that we have lost or forgotten. In a way, we are putting ourselves back together, or renewing ourselves.


Some Earth Centered traditions reflect on renewing balance in one's life, as the light and dark are now in balance. It is also a time to celebrate the renewal of life through the gifts of the harvest. 


At UUCH we have been looking rather deeply into our past, present, and future. Last month we reviewed promises made to one another, as we have contemplated a change in our location. The journey has been long. As we step into the future that awaits us, we want to do so with renewed enthusiasm for this liberal faith that we share. Many committees, including the Transition Committee, Adult and Children's Religious Education, and the Worship Committee have been working together to renew our sense purpose and mission. 


I invite you to consider how reflection on renewal might reenergize you for the days to come. What, for you, does it mean to be a person of renewal?


In Love and Hope, 

Rev. Alice

In case you missed the big announcement last Sunday morning, here it is:

We Are Moving! Save the Dates!

Last service at Governors Dr.--Nov. 2

First service at 3921 Broadmor Rd.--Nov. 9th! 


Renovations of phase one are almost done, final details and cleaning are underway, and our church programs are making ready--it is time to move! The Renovations Committee, the Transition Team, and the Board have all agreed on an official timeline for our move.


This is an exciting time that has been years in the making, we hope that you are energized and ready to participate in the exhilarating process of moving and setting up our programs in a new building. There will be many stages in the process and we want you to be part of it all. 


Here is our projected time line. There are lots of opportunities for everyone to participate in helping.


Now: The Council and Committee Chairs are organizing their teams to begin the pre-packing process. Everyone bring in boxes.

Friday, October 24th: Our last Halloween party at Governors.

Saturday, November 1st: All-church packing day. Pack everything except things we will need for our final service.

Sunday, November 2nd: Last service at Governors. It will be an intergenerational service for all of us to say goodbye to our location that has served us well. After the service, we will pack anything left to pack and have a pizza party.

Tuesday, November 4th: Professional movers will move the boxes and heavy furniture. (Exact date TBA).

Weekdays Nov. 4th to Nov. 7th: Unpack.

Saturday, November 8th: All-church unpacking and "spruce-up" day.

Sunday, November 9th: First Service at Broadmor, Building Blessing, and Potluck Celebration.

Comfort Food Potluck
This Sunday, October 5th.


Since we are moving at the beginning of November, October's potluck will be our last potluck in our Governor's Drive church. To help commemorate this occasion, please bring your favorite comfort food and join us as we share our stories of the many past potlucks and our hopes for future potlucks in our new church home.

Reminder: We suggest that we Bring Our Own non-disposable plates, cups, etc. to our monthly Sunday Potlucks. You may also want to remember to bring a bag for transporting home your messy cups and plates! We'll continue to provide plates for guests and the forgetful.

UUs are Moving for Change!


Even if you can't participate in these events, please consider sponsoring your UU friends who are!


Miles for Midwives Walk  

October 11th

Mark your calendars for the 6th Annual Miles for Midwives walk on October 11th! 9:30-11:30 a.m. at Big Spring Park in downtown Huntsville. See Anna Bertone for details.



pink ribbon 11th Annual Liz Hurley Ribbon Run Saturday, October 18th to benefit breast cancer awareness. This is an all-ages 5K run/walk through downtown Huntsville. Register online, and sign up to join team "Unitarian Universalist Church of Huntsville." Please contact Becky Ellingwood (beckyel22@gmail.com) if you have questions.

Annual Monte Sano Campfire/Campout  
Sponsored by Interweave 


Changing leaves, that nip in the air...time for a campfire!   

The Annual Interweave-Sponsored Campfire/Campout event is scheduled for Saturday, October 18th at Monte Sano State Park. We will start cooking about 5:00 p.m. and hope to land the same campsite as we have had in the past. Other details are forthcoming. Save the date and start thinking about what veggies you'd like to contribute for the foil dinners. Staying the entire night is optional. Contact Denise Runnels if you plan to spend the night.

Annual UUCH Service Auction!


Saturday, November 15th, 6:00 p.m! Everything you've always wanted to bid on--and more!  


To make this auction work, we need your help--certainly as an attendee and bidder, but also as a donor. In the past, people have donated gourmet dinners, backyard picnics, wine-tasting parties, card parties, music lessons, garden design, computer repair, and a long list of other unique services. Items such as handmade foods, clothing, pottery, jewelry, and other goods also make excellent contributions. Donation forms will soon be available, so start brainstorming now! Be creative! What can you do or make that you'd like to share with your UUCH family?


So remember to mark your calendar for Saturday, November 15th. Childcare will be provided. While the kids enjoy themselves in the RE area, you'll enjoy the festivities in the sanctuary and fellowship hall in our new Broadmor facilities. We look forward to seeing you there!

