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October 17th, 2013
Vol. 13 Issue 42
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Your Social Justice Committee meets this Sunday, Oct. 20th, at 9:30 am!
justice scales

Everyone is welcome--come help us plan!  We'll have bagels.  If you have questions, or will need child care, please call Tonia Betts at (256) 882-9891.

"Miles for Midwives" Walk in November

The Social Justice Committee is promoting the Miles for Midwives Walk on
November 16th,
2013. The walk will benefit the Alabama Birth Coalition, which is an organization founded to promote the legalization of midwifery and out-of-hospital births in the state of Alabama. Many rural counties in the state do not have access to obstetrical care.

With a combined donation of $250 or more the UUCH can have its logo printed on the Walk T-Shirt
. We will also have a table at the event with UUCH information. More info about the organization can be found HERE.


Please see Gail Williams to find out how to sign up for the walk and/or donate. More information will be forthcoming.

Where Do Your Donations to Our Food Basket Go?

canned goods Huntsville Assistance Program is an interfaith network of Madison County congregations providing volunteers, information, and financial resources to help those in need.  HAP focuses on those who need temporary assistance.  HAP provides not only food boxes but also assistance with rent/mortgage and utility bills.


So please bring in non-perishable food and/or hygiene items for our food basket collection. Your donations are welcome and needed. Our goal: 100 Items per Month!

HOT Coffee!


Fair Trade, Organic, "Kaffeeklatsch" coffee for sale!  Bags of coffee are available at the back of the sanctuary after Sunday services.


Proceeds are used to help fund Social Justice projects--everybody wins!

And now that the weather is cooler, Fair Trade Chocolate will soon be available! 
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UUCH Chalice
Sunday October 20th, 2013


"Experiencing Awe"

The Reverend Alice Syltie and Pam Siegler    


Next Sunday we will experience the awe of music with Pam Siegler, accompanied by the artful photography of Barbara Hitt. One of the songs we will be doing will be written by Pam, using the input you give on our Facebook page. Check it out!

This Sunday in Religious Education


Peace Group

We Are Many, We Are One

"The Moon Belongs to Everyone"

(SE Asian Mid-Autumn Festival) 


Justice Group

Holidays and Holydays, "Ramadan" 


Searchers Group

Building Bridges,

"Hinduism--One God, A Thousand Faces"


Over-Achievers Group

Building Bridges,

"Indigenous Religions: The Earth Speaks"


Nursery care (ages 0-3) will be provided as usual.

For more information, contact Erin Reid, our Director of Religious Education (256.694.6786 or eeried@hotmail.com).  

From Your Minister

This year I am breaking my eleven-year history of perfect attendance for Sunday morning worship. I remember one time standing in front of the pharmacy waiting for it to open at 10 am to get migraine medication, hoping it would take effect before the 10:45 starting time for worship. Even this year, I've conjured up nearly crazy schemes to be present on Sunday morning. Thank goodness some of you are feeding me my own advice, and I am listening and accepting your support at a difficult time.   


A lot of what I do is invisible to all except the person or people with whom I am directly relating.  Sometimes it's individuals, sometimes the Board, Council or a particular committee. There are numerous phone calls, emails, and face-to-face conversations. With all the technology at our hands, one can keep up with a lot of that from a distance.   Even so, a lot of people are working extra hard to keep things on track, and to offer the support I need to do the best thing for my family.  Like some of my work, one of our committees does work that can be hidden from view.   As chair of the Care Committee, Barbara Hitt deserves thanks for coordinating volunteers among you to make sure that my family does not go hungry, and that I am well nourished for this unexpected expenditure of energy. This is enormously helpful. I'm sure we would not have been eating so well if it was left to me to plan, shop, cook, and clean up from meal preparation. In addition, the time I save gives me more time to attend to church work.  Barbara also set up the Caring Bridge site, so that I can more easily communicate with you about David's health and treatment.    


What is most visible--and probably creates the greatest impact, especially for new people--is what happens between 10:45 and noon on Sunday mornings. Thanks to Angel Hundley, chair of the Worship Committee, along with the entire committee and a number of others who have worked with Angel and me, we have continued to have creative and imaginative worship each and every Sunday morning. 


I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks and to tell you that I think UUCH must be one of the most caring places to serve as minister. I am looking forward to all the new and exciting things coming our way. One of those exciting new things is our opportunity to serve as a teaching congregation, as we walk with our new intern minister, Denise Gyauch, on her journey to becoming an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister. Many of you have met Denise, as she has been a presence in Sunday services and at several meetings. In the coming weeks and subsequent newsletters there will be more information about the internship process. This is a big step for me, as her supervising minister, and for our congregation. I am looking forward to the richness of this new relationship. 


