Bodies By Pilates StudioJuly 2010
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When the Going Gets Tough, Keep Doing Pilates
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Welcome to our first newsletter of Bodies By Pilates Studio.  I would like to take this opportunity to tell you all about the new and upcoming events at the studio. 

You can now visit our website at, to schedule your classes, cancel classes, check your account, make payments and many more options. 

Summer is almost over... Lets get in shape! Purchase 10 classes and get 2 classes free (value $50) or purchase 20 classes and get 4 classes free (value $80) before August 15th, 2010.  If purchasing online make sure to pick summer special package.

All classes for the summer are open to all levels to make it convenient for you to avoid missing your workout.  Hope to see you in class.  Check on line the new summer schedule.

We have also added a referral program, refer a client and get a free class or receive a free bodies by pilates studio tank top and enter a monthly raffle for a free private session.  Just a token of appreciation for spreading the word.

Look forward to monthly updates, articles and promotions in our newsletters.

Marilyn Llorente
Bodies By Pilates Studio
When the Going Gets Tough, Keep Doing Pilates!
"the last thing we should do when life goes to hell in a handbasket is stop exercising..."

"When we panic, we grab for the easiest-sounding solutions, seeing health-sus-taining necessities as luxuries and giv-ing them up in the interest of short-term survival. So to save money we cut back on some of our most important expenditures: healthy food, personal training and soul-restoring vacations. Yet the stress remains, and we turn to less-healthy ways to try to mollify it: We eat expensive prepared foods (or fat-laden fast food), smoke cigarettes, drink premium hooch and hit the mall
for a dose of retail therapy. "