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Welcome to our 4th Newsletter. Hope you had a great summer full of fun in the sun.  Now its time to get back to Pilates and get into shape.  We have added some new classes to our schedule, you can view them online.  


If you are interested in a new class time and date, that is presently not being offered, let us know.  We are open to suggestions...


Reminder:  If you are looking for that class that can challenge you and take you to the next level,  

Cardio Circuit Pilates is for you.  This class is offered Tuesday and Thrusday at 9am.  Sign up now...




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Exercise of the Month

Increase spine mobility, Improves posture and tones the hamstrings/glutes and core while lengthening of the hip flexors/quadriceps.


Begin the bridge by lying on your back with feet on the floor hip distance apart and your knees bent. Your arms should rest at your sides. 


Inhale: Contract your stomach muscles (picture your belly button being pulled into your spine), begin drawing your hips up towards the ceiling one vertebrae at a time until you form a diagnol from knees to chest.  


Maintain proper form by keeping your back straight at the top of the exercise. Arching the back may lead to injury and indicates that you are not focusing on your abdominals during the technique. 


Exhale: Begin moving segmentally, lowering your hips down to the ground as you lengthen your spine and return to starting position.


Shoulder bridge should be controlled and flowing, with an easy coordination of movement and breath.





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