In hope and love, 

Rev. Alice

2nd Annual UUCH Camp & Cook-Out!
This Saturday, October 19th! 

Sponsored by Interweave**    


Calling All UUs! Join us this Saturday, October 19th at Monte Sano State Park Primitive Camp Site #20, for a night of foil dinners, singing, laughing, and good ole campfire fun--with s'mores of course! Come camp-out with us--or just come up for dinner and the campfire and then home to your own bed! 


Let Denise know that you intend to come so that she can give you the gate code for driving access to the campground. Anyone that is willing and able to walk from the Camp Store parking lot will help facilitate car space management at the site.


We will get started with the dinners around 5pm.

As we did last year, we will share in a communally-prepared meal of campfire foil dinners.  Bring an already washed and chopped vegetable to share (if you'd like meat in your dinner bring your own). We will add delicious vegetables and a smidgen of salt, pepper, oil to taste wrap it all up (twice) in aluminum foil and let the campfire coals do the rest. Mix this meal with good people, fun conversation, and boisterous singing to create a great time for everyone!   


If you are interested in a hike before dinner show up around 3pm (or sooner) and we'll cobble together a group for some scenic exercise.


Contact Denise Runnels (drrunnel@gmail.com) with questions or to get the gate code!   


The leaves are turning and the campfire is burning!

See you on Monte Sano this Saturday Night!   


**Our monthly Interweave "Potluck and Game Night" will not be held in October. Join us for the Camp-out! (Not to worry, Interweave P&G Night will be back meeting at the church again in November!)   

2013 Service Auction:
Accepting Your Donations Now!


Please reduce your speed and plan to attend the Community Construction Zone on Saturday, November 16th at the church. Be aware that fun is doubled within the Zone. We want that fun to last!


Donate a service and build the foundation. Donate a dinner, a hike, a party, a monthly dessert delivery! You'll be surprised how easy it is to construct your community. Contribute a homemade item that brings to mind YOU every time it's used! Be creative. Share your talents. Construct new relationships.


Please make your donation before midnight on November 10th. There are three ways to donate:

  1. Paper--Fill out a paper donation form and drop it into the box in the foyer.
  2. Email--Send your donation info in an email to stevendherold@gmail.com
  3. Online--Donate online at www.CommunityAuctionServices.com/register/uuch2013

Don't miss the food, the fellowship, and the fun on Saturday, November 16th. The doors open at 6PM. Door prizes will be awarded during  the evening. You must be present to win. No need to get a sitter--childcare will be provided.

See you there!

Ribbon Run is this Saturday!


pink awareness ribbon Run, UUs, Run!  

Come out and support the team!! 

For the 4th year, UUCH has formed a team to enter the 10th Annual Liz Hurley Ribbon Run to benefit breast cancer awareness. Registration is now closed, but we have 11 people on our team! This is an all-ages 5K run/walk that takes place on Saturday October 19th. This year the men's & women's events are combined--the race starts at 8am.   The race winds through downtown Huntsville, starting and ending at Huntsville Middle School. Come watch the action! And check next week's newsletter for results!

Go Team UUCH! 

UUCH All-Church, All-Ages
Halloween Party! Saturday, Oct. 26th!

halloween-ghost.jpg Halloween Spooktacular!
It's a boo-tiful thing!

Ghosts & Goblins, Creatures & Critters, Kids & Adults--come one, come all to our all-church Halloween party! Saturday, Oct. 26, 6:00-9:00 p.m.


Even though the Halloween party is sponsored by Children's RE, this is an all-ages party, for children and adults alike! We'll have dancing, a cakewalk, and "best costume" contests for children and adults. Favorite dance tunes for all generations will be provided by the Music Machine DJ. Fun for everyone!  


Watch for sign-ups for bringing Halloween snacks, spooooky cakes for the cakewalk, and helping with set-up and clean-up. For more information contact Erin Reid at  eereid@hotmail.com or Becky Ellingwood at  beckyel22@gmail.com.

Bountiful Books Bring in the Bucks! 


BooksaleArt UUCH held its bi-annual Book Sale on Friday and Saturday, October 11th and 12th, and raised over $1,100.  Many members and friends replenished their home libraries with new reading materials at bargain prices.  An estimated 4,000 books were donated to UUCH for the sale.


