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ISNA's President Imam Magid has met twice with President Obama to discuss extensively the immigration reform.  The latest meeting was held on Friday, March 8th.  To read the full story about the details of these meetings, click HERE.





50th ISNA Convention Call for Proposals Has Begun 

Envisioning a More Perfect Union: Building the Beloved Community
We're excited to read and consider your parallel session proposals as we prepare for a memorable convention. This year, we're changing things up a bit to make the convention even more responsive to the needs of individuals and local communities. Our parallel sessions will offer real solutions to real challenges by focusing on vision building, grassroots empowerment, and illuminating conversations. Those proposals that meet this vision will be given preference.  To submit your proposal, click HERE.


We hope you will take time to visit our new website.  The website has been revised to be more user friendly.  We look forward to hearing your feedback.  Visit today.


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Women Leading the Way  
Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 8:00 PM
Sr. Aisha al-Adawiya, Dr. Sarah Sayeed and Prof. Ihsan Bagby will focus on women's participation on mosque boards, female attendance at Friday Prayer, location of prayer space for women (whether they pray behind a barrier or not) and women programs at mosques.  The presenters will also offer recommendations how mosques can become more women-friendly.
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MYNA Personal Development Series
Next Halaqa-

Date: March 21, 2013
Time: 8 - 9 PM EST

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Join ISNA, Hand in Hand for a Free Syria
On Saturday, March 16, 2013, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) will join the Syrian American community in cosponsoring "Hand in Hand for a Free Syria," a rally and dinner commemorating the second anniversary of the Syrian Revolution.





ISNA Welcomes Egyptian Assistant President El Sharkawy

(Washington, DC -- March 12, 2013) On March 6, 2013, the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt hosted Dr. Pakinam El Sharkawy, Egyptian Assistant President for political affairs, in her first official visit to the United States.  





The Need for a US Halal 

Accreditation Body


The Halal industry has been an emerging global market force and is starting to really make its presence felt in the North American market. As the growing problems regarding improperly labeled products, (specifically Halal ones) stretch across the globe, it is now more important than ever that we begin to seriously address the issues here in America. ISNA has built an alliance with the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA), the largest Halal certifying body in the U.S., for support in establishing the national Halal standards and accreditation body. Developing the standards and accreditation body in America, will help safeguard the integrity of the Halal industry and regain the confidence and trust of Muslim American consumers of Halal products and those countries that import American products as well.

ISNA is committed to serve the interests of U.S. consumers and businesses, and with the support from IFANCA and other industry stakeholders in creating the ISNA accreditation body, it will further ensure Halal products are standardized, certified and regulated for the protection of the consumer. Furthermore, it will help eliminate fraudulent activities in the name of Halal products. In addition, fairness, transparency and development of the Halal market are also in America's best interest, as it should create employment and economic vitality.

We look forward to bringing you future updates as we move forward with this monumental project.  



Santa Clara Parenting Seminar - 

March 9, 2013


Over a 100 people attended the Parenting Seminar which was hosted by the Muslim Community Association (MCA) and North-American Islamic Shelter for the Abused (NISA) in the San Francisco Bay Area. ISNA launched a parenting seminar to equip parents across the country with the tools they need to be successful, and to create a space for healthy discussion
about the challenges children face in a modern American context. The event was kicked off with Habeeb Quadri, who covered the existence of
the youth culture and challenges encountered on a daily basis. This was
a perfect transition into the next session with Dr. Omar Mahmood who
presented evidence of behavioral impact due to biological changes. After Zuhr and lunch, the Parenting Seminar resumed with Dr. Mohamad Rajabally and highlighted the ISNA, MCA, and NISA connection and introduced the final speaker of the seminar, Imam Tahir Anwar. Imam Anwar reminded the parents that even though the youth are going through these psychological and biological changes that parental involvement is still very critical and to not give up. The session concluded with a question and answer session which gave the parents an opportunity to address specific questions.   The event was a huge success and parents are looking forward to the next seminar.




Tuesday, March 26, 2013 6 PM - 7:30 PM EST
Hartford Seminary is proud to offer the first and only accredited Islamic Chaplaincy Program in the country. Join us for an Online Open House featuring Dr. Timur Yuskaev, Director of the Islamic Chaplaincy program and Assistant Professor of Contemporary Islam. During our interactive program you will find out what a Muslim Chaplain does, hear about the Admissions process, discover careers paths in this profession, and review the academic requirements for the program. Register Here.