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March 27th, 2014
Vol. 14 Issue 16
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Chant this Sunday


Humans all over the world use chanting for worship, mental health, enlightenment, peace, and prosperity. Our group, sponsored by the Adult RE program, meets on the last Sunday of each month, and new chanters are always welcome. Come up and meet with Deedee Moore, Theresa Miller, and other voices to see why this practice has become universal, and find out what chants, if any, appeal to you.


Our next gathering is this coming Sunday Morning, March 30th, 9:15 a.m. We chant for about an hour. If you already have a chant that is especially meaningful for you, we'd love to share it. Also feel free to bring drums & percussive instruments--it helps us keep a rhythm going! Contact Deedee Moore, at the church office, for more info: uuch@uuch.org

Easter Bunny Loves Fair Trade, Too! 
Check out the cute packages of Equal Exchange fair trade
chocolate Easter Eggs on the back counter. They are $6 a package and proceeds are used for social justice projects. Help the Easter Bunny be socially minded!
Your Social Justice Committee has Equal Exchange Fair Trade chocolate for sale in the back of the sanctuary each Sunday.
We also have
Fair Trade, Organic, "Kaffeeklatsch" coffee for sale! 
With Fair Trade products, everyone wins!
UUCH Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

We have once again been invited to spend Easter Afternoon (Sunday, April 20th) playing at the Applegate/Dilbeck Manse. (As Becky Ellingwood says, "Betsy & Alice--They're a couple of good eggs.")

We'll have age-appropriate egg hunts, games, music, a delicious dessert potluck, and relaxing fun. More information, including directions to their home, will be made available closer to the date. Mark your calendars!


We CAN Reach 100!


The Social Justice Committee's goal is to collect and donate
100 items per month. CAN you pick up an extra CANNED good, nonperishable food item, or personal care product next time you are out shopping?  Please do, and put it in the basket in the church foyer to be donated to
the Huntsville Assistance Program (HAP).

To read more about the Huntsville Assistance Program, please visit their website.

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UUCH Chalice
Sunday, March 30th, 2014
"Remembering Selma" 
The Reverend Alice Syltie 

On March 25, 1965, Martin Luther King Jr. addressed an estimated crowd of 25,000 people in front of the Alabama State Capitol building in Montgomery, Alabama. Among the gathered were many Unitarian Universalists from across the country who were present for the successful conclusion that day of the march from Selma to Montgomery. Many had come, also, to attend the memorial service for slain Unitarian Universalist minister, James Reeb. Participation in this march is a nodal event in the lives of many Unitarian Universalist clergy. On this Sunday, we will remember those who answered the call from Dr, King, to come to Selma, and the weeks of crises for many Unitarian Universalists in our area of the country. 

This Sunday in Religious Education


GAME DAY! How about a little Spring Break fun? 

Bring your favorite games to share and play with your RE friends!


Nursery care (ages 0-3) will be provided as usual.

For more information, contact Erin Reid, our Director of Religious Education (DRE) (256.694.6786 or eereid@hotmail.com). 

Annual Budget Drive Progress


The 2014-15 Annual Budget Drive (ABD) is entering its final stage, with the follow-up effort to begin next week. So far, we have 77 pledges for a total of $180,267 committed, and we still have quite a few commitments expected in the next week or two. Twelve of the pledges received are new this year, and the generosity of ongoing supporters in increasing their pledges from last year is very rewarding to witness.  This generosity will enable us to have the ability to consider exciting growth in some of our programs for next year and to avoid excessive use of our Capital Campaign funds to subsidize operations.  To those whose commitments are still to be received, please join us as we are "At a New Threshold!"


Tim Miller, ABD Chair

Jon Fox, ABD Co-Chair

Adult RE "Sources" Series Continues:
Writing as Spiritual Practice



The final session of the Adult Religious Education "Writing as Spiritual Practice" series will be
March 30th at 6:00 pm!
All are welcome to participate! 