Many thanks go out to those who participated in the sale in the following ways:

  • Sorting Party held Sunday afternoon, Oct. 6th:   Many people stayed after the 1st Sunday potluck and made quick work of organizing a huge quantity of books. 
  • Worked Shifts at the Sale: Anna Bertone, Peter Bertone, Jerome Belcher, Tonia Betts, LaDawn Edwards, Becky Ellingwood, Will Garrison, Nancy Finley, Bob Gregory, Catherine Hall, Bonnie Herold, Steve Herold, Angel Hundley, Laurie Keller, Brad Korb, Pam Korb, Megan Lewallen, Steven Lewallen, Meagan Lykins, Theresa Miller, Tim Miller, Deedee Moore, Eleanor Schweinsberg, Lisa White, and Nick Wilbourn.
  • Special Support: Steve Herold, Nancy Finley, Becky Ellingwood, Jerome Belcher, Paulette Bernstein, Anna Bertone, Peter Bertone and Pam Korb for boxing, loading and delivering the leftover books; Deedee Moore for publicity assistance; LaDawn Edwards and Millicent Simmons for additional pre-sale sorting; Dave Stone for bookends used on each table; Sage Betts for helping with last minute sale details; and Autumn and Rose Betts for giving shopping bags to customers. 
  • Members and Friends who bought books: We really appreciate those who came to shop and replenish their home libraries.  Thanks so much for shopping with us!
  • Donors: This sale could not have happened without the generous donations of books from members and friends.  We appreciate your generosity!  Tax donation forms are available in a folder at the rear of the sanctuary (near the name tags), or you may email or call the church (534-0508 or uuch@uuch.org) to request that a form be mailed to you.

Unsold books were donated to the following two non-profit organizations, and a few boxes were retained to be sold at the spring UUCH yard sale:

  1. The Village Marketplace, Inc., a local thrift store raising money for local anti-poverty programs.   www.facebook.com/VillageMarketplaceOnline.
  2. Huntsville Friends of the Library Bookstore.   http://hmcpl.org/friends. 

And we all thank Booksale Coordinator Pam Korb for her excellent ringleading of this extravaganza! --ed.


ModChalice Broadmor Briefing


The Renovation Committee continues to make progress with the Broadmor facility renovations as follows:

  • Obtained a free energy audit by a TVA engineer; the focus was on the HVAC and lighting systems and the engineer will provide a written report in a few weeks with suggestions on how to improve energy efficiency within the facility.
  • Received an offer by one of the Chalice Circle small groups to renovate part of the playground for their service project.
  • Received concurrence from the UUCH Board to establish an Aesthetics subcommittee that will begin evaluating color schemes, flooring options, and other improvements that will enhance the beauty of the facility and provide an aesthetic continuity within the facility.
  • Continued to work with potential HVAC engineering firms and architects to obtain estimates for their services.

--Brad Korb, Renovation Committee Chair

Care List  


Our Circle of Candles on

October the 13th included: 


A Candle of Joy for Pam Korb. "Many thanks to everyone who gave their time and energy to this weekend's book sale. Your efforts were very much appreciated!"


A Candle of Joy for Nancy Finley. "Thanks to Pam Korb for her great organization of the book sale this weekend."


A Candle of Sorrow for Ward Welty. "My elder sister Miriam Trangsrud's husband Chuck passed away on September 16th in Tucson, Arizona."


A Candle of Joy for Ward Welty. "My sister, Harriet Rochefort, is here this morning visiting from Paris, France."


If you have pastoral care needs, please contact the Reverend Alice Syltie at revaluu@aol.com. Barbara Hitt is Chair of the Care Committee, and may be reached at home, (256) 881.2531; on her cell, (256) 348.5845; or by email at bghitt1@comcast.net.

UUCH 13-14 Board Members
President: Kevin Betts     

V.P.  Denise Hunter-Gilbert 

Secretary: Bobby Hall           

Treasurer: Jerome Belcher   

Trustees: Nancy Finley, Kathy Heath, & Laurel Bollinger  

Do you have an Agenda Item for the Board?  
The Board respectfully requests that all agenda items for the meeting be submitted to Board President Kevin Betts, no later than one week prior to the meeting, i.e. the Tuesday before.You may leave a copy of your request in his Mailbox at the church office, or contact him at

Next UUCH Board Meeting will be on October 22nd, 2013 at 7pm. Thanks for your cooperation!

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Sunday Services are held 10:45am to 12 noon;  

Children's Religious Education held concurrently.   

Nursery available for age 3 years and under.

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