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Celebrating 50 Years !
Ramadan Message
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Ramadan- The Month of Giving
A Ramadan Message from ISNA Vice President - US
Azhar Azeez

ISNA - Ramadan 2013 Message by Azhar Azeez







Events Include:
  •  Main Sessions (ISNA, MSA, MYNA)
  •  Parallel Sessions
  •  Bazaar (550 booths)
  •  Interfaith Reception
  •  Islamic Entertainment
  •  Qira'at Competition 
  •  CSRL Luncheon 
  •  Matrimonial Banquets
  •  Art Exhibit
  •  Islamic Film Festival
  •  Health Fair
  •  Meet the Author
  •  Fashion Show (Sisters Only)
  •  50th Anniversary Session
  •  Photography Exhibit
  •  Children's Program
  •  Babysitting
  •  200+ Speakers & Guests


Abdul Nasir Jangda 
Abed Ayoub
Altaf Husain
Asma Hanif
Azhar Azeez
Azizah Al-Hibri
Habeeb Quadri
Hamza Yusuf
Ingrid Mattson
Jamal Badawi
Keith Ellison
Khalid Latif
Mohamed Magid
Mohammad Nur 
Mokhtar Maghraoui
Mustafa Davis
Muzammil Siddiqi
Naeem Baig
Najah Bazzy
Rami Nashashibi
Safaa Zarzour
Sameera Ahmed
Sayyid M. Syeed
Seyyed Hossein Nasr
Sherman Jackson
Siraj Wahhaj
Suhaib Webb (Invited)
Syed Imtiaz Ahmad
Tariq Ramadan
Usama Canon
Yaser Birjas
Yasir Qadhi
Yasmin Mogahed
Yusuf Islam (Invited)
Zaid Shakir




The application deadline for the

2013 ISNA Convention Qira'at Competition has been extended to

AUGUST 12TH, 2013!

Three top-ranking participants will receive gifts, cash rewards, and certificates.  Click HERE to enter today.




First-ever MYNA King's Island Eid Party 


When: Saturday, August 10, 2013

Time:  10 AM-6 PM (The park is open from 10AM-10PM if anyone wants to stay longer.)

Cost: $35* per person. 

Food is not included in this price, but a pizza meal voucher (2 slices of pizza, a 20 oz. drink, and chips or a salad) is available for an additional $11.



Please register here ASAP to reserve tickets!


Registration Deadline: August 5, 2013!!! Don't Wait!!!

Please contact for further inquiries.




Rabia Chaudry - Our 50th ISNA Convention Speaker

Rabia Chaudry is the founder and president of the Safe Nation Collaborative. Rabia is an engaged legal practitioner for civic causes with significant experience in immigration law, civil liberties, social justice, interfaith relations, nonprofit management, and grassroots advocacy. She is a graduate of the George Mason School of Law, has over a decade of experience in federal immigration and civil rights law.


Rabia is currently a fellow in the National Security Studies Program at the New America Foundation, a fellow of the Truman National Security Project, and a fellow of the American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute. She is the immediate past president of the Muslim Coalition of Connecticut, a nonprofit organization committed to coalition building, interfaith relations, and community service. Rabia serves on the Board of the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland and is an advisor to the Center for American Progress's Faith and Immigration Roundtable.


Rabia is a frequent blogger and OpEd contributor, writing on national security policy and American Muslim relations. Rabia has been an advocate in the American Muslim community on the grassroots level for many years, working hard to correct misconceptions and build interfaith relationships.


Click here for a clip of Rabia speaking at an event hosted by MPAC and the New America Foundation.  

Ramadan - The Month of Giving 


"The Messenger of Allah (sws) said: 'Oh people, a great blessed month has come upon you, [...] Whoever undertakes an act of obedience to Allah during this month with a righteous deed, it is as if he has performed an obligatory act at other times; and whoever performs an obligatory act during it is as one who performed seventy obligations at other times. [...] It is the month of goodwill, during which provisions are multiplied.''' 

(Ibn Khuzaymah) 


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