This series continues the examination of our Six UU Sources with a focus on the first source, "the direct experience of that transcending mystery and wonder, affirmed in all cultures, which moves us to a renewal of the spirit and an openness to the forces which create and uphold life." We are exploring direct experience through creative writing as a form of personal spiritual practice. The emphasis is on writing as a vehicle for deepening one's connection with life. Through language, sensory image, voice, rhythm, and the ability to notice the quirky details of existence, writing--and the deep self--can come alive!  All sessions will include opportunities for writing--and sharing, if you choose. You do not have to have previous writing experience to participate in this series, just a willingness to play!


Erin Reid and Anna Weber are facilitating this series. Anna Weber teaches poetry and creative writing at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Erin Reid is the Director of Religious Education at UUCH and recently completed her MFA in Creative Writing. Anna is a poet, and Erin concentrates on fiction. Everyone is welcome.


Please contact Erin Reid at least one week before the discussion if you need childcare (eereid@hotmail.com).

Save the Date: April 5th
All-Church Work Day at Broadmor



Attention Everyone! It is time for another fun workday at the Broadmor property. We will be gathering on Saturday, April 5th to roll up our sleeves and accomplish some of the tasks needed to get us closer to moving to our new church. There will be varied tasks for everyone at many different skill levels. Can you paint? Can you do paint prep-work, like taping? Can you use a screwdriver? Can you gather pine needles? Can you move pews? Can you make coffee and help with refreshments? All together we can make it happen! We'll start at 9:00 a.m., and will finish around 12:00 p.m. Drinks and light snacks will be provided.Workday


Here are some of the jobs we hope to accomplish:

  • Paint the RE Wing Hallway
  • Unbolt and move pews to prepare for carpeting
  • Paint awnings
  • Install new smoke detectors throughout the building
  • Exterior cleanup (branches, pine needles, mulching, etc.)
  • Remove chancel rails

multi-paint-cans.jpg Please bring work gloves, screwdrivers, cordless drills, paint brushes and rollers, rakes, step ladders, crow bars, and other basic tools. Children will be under their families' supervision during these activities. Childcare with space for rest and play will be provided for small children as needed. Remember, the address for our new church is 3921 Broadmor Road. For further information, please contact Brad Korb, Renovation Chair, at bradkorb@mindspring.com. See you there!

Who Will Be Crowned Chili Czar?
Get Your Tickets for the
Annual UUCH Chili Cook-off!

Calling all chili lovers! Mark your calendar for Saturday, April 12th, unlock your Secret Recipe, and rev up your taste buds for an evening of flavor devoted to tomato, bean, and spice! Who will win the coveted Red Ladle? 
In order to better accommodate the adoring food fans, admission will be limited to 90 ticketed diners and chefs.
All chefs entering a crockpot full of chili (mild, medium, hot, white, or vegetarian) will receive one free ticket. Everyone else 13 or older pays $5 each. Kids 3-12 are $3 each with a family cap of $15. (Childcare provided, as usual.)


Chili should be delivered by 5:00 p.m. for judging that begins at 5:30 p.m. Music and other live entertainment is being organized by Susan Coddington.
Sides, chili fixings, crackers, baked potatoes, and little kid food will be provided. The hospitality committee would appreciate donations of cornbread or desserts. See Denise Hunter-Gilbert for tickets, on sale now. It's a small price to pay for such a legendary culinary competition!

Spring into Action--Saturday, April 19th!
Volunteer with Deep Roots of Alabama


We had fun volunteering last year! 


Deep Roots of Alabama is kicking off a Farm2School program at Morris Elementary, and they need our help!  Come out to organize the greenhouse, start seedlings, etc.  It should be fun work!  If you plan to come, please let Tonia or Kevin Betts know at (256) 882-9891 or kevin.m.betts@leidos.com.  Or, you can just show up!  If you have gardening tools, they may be helpful.


What: Deep Roots is a Huntsville-based organization working to teach gardening skills and good nutrition in our community, particularly in under-resourced areas.


