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Sensible Eating
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Welcome to our 3rd Newsletter.  We would like to welcome Genine Brand and let you know about the new classes she is now offering at the studio.


Beginner Allegro, Tuesday at 7:30pm and Saturday at 8:30am.


Cardio Circuit Pilates is now being offered Tuesday and Thrusday at 9am, and Tuesday at 5:30pm. 


Cardio Circuit Pilates:

If you're looking to combine all the intensity and variety of a Dynamic Pilates session with a thorough cardiovascular workout, then this fun, faster-paced class is for you!  This intense, focused, enjoyable session uses the reformer, jumpboard, theraband and non traditional pilates exercises to combine core stability work with exercises that use your oxygen hungry large muscle groups to work the heart and lungs. You'll see results fast.  Your posture will improve; you'll also see improvements in your aerobic fitness and stamina, And last but by no means least, you'll burn calories. 

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Sensible Eating

The dictionary defines sensibility as the capacity for physical sensation or awareness.  Sensible eating can then be defined as an awareness of the physical sensations needed to nourish your body.  Those physical sensations are hunger and fullness.


Being aware of your hunger and fullness levels may be easier said than done.  Do you listen to your body when it attempts to communicate with you?  Are you in touch with Hunger and Fullness?  Do you stop for a snack when Hunger talks, or do you ignore Hunger and go on with your busy day?  Do you hear Fullness half way through the plate in front of you?


Who are Hunger and Fullness?  They are positive ways in which your body talks to you.  Hunger is your body saying,"I'm running on empty."  "I need energy." "Please feed me."  Fullness is your body saying, "Thank you, I'm satisfied."  If you are not aware of these signals it can lead to over or under eating.

Not knowing when to start or when to slow down eating may be at the root of our society's weight related issues.  However, the ability to reconnect is within us.  Believe it or not, at  one time we were all in touch with our physiological needs.  Observe a toddler, and you will see how respectful they are to their physical sensations.  

Here are some ways you can begin to know Hunger and Fullness again:

* Slow down and listen.  Act on the first signs of hunger, even if it is not a "meal time".  Ignoring hunger can lead to over eating.

* Be aware.  Throughout your meal, ask yourself  "Am I full?"  If you are, stop and save the leftovers.  They will be there for you when you are hungry again.  If you are not full, keep eating.

*  Eat without distractions.  It is difficult to listen to your body's messages if external things such as the television demands your attention.

*  Be prepared.  Carry snacks for quick response to hunger, anytime and anyplace.

*  Share your enlightenment.  If others are aware of their hunger and fullness, they are more  likely to be supportive of you.

*  Notice emotional eating. Begin to recognize   times when you may be eating to cope with the pressures of day to day life, and try to develop other ways to deal with these emotions.

*  Sit down.  Experience and enjoy every bite.

*  Get help if needed.  Seek help from a Registered Dietitian who works with hunger and fullness levels.  If you have any questions or would like a consultation please contact Genine
Brand R.D., L.D., by email at genibrand@gmail.com.gmail.com

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