Broadmor Briefing


As our move-in date draws nearer, the Broadmor facility continues to be a busy place. Our contractors are finishing up the details of their work in the north hallway bathrooms and HVAC installation. The floors in the fellowship hall, kitchen, and offices were cleaned out by volunteers this past weekend and are now being re-finished.

The Serious Work of Load-Testing the Swings. 

At the same time, the volunteer efforts continued with a number of small tasks in work throughout the building. More than 20 volunteers contributed their time and efforts on Saturday, September 27th. The Renovation Committee maintains an evolving list of the remaining tasks that can be accomplished individually with no particular skills required. We will be working at Broadmor every Saturday and select weekdays in October until we move in.


Additional information about upcoming tasks will be available at the workday this Saturday, October 4th, starting at 9:30 am and going until 1 or 2 pm. A sign-up list will also be available after the church service this Sunday for subsequent workdays. We need everyone's help to get our new church home ready to move in. We hope you will consider giving some of your time and effort towards completing these tasks!


--Brad Korb, Renovations Chair

We Share the Plate with First Stop, Inc.


STP logo First Stop, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation established in 2001 to reduce the number of homeless persons in Huntsville/Madison County, Alabama communities. 


First Stop's overarching goal is to promote the overall rehabilitation of homeless citizens in Huntsville and Madison County communities. That includes facilitating their transition from the "street" into permanent housing and assisting with their reintroduction to their workforce.STPFS

First Stop provides its homeless clients with life-management-skills training and seminars to enhance their personal well-being. Individualized case management is the most critical element to our long-term solution in promoting continued stability and growth--insuring physical and mental health monitoring, referral to proper health care, and access to available social service benefits. Since our incorporation, we have maintained a 90-percent retention rate among clients placed in permanent housing.


First Stop's efforts are funded through federal, state and local grants, planned outreach/fundraising efforts, generous contributions from organizations and gifts from interested individuals.


More information is available on their web site www.firststop.org.


*When we "Share the Plate," all cash collected on the first Sunday of each month in the quarter (October, November, and December), along with any checks noted as "Share the Plate," will be halved with First Stop, Inc.

Board Report for September 23rd, 2014


Your Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014. There were three major topics of conversations during the rather lengthy meeting:

  1. Revising the schedule for moving to the Broadmor facility (upon recommendation of the Transitions Team after consultation with several standing and ad hoc committees). We held a formal vote for the first service at Broadmor to be on November 9th. Along those lines, the monthly potluck usually scheduled for the first Sunday each month will be postponed one week as a celebration of the move to our new building;
  2. The Board discussed several outstanding of its issues and responsibilities related to the move; and
  3. The Board voted to create a Safety and Security Committee and in the coming weeks will work on the "charge" for the committee and recruit members to work on policies affecting a  spectrum of issues.


--Bobby Hall, UUCH Board Secretary 

Care List  


At our Circle of Candles on Sunday, Sept. 28th, candles were shared with: 


Cheri Smith: "I need prayers and healing thoughts for my daughters Vicky and Molly. They both are facing medical problems."


Erin Reid: "Please light a candle of healing for my dad who was admitted to the hospital last night."


Ilene Sparks: "Thanks to all of my UU Friends for the many cards, phone calls, hugs, and for the momentous surprise party and joyous week-long birthday celebration-with all my love."


Morgan Justice: "I am settling into Atlanta and grad school, but it is so good to be home."


Malcolm & Vickie Goodman: "Vickie's sister's husband, Craig Johnson, had a heart attack Friday night and is in Huntsville Hospital ICU. He is scheduled for open-heart quadruple bypass Tuesday afternoon. We saw him yesterday and he seems to be doing quite well under the circumstances. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers."


For Dan Nielsen: "Dan's dad, Lenny, had brain surgery this week and is still hospitalized. He starts radiation tomorrow. Please keep Dan's family in your thoughts and prayers."


Pam Korb: "My dad will start chemo on Tuesday, at Clearview, to try to slow the growth of an aggressive cancer that has reoccurred. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers."


If you have pastoral care needs, please contact the Reverend Alice Syltie at revaluu@aol.comBarbara Hitt is Chair of the Care Committee, and may be reached at home, (256) 881.2531; on her cell, (256) 348.5845; or by email at bghitt1@comcast.net.

UUCH 14-15 Board Members


President:  Denise Hunter-Gilbert

Vice-President: Angel Hundley 

Secretary: Bobby Hall           

Treasurer: Jerome Belcher   

Trustees: Becky Ellingwood, John Fox, & Laurel Bollinger  

Do you have an Agenda Item for the Board?  
The Board respectfully requests that all agenda items for the meeting be submitted to Board President Denise Hunter-Gilbert, no later than one week prior to the meeting, i.e. the Tuesday before. You may leave a copy of your request in her Mailbox at the church office, or contact her at UUCHBoardPresident@uuch.org.

Notice: Next UUCH Board Meeting will be on
Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. The meeting will be held at the new building, 3921 Broadmor.
Thanks for your cooperation!

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