Where: Morris Elementary--just west of the Botanical Gardens--4801 Bob Wallace Ave.


Why: Morris Elementary is an under-resourced school, and the Farm2School program will provide healthy veggies and an opportunity to learn gardening to Morris students.


Questions?: Please call Tonia at (256) 882-9891


Hope to see you there!

Adult RE on Saturday Mornings: Movement Class Starts Again April 19th 

UUCH Adult Religious Education focuses on the whole spiritual person--mentally and physically.  We are starting another series of Awareness Through Movement® classes on Saturday, April 19th. Those who came to the first series found it very enjoyable, relaxing, and useful. The class focuses on gentle movement that can assist us in being more comfortable and pain-free in our everyday activities.  Come learn how to use the core of your body to improve movement, balance, and chronic pain.  


Everyone is welcome! This verbally guided Awareness Through Movement® class is for anyone who wants more ease and comfort in their movements. Class is drop-in, no experience necessary, and will be led by Sally Locklear. Wear comfortable, loose clothing, and bring a bath or beach towel to use as head support for comfort in side-lying. Join us each Saturday morning from April 19th to May 24th at 10:00-11:15 a.m.      


For further information, contact Nancy Finley at finleyn@uah.edu.  If you need childcare for this event, please contact Nancy at least a week before the event.

Broadmor Briefing


The Renovation Committee has received bids from potential HVAC contractors, reviewed those proposals, and is finalizing a contract. At the same time, we are working with our architect to update the bid package for the sanctuary bathroom remodel to include some additional plumbing work. We also continue to talk with potential contractors and receive bids for fire protection hardware replacement (emergency lights, exit signs, and fire extinguishers), parking lot sealing, and carpet replacement.


The Renovation Committee is sponsoring a property workday at the 3921 Broadmor facility on Saturday, April 5th. Reference the related article above for details and we hope to see you there!

--Brad Korb, Renovations Chair
Care List  


At our Circle of Candles on Sunday, March 23rd, candles were lit for:


LaDawn Edwards:  "I am so happy that my 18-year-old stepdaughter Lizzy visited this week from Iowa. Enjoying her company without feeling the need to parent her is a blessed relief."


Jo Broussard: "My aunt, Joyce Leblanc Broussard, died last Friday in Vinton LA. She played organ at St Joseph's Catholic church for decades, including the last few years with 'Lucy'--her prosthetic leg. Please send loving thoughts to our family and the many people who loved her."


Cheri Smith: "My foster daughter's husband died suddenly, left her with 4 children. Please send prayers and good thoughts." 


Care Chair Barbara Hitt is traveling for a few months. If you need assistance from the care committee, please call Millicent Simmons (256.551.0366) or Nancy Stetson (256.650.6116).  

UUCH 13-14 Board Members
President: Kevin Betts     

Vice-President:  Denise Hunter-Gilbert 

Secretary: Bobby Hall           

Treasurer: Jerome Belcher   

Trustees: Nancy Finley, Kathy Heath, & Laurel Bollinger  

Do you have an Agenda Item for the Board?  
The Board respectfully requests that all agenda items for the meeting be submitted to Board President Kevin Betts, no later than one week prior to the meeting, i.e. the Tuesday before. You may leave a copy of your request in his Mailbox at the church office, or contact him at UUCHBoardPresident@uuch.org.

Notice: Next UUCH Board Meeting will be on
Thursday, April 22nd, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. This meeting will be at our Governors Drive location. Thanks for your cooperation!

From the Overlook is a publication of

The Unitarian Universalist Church,

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Editorial Board: Laurel Bollinger, Kathy Heath 


Newsletter deadlines are each Monday at midnight!
Please send submissions to news collator Deedee Moore at


Admin. Office Hours: Monday 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.; Thursday 9:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.; Friday 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.   


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Sunday Services are held 10:45 a.m. to 12:00 noon;  

Children's Religious Education held concurrently.   

Nursery available for age 3 years and under.

For further info on any event, call the church office:
256. 534-0508.